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fremporally, when's it my
turn? / to update the
frupdates, and say 'sup?
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  12/25>> Happy Franglmas (assuming you celebrate)
  12>9>> happy squishnchips r natzi ppl e wont lemee say pittzi or beaches n.e.more bc ther lik evilorsumthin fyi sory 4 INCOHERENT[newword] post mybe just brd hwtimel8rbchdfs
  12/8>> Happy I'm- So- Not- Cluttering- The- Primary- Source- of- News- For- The- Entire- Infrastructure- of- Xangles- Projects- With- Any- More- Of- Squish's- Ineffably- Mindless- Fourthlase- Brute- Force- Humor- Day- And- He's- Lucky- I'm- Even- Leaving- The- Former- Lump- of- Junk- Code- Intact- Albeit- via- a- Series- of- Decreasing- Font- Sizes- but- you- get- the- point- last- few- words- by- jet- becuz- i- did- shits- this- munth- ya- ican- spel- munth- n'&- spell- lr- sand- boxn- beaches- rolol
Hapy 7th Day of It's- Just- Slightly- More- Tolerable- Than- Yesterday- To- Have- To- Hear- !@#$ing- Christmas- Music- In- Every- !@#$ing- Store- This- Early- In- The- Year.
  12/6>> Hapy 6th Day of It's- Just- Slightly- More- Tolerable- Than- Yesterday- To- Have- To- Hear- !@#$ing- Christmas- Music- In- Every- !@#$ing- Store- This- Early- In- The- Year.
  12/5>> Hapy 5th Day of It's- Just- Slightly- More- Tolerable- Than- Yesterday- To- Have- To- Hear- !@#$ing- Christmas- Music- In- Every- !@#$ing- Store- This- Early- In- The- Year.
  12/4>> Hapy 4th Day of It's- Just- Slightly- More- Tolerable- Than- Yesterday- To- Have- To- Hear- !@#$ing- Christmas- Music- In- Every- !@#$ing- Store- This- Early- In- The- Year.
  12/3>> Hapy 3nd Day of It's- Just- Slightly- More- Tolerable- Than- Yesterday- To- Have- To- Hear- !@#$ing- Christmas- Music- In- Every- !@#$ing- Store- This- Early- In- The- Year.
  12/2>> Hapy 2nd Day of It's- Just- Slightly- More- Tolerable- Than- Yesterday- To- Have- To- Hear- !@#$ing- Christmas- Music- In- Every- !@#$ing- Store- This- Early- In- The- Year.
  12/1>> Happy 1st Day of It's- Just- Slightly- More- Tolerable- Than- Yesterday- To- Have- To- Hear- !@#$ing- Christmas- Music- In- Every- !@#$ing- Store- This- Early- In- The- Year.  This will be a new official 376-day holiday in honor of people like Squish who's continual year-round bitching about such a stupid thing causes me more annoyance than any amount of Christmas music.  There's my comedic contribution to Frangles for the month, I hope you enjoy it. *bows*

  11/12>> Today, there would be some witty joke about the nature of time if some unknown idiot hadn't lost the insertion.
  11/11>> Today, the numerical prophecy predicted yesterday will come true.  This isn't anything new to report, because it's still a prediction, given this update is also being posted on 11/10 when the prediction was made.
  11/10>> Tommorrow there will be one single second in which the date and time (in format --/--/-- --:--:--) will be composed entirely of a 2-digit number who's digits are the same.  This is an event that occurs once every hundred years.  That is, tomorrow is 11/11/11, and the time will be 11:11:11 (hours, minutes, seconds) for one second (or two, if we include AM and PM rather than standard 24-hour time).  This will not occur for any other digit (2 or 3 or 4, etc), as there's no month numbered "22" or "33" (etc).  It occurs only with "11", and only for one second every century.  Further, at another precise moment (or two, again, if we include both AM and PM), the date/time will be an infinite series of 2-digit numbers who's digits are the same (11/11/11 11:11:11.1111..) assuming we can interpret the string "1111.." as "eleven eleven eleven..."  The next time this happens (in 2111), it will be even more special, as there will be 1 extra "1" involved (11/11/111 in form MM/DD/YYY).  This will also be the one-millennia anniversary of the last time there were any more 1s involved in the date/time (11/11/1111), an event that occurs once every 10 millennia.
       How is all this relevant to Frangles?  Well, in a nonzero-base-7 number system (the number system Frangles uses to designate brick numbers; that is, using digits 1 through 7 rather than 0 through 6, the latter being the standard for a base-7 number system)--or any nonzero base, for that matter--it would take an infinite string of 1's to represent the equivalent of the number zero.  Or we might point out that an infinite string of 1s would be the first page of an infinitely-dimensioned brick structure.  Grouped in twos (all "11"s), this special single moment is the only moment every century in which the date/time is isomorphic to an structure of an infinite number of 2D brick structures.  That is, an infinite number of 2d-array of bricks bricks labeled {11, 12, 13...77}.  What's the moral of all this?  Read our prose, and you do the math.

  11/3>> New Blorkk wallpaper.

  10/31>> frik or freeeeat!!! ((its so stoopid it just might do the TRICK)) (this is jet btw if ur 1 of the 1 people whose stuck around like FOREVER bc i havent posted shit lately bc they want me 2b like moduler or something i cant explain it ull have to ask them there you go tho peeps N BEACHES) ((oh btw the only reason im doing THIS one is bc chip n squish are like adults dont go frick or freeeatTT!!in im like when did squish get an adult pass chips like F*** you jet then squish is like thats my line chip goes yah what planet ami on OH WAIT NO they said i gotta pretend chip's this new guy from "Italy" and he totally doesnt fit what i just said if thats even a real place roflma im in high school now i know italy by now i can even point it on a map not like squish he doesnt even know what direction caneda is OKAY peeps u got ur jetfuelfillfuel4theday BAHAHA i violated chips 3-character-only-no-whitespace rulez no i rulez beaches sorry girls aren't beaches i mean they go to them but sorry im just mad at my BEACH girlfriend yah i gotta girlfriend pwuhahaha not like squish hes a FUG but anyway yahhh they like u can swear on frangles f u want just say silly words so no one knows well there you go i think u can figure them out MURUNS ALRIGHT TIME FOR MY JETFUEL CONFESSION SPONSERED BY JET YES THAT's ME!!: im being mean to everyone bc squish is like do something naughty ur a kid and its hallloween how many ls are in nevermind i have to go to frickorfreating or 2bed because apparently im farking 8yos or sumething trickortreating in higher school UGH right like i need candy when i got beach n peeps PARSE my humor people take it with a grain of salt nothing anybuds says around here is true like chips actually from ITALY now yup its all a lie i promie u heard it from JEF first sorry ""jetttt"" (me!)))))))
  10/24>> We've removed Frangles from facebook indefinitely for complicated reasons we'll also remove ourselves from indefinitely.
  10/8>> With nothing better to post today, we're going to bulsh you of hours and hours of tedious debate and evolution on our grammar system, via informing you that a slash "/" when used in the manner of "this/that" or "foo/bar" and/or "and/or", etc etc, will officially be placed at the start of the 2nd word, with a space in between.  Why oh why oh why have you wasted my time, you ask, forcing me to read today's pointless update, especially when this would have become obvious from the very first instance of its use...  The reason it's important is that the reading material is getting more and more modular.  This means that reading material (text /prose /stories) has to be standardized to meet the needs of smaller spaces.  Long-strings-with-no-whitespace can screw up formatting, or even whip a scroll box into existence where none would have been (e.g. if the string of text scrolls longer than the width of the browser).  This isn't just for mini-devices.  A desktop PC and a large monitor can still make excellent use such things; i.e. decreasing the size of a browser surfing skipFron in a mobile version can allow a Notepad- like functionality^, of which long-strings-with-no-white-space can be problematic.
[^ FYI, keep in mind a similar policy we've already set up for the dash: when two words like-this are properly joined by a dash, but the full text string is farrrrrrr-too-long, we split the words up by postfixing a dash to the foremer words.  E.g. "
farrrrrrr- too- long".]
  10/7>> We had someone ask how they're supposed to edit a brick in skipFron.  Keep in mind we don't make it a billion percent obvious for good reasons, like we don't want people posting who don't know the slightest thing about Frangles, so we'd rather you surf around a bit before you bump into the secret technique to edit bricks.  It's not all that much work, really, for instance, if you've read this far in today's update, your work is about to pay off, just continue reading this sentence to its end, and you'll suddenly discover that the method of editing skipFron material consists of clicking "Admin" at the top of the page, entering the password ("test"), and having a blast; just read the rules, first (those might be harder to find); in short, add stuff rather than editing or deleting, and don't add anything you'd mind us stealing; FYI, this sentence is of very poor structure only in order to progress the fourthwalse joke about continuing to read it blah blah blah; because, you're probably becoming more aware of the fourthwalse concept, and hence are likely to actually stop reading after the sentence is over just for fun when you otherwise wouldn't have; we're not about to let that happen; okay, this is getting--tiring---;;;...orrbbohh wait okay the elipsis basically does the trick.  (Are you still reading?)
  10/6>> Re-evaluating the time line of our patentesque decions.  The extension of a provisional patent (which usually lasts 1 year from registration date) was a bit more complicated /expensive than we realized, and with us, anything that doesn't allow the possibility of indefinite procrastination legally and morally is a very, very, very, very, very bad bad bad idea.  In fact, with patents, it can even hurt to do things the wrong way (as opposed to just not getting things done and/or just throwing away money).  Not gettings things registered in time can actually allow an invention to fall within the public domain, basically disallowing rights for the inventor to ever patent the invention without a really really really good, expensive, morally- superior lawyer.  (We'll invent those too, some day, but again, our procrastination may alllow the invention to fall back into the public domain before he finishes his job (sorry, her (damn Squish and his grammatical PC tyranny)).)
  10/4>> Significant goals set into getting supersecret patent stuff protected to the point where you can finally start being exposed to it (safely, of course; protection is always a good thing...or safe for us, anyway).
  10/3>> methinks squish needs some anger therapy
  10/1>> Apparently Facebook is not the fame free-ride Chip cracked it up in his head to be, as 24 hours after his 15-second instalation of a measly "Like" button on the main page, Frangles has refrained from going viral, not just its likes failing to double every minute since Friday night, but also its hits, visitors, pageviews, business investors lining up to hand us money, and lawsuits fistfighting over the fraction of pi that includes the most appropriate brick number progressions for a fourthwalse movie parodying the idiocy of this run-on sentence alone, let alone something more relevant.  The bright side is that there will indefinitely be a very nifty incentive to "flike" us and increase our likes beyond exactly 1.  Your incentive?  Be the very very first of the first non-friters to flike* us since the dawn of the end of this overused tagline, which fyi is frnew to you if you flike Flacebook, floo.
   [* insert your own legal / phonetic nightmare bulsh rant here]

  9/30>> Frangles mobile mupdates updated (wwtyet,dw!)
  9/30>> We're progressing with considering how skipFron (or material utilizing it) might be formatted into a vaguely Wikipedia-style format.  You can check in with the prototype, currently called skipFron frook 2.  (What are currently the middle set of novas on the skipFron page.  You may comment in these yourself, remember.  At least until people start !@#$ing it up and we revoke the open invivtation, hrm...)  On another note, note that it's sort of haphazard that we've been posting "updates" every day.  This is an example of the type of progress that is very often going on around here, we just rarely go posting precisely what we're up to every day.  So keep in mind our progress is much less sporadic than how this page is updated.  Honestly, we can probably think of something productive to say every day of the year.  For instance, today's update is basically bulsh, as it documents a 2-second friter thought--an interpretation of what we're doing on a daily basis--not anything we did today.  This is also the principle behind our off-dating of some things.  We backdate certain things a few days, or forward, to give the convenience of an update once a day.  We don't always limit it to one a day, but then, we don't always post every day (week (month (yearrr (eternity (Waldo)))))) either.
  9/29>> Nothing at all, except... oh wait!  Look at that saga running a record 7 days without a missed update!  What a phenomenon!  What an achievement!^  [^Albeit a more trivial  and less paradoxical one if the 7th update wasn't purely the news boasting the accomplishment itself with other no valuable information.  Like what we had for breakfast.  Or if we even *had* beakfast.  Or what we wore when we did or did not have breakfast.  Or if we eat breakfast naked.  Or not.  Orbo...]
  9/28>> Background continues to evolve.  You'd know this if you were checking back every day.
  9/27>> Okay, so the universe basically collapsed yesterday when Squish tried to throw up a cool new background.  Why?  Well, outside of the fact that he was too !@#$ lazy to change anything other the background, hoping that the other images and formatting would magically fall in line (notice he still had to push the bars and stuff to the right to accomodate the main black fractal shape that was positioned awkwardly where it is because he didn't want to change anything around it), we realized the the interplay between all the various sagas and projects was more delicate than we thought.  We'd elaborate on what we mean by this, by the explanation is also too delicate and tricky to waste your time with.  Just stick around, you'll begin to see what we're (not) talking about sooner or later.
         Anyway... What we're left with is a slightly modified background.  We're actually fluent in rendering it, though, so be sure it won't just stick around for another few years.  It's very very easy to change it and make it look fantasically astronomerrific with the click of a button (and days of waiting), but the trick is that evvvvverything else has to be taken into consideration.  Just increasing the border stuff around the fractal interferes with the text box and menu bars and etc etc etc, not to mention all the other links and images on the different projects which link to Frangles, all assuming it's former color scheme.  So while the background is very very easy to render into totally cool new looks, it's not so easy to do that for everything else.  [CBCBCB.]

  9/26>> new background [insert funny rant here because you prolly already saw it and there's not much point in telling you the background was updated if you already knew... alright how about something informative like everything's complete S*** now because it's only 1/2-reformated & god knows well never finish it but have fun writing your own rant and putting here i know im not making sense anymore ORBO! help! im not making any sense fyi this is jet or someone who sounds like im a lot u b th judge]
  9/25>> Main page menu bars rearranged/created.  You may have noticed that the menu bars on the main index page--that have all been the same height and looked relatively similar in size and visual "weight"--lead to things with very differing magnitudes of relevancy.  For instance, one bar might bring you to a short blurb, while another bar may implode your browser.  We've finally had the magnificent breakthrough in technology radical blah blah that we should adjust the size of the bars to reflect the relevance of clicking that bar.  Important and "bigger" things (especially areas with lots of sub-links, etc) will have bigger bars, as well as perhaps newer things.
  9/25>> skipFron logo now easier to read (and slightly cooler).
  9/25>> Registered "skipfron" com/net/org/mobi.  Frangles- associated domain names are often like sub-directories rather than whole sites, so you can expect skipFron to bounce over to skipFron.net soon or something like that.  In time it should expand to be more than what it consists of now... (as with all of Frangles and associated projects). CBCBCB.
  9/24>> [intertangled slew of fourthwalse drum rolls too significant to actually write out]... Attention freers and non-freers and wannabe-freers and people who know enough about frangles to know you would never want to be a freer if your life depended on it.... skipFron is now and/or indefinitely a nonlinear project that YOU can edit, ripping off Wikipedia's slogan and placing Frangles and skipFron at risk of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit, especially if we profit big off of letting you delete and vandalize our work.  Again, YOU can edit anything you see in skipFron.  Right now there's a draft of Writer's Bricks, and a bunch of other stuff.  This is stuff YOU can edit, whether to have fun, or make fun, or just have something to do when you're bored.  Pleeeease read the rules before you alter or create anything, which you can't do until you find out where the password is (generally in the spots that tell you the rules).  It's not that hard to find!
  9/23>> Progressing steadily with skipFron (not much changed in 4 days but enough to bulsh the aura we're super busy enough to post an update every 4 days)... Again click on "9/19>>" below for a thorough blurb about skipFron.
  9/19>> Finally a longer blurb explaining the haphazard pre-publishing of skipFron as it now exists. [Note that longer updates entries with their own pages will have blue dates to get there; i.e. click "9/19>>" for today's blurb.]
  9/16>> We have a whole style of style of video tutorials down pat via which we'll be explaining a lot about fractals, Frangles, Xangles,and a whole bunch of other random $@!#.  You can look at an early run through of the style on the XanglesPrime YouTube page.  It would be nothing special without the help of "Jet Fuel Films", extremely talented in hacking in where they're not wanted and causing havoc.  For once, "their" talents have actually improved something imho, so we'll let this one slide.
  9/15>> A bit of concept artwork half-done for the skipFron surfer.  The following are very large (detailed/hi-rez) files, so be prepared to wait: new logo 3.5M / concept (light) 1.8M / concept (dark) 1.9M.  The logo doesn't embody the skipFron concept in a microcosm in the way the concept images do, it was just a bit thrown together.  But notice in it that the lightning fractal is much like the fractal on the main frangles page [probably that you're looking at to the left of this box, but Chip's rules on extending Frangles modularization and portability to the actualy nerdy updates blurbs themselves is quuuiiite impressive].  This image or any like it isn't just a stationary, standalone picture.  Every fractal you see everywhere in Xangles is potentially surfable (explorable) via website interfaces.  Obviously these are involved to offer you, but we're constantly making progress toward that end.  You can see the itty bitty beginnings of it on blorkk.com (click the right arrow, and progress further down "through the page", skipping the part where you're supposed to imagine you're passing into the molecules in the paper since that hasn't been made clear yet, and progressing downward into those would-be paper molecules to find yourself at the old Flu Swamp you're so familiar with.  That wasn't exactly right but I'm too busy doing all the crap I just mentioned to fix it perfectly.  Just know it will all be a lot more clear sooner rather than later.  [Which of course in Frangles talk means "at all rather than never".]
  9/15>> Official skipFron link added to main page.  Chip has been working full time (or so it appears) for weeks on a real real actual PHP template to read, surf, explore, and even write and edit, nonlinear fiction (that's Frangles, FYI).  Up until now all our code, every page, has all been HTML.  PHP is much more in line with the spirit of nonlinearity, as you'd know if you'd googled before reaching the end of this line.  Much more later on all this.  (If you explore what's up now, note that it is just as beta and unfinished and under construction as everything Frangles always is, exept a little more so.  It should continue to improve by the nanosecond.  Or at least on the period of years.)  Check back check back check back.
  9/8>> Xangles Youtube video page updated with several videos.  These are recordings of the free Winamp visualization plug-in Milkdrop (download it here for free).  They're very "Xanglesesque", and in addition touch upon some of the big themes we've been keeping behind your back, but will soon(er or later as always) get going online.  Note that Milkdrop is much more impressive in "real life".  That is, running on your computer.  Video doesn't really do it justice.  (We used the free video capture program CamStudio to capture the video.  With this, you can record what you do on your computer with audio commentary.  Very nice free program.)
  9/7>> New story reading template is usable^1, hovering somewhere vaguely between the vast univi of "beta" and "not beta".^2.  The upper material is somewhat in a confusing order (the bricks go down rather than across like currently; although they do go down on the currently posted grid; more confusion), but the bottom area is a completely new story by "Andrea" apparently...  It's a super rough draft, just to work with the template, but on the plus, it gives a sense of progression in the writing styles here.  We're still getting to know what nonlinear writing is all about, and the best way to understand it is to follow it's very evolution from day to day.  SO, go check out the new reading template, and if you're bored, read the stuff at the bottom of the page (all new) (albeit drafty).  (CBCBCB!)
     [^1 "skipFron" is the greater method set behind Frangles nonlinear stories, just as "hai-ku poetry" or "nonlinear fiction" generates specific poems.  We've spent time splitting our work between specific artworks or original projects (Frangles, Blorkk, Xangles..) and general methods which those sagas implement &/or deomonstrate.  This is the "half" of what we've been up to that's resulted in a lot fewer updates, because artworks are instantly protected under copyright law, and methods are much trickier to legally protect.  We're mainly done educating ourselves about all that, but certain decisions remain... whether pursing patents/etc would be a waste of time, etc.  Until those decisions are solidly made, you may see a lot of little hints of those methods, like "skipFron", which we may pull back anyway.]
     [^1 Actually, not beta could imply nonexistence, but we'll not bring Chip's existential issues into things.]
  9/6>> Chip is on..the..ball... over a week of full-time work, perhaps the most anyone has ever done on Frangles on so short a time...  You will soon be able to surf Frangles stories/books with incredibly high efficiency.  Or maybe it will just allow us to write with incredible efficiency with no benefit to you.  One of those, anyway...  In any case, here you go.  This is extremely not-uploaded-right and very beta, but may be correct by the time you read this update.  (Or not.  Diligence doesn't come in abundance around here.  You'll be lucky if you see another solid technical update like this, this year.  But it will certainly be (not) maintained in the upcoming months.)


  8/26>> Xangles News updated.
  8/21>> We regret to announce that during the process of un- backburner- esque- ing Frangles (a process we decided to initiate, FYI, if you're jumping into the middle of this sentence into this parenthetical without having read the beginning), the pan didn't quite make it to the front burner, either.  This currently puts Frangles in a front/back burner limbo, where perhaps, we figure, it has always been anyway.  (At least there's progress.)
  8/16>> Chip existential crisis, wahhh.  (Click blue beaches!)
  8/5>> Stuff going on.

  7/12>> Xangles News updated.  This is very Frangles-related, in fact, you can basically replace the word "Xangles" with "Frangles" in the whole article.  In essence, it takes bulshing laziness excuses to yet a new level (we're on like level 35 or something but who's quantifying).  Note that Xangles is often a good way of getting actual information without the sarcasm and spin here that's basically impossible to filter into anything vaguely relevant to your life or ours or anyone's.


  6/27>> As said, Frangles has become a bit back-burner lately, but our efforts on whatever we're working on (at any given point) usually involve a greater plan of interconnecting and intermingling everything we do in a loft end scope.  So eventually, you might see a "Frangles" version of some random elephant DNA code modification Chip is working on.  E.g. Part of what we're working on in general is a process to "franglize" anything and everything we ever have to show you or publish.  Keep this in mind whenever a Frangles- related projects gets a bit back-burnered.  What we are working on here is a solid, coherent nova (49 bricks, 7x7) that can basically be read as a short novel.  Remember, Frangles is a bunch of stories; the medium of novel writing opposes frequent updating (normally you wait a year or two, and a book is published), so Frangles, while very modular and adaptable to a frequent- update structure, still comes from that root background, and won't always be optimized for frequent updates.  FYI, at this time we do have a bunch of stuff that can be posted easily, so at the least, we're in that lazy- not- posting mode rather than lazy- not- writing mode (not a horrible difference around here, but you get the point).  CBCBCB*.  [*Check back, check back, check back.]
  6/12>> Blurb on issues with reading structure.
  6/7>> Today Squish is frustrated his hard work giving Frangles the finger via using his time to nag patent firms to make him rich has not payed off quite yet.  What a shame, as he had been getting so productive passing his incessant message board trolling off as fractal nonlinear fiction.  Sorry, I mean the *exact opposite* of fractal nonlinear fiction.  Because that is, of course, what you're all here for.  Right?

  5/27>> Work on actual Frangles stuff (outside all the related stuff) has kinda drifted off this month... we always start to feel guilty when this happens.  Fortunately, we have the cure down pat by now: Continuously re-playing the scene in Good Will Hunting that goes "It's not your fault... it's not your fault... it's not your fault...".  Understand we're pretty darn consistant on the workload we distribute through our vast country of fractal nonlinear whatever whatever blah blah blah projects...  It's just that no one on Earth is into all of them.  Or even some.  (We're pretty sure a few people out there are interested in their favorite one, though.)  As all we're doing is related in terms of our collective creative proccesses, it's always possible to connect things together more as the individual nodes expand.  Today, to demonstrate the exact opposite of that mission, you can check out where Squish's 20-PLP of writing this week got put into...
  5/22>> Today our very serious sympathy goes out to Harold Camping, whose pain is understood by a scant few.  We're well among them.  Just shake it off and start fresh, brutha.
  5/21>> In light of today's rapture, we'll be kicking off plans for a 40-trillion PLP nonlinear Zeroan religious thesis featuring the relationships and exchanges between theism, atheism, bitheism, semitheism, pantheism, franglism, xanglianism, and a whole bunch of other great domains to register and sell back to us.  This thesis will specifically be geered for everyone who coincidentally won't be around to care whether we even ever started working on it.  On the bright side, there will, of course, be at least one friter left behind to work on it if no one else, because the chances of Squish being raptured are inversely proportional to the number of metaphors in human history involving the relationship between hell and very low temperatures.  Jet, of course, is underage and underdeveloped, so his presence depends on the finer fourthwalse red tape age limits involved, but I, for one, have already reserved a house in heaven beside the vague idea that software engineering is what all the good football captains were praying to God to get into.  (Across the street is the vifa establishment of that I was always the more important one around here, and that I surely would have done better in life without having been exposed to creative art.)
  5/10>> Blub/article on the complexity of fourthwalse narration humor.  (That is, what's happening whenever you see a single quote / double quote combination, for instance, whenever Skip narrates his writing out loud.)  It's a very specific and randomly- selected topic in the sea of Frangles style of humor, and should ideally be part of a thorough set of blurbs covering more basics and other topics.  It was written because it was high on our list of things to explain to you, as we've to date mostly left you to deduce these sorts of things from reading.  That's not a poor approach at all to understanding Frangles (akin to figuring out an elusive poem by yourself), but for people wanting more direct explanations, this may touch upon a few things in Writer's Bricks that may have been confusing you.  It's largely a supplement to today's spoiler analysis of brick number 13.334.
  5/10>> Spoiler analysis of 13.334, to be not read after reading the brick, as these are things you'd probably have more fun figuring out for yourself.  We're going to be very, very careful(/lazy) directly explaining and spoiling things in Frangles, but we felt the need for this one brick, as it involves several things that may have been confusing you for quite awhile, or at least, for which you might like a direct explanation.
  CT>>Remember, dates with links (probably in blue) are for more information, not to highlight the date.  We haven't used this method in awhile, but the plan this year has been to organize things this way.  It can often be convenient to scroll through this page quickly without clicking extra links, so there's a balance to strike between what to put here and what to put (or archive) in separate blurbs.
  5/9>> Progress with fractal imagery & wallpapers.
  5/8>> Blurb on 13.511 (explains some things about reading lone bricks we should have posted previously).  (It's labeled 5/5 to go along with the date the brick was posted.  We will eventually be segmenting more of these longer blurbs on this page in this way, i.e. the way we started doing at the start of the year before we got lazy.)
  5/5>> 13.511 written/extended.

  4/30>> 25 PLP of bricks posted on mobile betabricks.  The newer bricks are marked with an asterisk (*).  Some new things on the updates page; the updates are segmented in portions, so that you may visit frangles.mobi/up1, frangles.mobi/up2, /up3, /u4, /up5, etc.  (The newest entry is /up17)  The main index "frangles.mobi/up" will no longer take forever to load.  It will just index the day-to-day (month-to-month rather *gulp*) updates.  FYI, the mobile up page has still been basically for updates with the mobile site specifically.  This should change in the future, as you should be able to access a form of this page in an easy matter on a mobile device.  Remember, this is the single most updated source of news for all things Frangles, XAngles, & Blorkk.  (I broke a few extra things rebuilding frangles.mobi, but I also fixed a few things, so it balances out.)
  4/30>> jetsidiocylinkfixed
  4/15>> Tired... from... updating... need... sleep.  Too tired to.. tell you what was updated... just enough energy to link.. here here here here here here here. Nothin' too major but then again any updating is a major thing from a friter's frangle...  Oh, lotsa other stuff goin' on too; quite busy, especially since we're spending more time on Frangles & Xangles and less on Prixel.net.  (Just insert our usual bulsh rant that it's all all the rage and'll all be done in the next five minutes or so.)
  4/??>> April Xangles News.  Just a bunch of links to stuff procrastinating other stuff but that's about our usual.
  4/13>> oK, so our whole very /quite /perpetually soon thing didn't quite work out, since we never actually got to the 'very' soon.  We're going to retroactively revert our very /quite /perpetually soon claim (hereon VQPS) to a very /quite /perpetual soon-EOL^ claim (hereon VQPSE).  
^[ "-eol" when paired with "soon" stands for "-er or later".  That is, "soon-eol" means "sooner or later" (soon-eol to be "soon-eolaa": "sooner or later as always").  We mot define "soon-eol" better later, but for now, you mot pick one of: A) the rhetorical intrinsic self-explaining meaning of "sooner or later", requiring no elaboration except barring B) better blink to orrbbbo i think im stuck in 1 of those recursive loops i cant do anything about go put sumthing Fter barring..orbo?orrbbooobydoo! visit betterblinktoorbo8.com everybdoy. wait better register it first oh btw squish says peeps who name domanes 4 doin porno shits and ads and evil things r gunna get a cerealpsycho killing spree from im if ur bad so doooont buy betterblinktoorbo8.com if ur gunna put ads or naked girlies bc squish doesnt liek naked girlies oh look i cant spell "like" but i cn spell "girlies" ya i can spel peeps wait where was i oh right the moral is u can steal squishs shits to put up gay beasteulity pics but not girlies boobies cuz he'll eat kornflakes and like go find you and hunt you DOWN and then hell well then i dunno but i dont trust anyone who owns the skeleton ring and cry_wolf oh look an underscore whered that come from maybe someones lerning about FOURTHEWALSE PR:X:.Ls! or maybe its the whole joke in the blorkk skit with it im too lazy to shortcut to it im just a kid and life is a niiiightmare im just a kiid i know that its not fair everybody sumthin sumything blrr blr hmm unhmmeeeeee... tonight! or today or ok im like in 15 parentheticals or something time to use orbos backblinker and reread my shits for once... date... 2 ambigous lettrs that coulda been a typO ORRRR(bo) meee revolting against chips narcicism monarchy to not let me do lowercase when im pretending im a big adult wheeeee watch the big adult not even finish his reread nevermind whaterber i was doin b4 that k it's bedtime peeps oooooh look an apostrophe for IT'''''S right where it belongs sumeones being a nazi about teachin his shits intern right grammar so he can mess it up why bother anyway nite everybody...everyboduuhee day... everybodueeheer dah.. go home homestar:-(]

   4/3>> We will very soon have a total of about 3,450 new Xangles fractal wallpaper downloads up, quite soon have a whole lot more than that, and perpetually soon a steady indefinite stream of them month to month, as we've not only been developing wallpapers, but the methods we use to generate them.  (A lot of this is up now as you may see.)    This of course includes the contrived math of multiplying the wallpaper styles times the number of resolutions each will be available in, so unless you own 75 monitors, one might more technically correctly state that we will soon have 45 new wallpapers up. But, since we've never been good at being technically correct,we'll stick to the statement that we'll soon technically have 3,450 "downloads" up.  Not that precise wording is an issue here, given that Xangles wallpapers are becoming a more distinct entity from Frangles wallpapers, hence no matter how much work we do on Xangles, don't fret, we're still putting everything off around here.  CBCBCB.

  4/2>> orbo update this thing i'm too tired. i dunno, some kind of nextday april fools joke or something. like yesterday when they marked the 31 update to 4/1 bc they were too lazy to follow up wit another joke hoping nobody loged in on the day b4. no no thats a horrible idea telling peeps about squishs pepsi domanarchy slaving his poro shits frintern and overslaved bot orb to do a good next day april fools joke when hes too lazy to do it himself isn't even funny. its like not even a joke, nuh? grrrr..rrriielies..r.r.rlol...l8rpeeps!! happy no- more- 2nd- day- april- foeesps- joke- cuz- what- the- hell- m- i- supozd2- soReee m tr.I.N. to talk PR:X:L (photocopy of my butt insert) but i guess my typos & text talk IZNt2 goood for thart yet sorry yall :-(. ohh right iom supposed to tell u yesterday wasnt a joke chip really put up like over a thousand wallpepres or somethinlike that but he said to say he was too lazy to put up an index file yet so you can actually link them all or view them or whaterber i'm zzzzzzrzrzrgg..irlies...grgzz....

  4/1>> We are finally.  Finally,  Finally.  Finally finally
finally finally finally finally finally finally finally finally finally finally going to basically generally almost totally just about really really really really really really live up to our claims of posting zillions of terabytes of nifty radical medium-surpassing blah blah radical blah fractal wallpapers for you to download very very very very very soon for the most part from most points of view barring nothing, not even a special loophole or clause in this sentence allowing us to be able to later contradict it given you can see that we haven't included one.  Really.  Very soon.  Actually pretty darn very quite soon.  No, not not soon, or soon-eol, or ambiguously soon, or sooner- or- later- kinda- sorta- not- really- ha- fooloed- you- soon, but just... plain... soon.  Like today-soon or tomorrow-soon.  Like check- in- tomorrow- morning- if- we- haven't- posted- them- by- midnight - soon.  That soon.  No last word here like "NOT".  No infiniteismal- font clause like "the previous was false" or "we reserve the write to retroactively contradict this statement".  No deception.  No Prank.  No joke.  No April Fooohhlsoh sh@#!!%...

  03/28>> Menubars will now not be redundant to the little shortcut number blocks to the right of some segmented sections.  Where they exist, the big menu bar will bring you to a general area, and the number blocks will bring you to individual sub-pages of that area. The numbers mont reflect the titles of the pages, and mot change from time to time.  Incidentally, the large "new frangles beta" bar now brings you to somewhere only vaguely related to New Frangles Beta.
  03/28>>> Initial satellite shots of Urgg Prime down to Flu Swamp.^  You can now see that Flu Swamp is just a tiny little spec in the vast swamp lands of Urgg Prime, Urgg Prime being itself just a tiny spec in the near-infinity of Blorkk.  CBCBCB as we gradually document Urgg Prime and the great universe of Blorkk, bringing you far further into the 2nd known universe than you ever experienced as a measly Flu Swamp frog freer fly. [^
Urgg prime being one of the ink dots on Furglegrug's memo, at least from this update's frangle.  This will be made more clear as we take more precise zoom out footage from Urgg Prime.  From a mundane RRL frangle, this is bulsh for "We haven't figured out how the hell to fuse an enlarged-text html frwoa medium with fractal photos contrived to be RL ink dots".  We'll explain more about all this when Pik gets back here and materializes my !@#$ coffee.]
  03/28>> ["Imagine Your Own Update" blurb removed due to Chip's uncanny competence and Squish's sucky purposeful prophecy,]
  03/27>> ChipTip: You can get to a section of a long brick right from your address bar by adding a pound then the section's number to the address.  For instance,
frangles.com/131-274 will bring you to the start of brick 13.274^, and frangles.com/131-274#4 will bring you to the fourth bookmark.  We'll be working on other ways to get you around easier soon-eol, starting with allowing you access individual XIT (glossary) terms this way.  We're also planning on turning a whole domain into a way to get around Frangles & friends easier.  Currently it's a little hard to navigate or see as a whole; there's no sitemap right now, and things are never perfectly structured (usually far from it).  [^Remember that the third digit from the left in the URLs are there due to laziness, since we sevthed Frangles quite awhile ago when we realized the bricks were turning out much longer than originally anticipated.  That is, bricks used to be numbered with 6 digits (6-dimensional saga), but are now labeled with 5 (5-dimensional saga).]
  03/26>> We apologize for the material of Writer's Brick's (frook 13, or "Frangles 13./", the story of Skip Friter that the Flutonia icon currently brings up) not advancing much in quite awhile; or at least not on a brick-to-brick basis.  While a core directive of ours is just to work on whatever the hell we want whenever the hell we want to work on it, we realize it can be a little frustrating if we make steady progress for a period of time with a project and then let it rot or drop dead, especially when we assure you that such a happening is out of the realm of possibility.  Thankfully, the project is and has always been on our front burner.  Unfortunately, we don't use our stove much.  On the bright side, we're enthusiastic about our new aim to canibalize other unused bricks and haphazardly duct tape together the first finished nova, Frangles 13.[1(1>5),2(6>7)].^  On the downside, 
we're enthusiastic about our new aim to canibalize other unused bricks and haphazardly duct tape together the first finished nova, Frangles 13.[1(1>5),2(6>7)].^ Check back after the stove fire to see if the downsides or upsides won out.  [^Insert good explanation here of what this number means precisely and why we're making it extra confusing by adding an extra symbol to bring you to this footnote when if we weren't going to explain anything, it would have been easier to not insert the footnote symbol or something or other I'm tooooRBBOO helelepp...]
  03/25>> The slurmhole Glorg created in 13-153 drew a little too much attention to Flu Swamp, and has further angered the Urgg that we've been feeding you a stream of satellite data from a remote swamp of theirs, calling it the second known universe, when there's infinitely more to Blorkk ku than the Urgg.  They've blasted away most of the Blorkk.com satellites feeding you a constant stream of Flu Swamp satellite data, and have upped offing Earth on their priority list.  Completely coincidentally, we've decided to repositioning the survivng satellite bots elsewhere, but there aren't too many left, and they can't quite figure out what's picture-worthy.  One of them just started zooming in on Furglegrug's memo he left, and another is malfunctioning completley.  Soon-eol you'll be able to surf a vast magnificient web of breathtaking Blorkk satellite footage, but for now you're gonna have to deal with a couple clunky bot orbs and a pissed off Emperor with an insecurity complex.
  03/16>> Here's some proof of our claims we've been up to a whole lot.
These are a slew of random Fresko screenshots we haven't gotten around to writing any blurbs for yet. They're random, haphazard, unpruned, and often redundant, but hey, you don't have to click on all 342... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  03/16>> The XIT (Xangles Index of Terms; note Frangles does not have a separate sub-list of specifically Frangles terms just yet) now includes a 3-PLP blurb explaining pronounciation. This isn't just so you can decipher our nonsensical pronounciations [PROOHH NUNN CIISEEE AAheAeh shungngscepiecfggr] in the term list; it's also quite helpful to figuring out how terms are pronounced as you come across them while reading. (It may put into a more accessible blurb at a later time.) For now, you can find it right above the beginning of the actual glossary terms, i.e. the last passage of text in the growing rants of junk at the top of the XIT. Search for "PRONO" (in lowercase) to get there without kneeling to our laziness in telling you to go find something poorly placed your damn selves. The XIT will soon include tags that will let you locate a glossary term right from your address bar rather than going to the page and searching for it

  03/15>> Blorkk.com index page diced up a bit. Since day 1 we've had a fractal we've rendered on a computer a lot slower than the hyperintelligent bot orbs or whatever that help us out now, and while the page is around the same quality than before (it may even be less detailed), that we're back into the workings of the imagery is the important thing, given our fresh edgey new ideas for how to get the wonder of fractals to you without giving you lessons in a whole bunch of nard shit (nerd = nerd + art). You'll soon be able to explore the actual imagery that until now have just served as backdrops. In fact we've barely explained what Frangles (coined first and foremost from "FRactal ANGLES") actually has to do with fractals! That will soon change as our abilities to fuse art with fractal concepts (along with our abilities to share those connections and bring them to you) evolve.

  03/15>> Please excuse, A) the lazy lack of links in the following (explained within), and B) the lack of placement of these update blurbs into separate webpages. We're working a lot with templates now for areas of Frangles & friends that deal with large amounts of text rather than things that need special graphics. Things like updates blurbs & individual bricks are becoming basic standardized text files that various other graphic-based things can utilize. One issue with this is that it's a bit more difficult to keep things together on a day-to-day basis, as formatting a group of text files into webpages is more of a bulk job. That is, doing it on an individual basis (i.e. daily) is something we're still working on. This is especially true for "Frangles m" (mobile/main), of which the entire site is formed from two html templates and a zillion text files. This shouldn't be the case forever, of course. We're just getting into this sort of standardization, and we'll get things more time-efficient eventually. Another reason getting the updates page particularly into this sort of efficiency is that it's a lot easier to check in and read a few screens of the newest stuff than to click around. That is, if you check in once a month, you by chance might want to read everything posted in March in one clunk rather than clicking each individual page. Of course, you may not want to read much of anything, and like the links. On average we've decided to generally keep current blurbs posted more and minimize older ones to links that will bring you to them. Again, the length of this page from the 1st of March until now is probably a bit excessive even with that principle in mind.

  03/15>> Blorkk: Pik's opened a few thumbnails that will eventually link to very cool videos rather than basic mid-sized pictures.^1 (blorkk.com/pik). We've progressively evolved our fractal imagery & video methods and techniques and styles^2, and (as claimed ad nauseum) have infinite stuff sitting around waiting to post.^3 For a hint of the type/quality of video we're coming up with, see the main video on the Xangles YouTube page (youtube.com/XanglesPrime). When watching it, use your imagination to figure how stories and explorable webpages would result from it, for that's the sort of things we're working on, with Frangles alone as well as the structure of all related projects. (One ultimate goal of Frangles & friends is to utilize fractals to organize prose, science, philosophy, etc, in more complex ways than the "simple" nonlinearity of the main stories, which of course is mostly simple to us and confusing to you, but we hope to get you to understand all the simplicity involved eventually.) In particular, the central part of the zoom is being utilized for the new Frangles look. The solid, basic, banana-yellow colors of the main page and blurbs have nothing noticable to do with the fractal backgrounds of the main reading material. We hope to change this and geniously fuse that basic look with the complexity of fractals. A goal is for everything to do with Frangles to be tightly interconnected as a unified, self-similar whole. Cb, cb, cb.
       [^1. It sort of ruins the whole point of peeking in on Pik's desktop to inform you when he's changed something, as this presents the awkward illusion that his computer is being filtered into basic internet webpages for you to surf. We'll eventually distribute merchandise for you to plug right in with your brain, but until then, please forgive the illusion that it's just a slop bunch of markup code pretending its an access point for a xillion-mot inteligence krforb]
       [^2. The chrome nebula fractal zooms (full sized videos not yet posted) incorporate a fractal rendering technique we think is rather unique. Or at least, it embodies a lot of our evolved fractal & video styles & techniques. (You can judge them when something more than a half-ass shortcut is posted.)]
       [^3. If our claims to "infinite blah blah" fractal imagery sounds monotonous by now, do note that the newest wallpaper index page on xangles.com/wallpaper/2011 (sort of supposed to be the main one, but we're dealing with SEO issues with demoting the main wallpaper page to a 2009 archive) displays a slew of tiny thumbnails to 70 of the newer raw fractal images lying around being slowly cut & logoed and put on pages, etc. Note these aren't small images, but vast ones that can yield not just many wallpapers, but lots of reading material, zooming, and webpages based on or around them. (The largest size we render at is 20,480 x 11,520 pixels, or about 236 megapizels, and rarely render under 67, or 8192 x 8192. On average that's about 73 1080p screens.) These are often images that intrinsically beg to be explored rather than just cut into a few backgrounds, and it can be difficult or frustrating to post half-ass stuff, which in some ways is akin to launching a partially completed shuttle to the moon. Although this sort of partiality certainly worked in Return of the Jedi.]

  03/15>> Xangles/Frangles structure page updated. [You can click the tiny 3 next to the "structure" bar on the main page because I'm not typing this in a WYSIWYG editor at the moment and far too lazy to insert the infinitesimal html for a link. (Or maybe I just want to get you to start clicking the smaller squares.)]

  03/15>> The main page looks a whole lot cooler (ta-dah). It's mind-blowing infinitesimal color change and new bars replacing the temporary text links which served just as well functionally to click should be sure testimony to our passion for avoiding actual writing via obsessive attention to atmosphere and decor. This includes the little links to the right of the menu bars to access specific pages that are basically too small for anyone but an elf, fairy, or fly to click, but at least you know we have a great attention to detail and convenience. They're small, yes, but they're just an added bonus, they generally need not actually be clicked to get where you're going. (For now the main New Frangles Beta bar doesn't work because the pages are individual and not linked to each other; it seems unbalanced to link a big bar to one page and the smaller ones to the minor pages. Normally a bar will take you to a main-esque page/area/etc.)

  03/07>> To be more specific (continuing the thought from the end of "yesterday's" update which I just finished typing about 25 seconds ago before deciding to quit while I was ahead, having hit a killer tagline that will make us millions if under 50 dozen people haven't already said the same thing verbatim... of course, unfortunately for you, having had to beg for my FTP access from a demonic unix monarch in combination with that I just spent about 17 !@#$ing hours figuring out the grammar for "having had to beg", has left me too tired to finish this sentence and explain how the former has anything to do with anything or what it could have meant if I'd finished it the way I started rather than a grammatical nitpick sending me into a 17 !@#4ing hour ordeal), and more precise (continuing the thought at the start of this sentence), we've combiled a collection of a couple hundred Fresko screen shots that we'll be procrastinating supplemental blurbs to indefinitely. The purpose of these images is to run you through all the billions of things we're up to so you realize the value in checking back frequently for the rest of your mortal life, but again, since we're being lazy even with the project bulshing away our standard laziness, we're more and more caught up in a never-ending bulsh web. It's the standard principle of what "entangled webs we frite when first we bulsh to I'd finish this sentence but my space is running out and I'm too lazy to re-copy my WYSIWYG editor, and even lazier, I don't want to review the 5-second html to post a longer blurb in a separate link manually. That's our monarch's job. Oh well. More soon on why this blurb procrastinated telling you any more about Fresko in order to support my claims of genius bulsh weaving (if not actual material). Quick hint, though, a lot of our bulsh is actually bulsh itself because we do actually post quite a bit now and then... even often sometimes... just take a look around. =/

  03/06>> Our multi-layered bulsh logic is starting to approach the complexity of the movie Inception. We decided awhile ago that we had too much raw material not to waste away the tiny time it would take to post it, to throw you more unbacked (though bulshed) propoganda that it really really really is, yes, that horribly simple for us to entertain you. Of course, better proof is in the pudding, but if we're A) too stupid enough to take longer than it would take to hand you the pudding to tell you how good it would be if we'd had spent the time telling you about it handing you the !@#$ing bowl of pudding instead, or B) too stupid to realize you won't see through the scheme if we're on empty, then we're probably also *lazy* enough for it all to be true. Remember: Laziness is getting less done with more work!

  03/02>> Frangles would like to publically apologize for the disgusting plethora of spelling, grammar, and general public etiquette breaches by an anonymous teenage friter this afternoon with the delusion that school libraries are not for reading published books, but rather for mangling the English language and undermining the potential success of unpublished ones.  I would fix the breaches myself, of course, if it wasn't for the fact that it's an intrinsically impossible task, and for the fact that Squish makes a big deal about letting Jet do whatever the fuck he wants in order to promote friter versatility and the illusion we're so busy we don't have the two seconds to discipline brat friters by disabling their FTP access.  Paradoxically and shockingly, someone has disabled both their FTP access today.  I'd look into the mystery, of course, but I'm too busy being versatile and reading library books.
  03/01>> i hereby declare march POSTING MONTH!!! (its technicaly wendsday but chip says backdate stuff cuz hes a date nazis sorry ppl thats mean) (this is jet btw if ur stupid). no evn betr!... i declare it... JeTfUeLuPnGo month!!! (ieeg "junk"! i.e. im postin junk 4u cuz frs is all junk angryway)!! this means im gunna be all my peeps savors ur on personal jezus jetst + post wht no one elsesbeen postin. theral retrds jet takes carya girlie pepes no peeps not pepes pepes squishs stuffed platypi bc hes gay he says hes bi but thats just to get the girlies hes a liar everybohd trust me l8r orbo whers my apostrfphe keyn spelcheckrr eghgh drunk on jetfuljunk i am or tired or sumthin l8r girls


  02/28>> 13-153 is finally complete.  Like 274, it's extremely long (37 PLP), basically a novelette.  This is the extreme end of the brick length spectrum, so don't worry you'll be reading whole books soon (the next brick could be half a page).  It was posted in part for a long time (like 274), with the endling line, "TO BE CONTINUED..."  This was a somewhat "fourthwalse" ending, as it was a parody of a cliche science fiction cliffhanger, as well as true and accurate in RRL (real real life).
  02/28>> More prose tacked on to 13-274 for a total of 27 PLP.  At this length, 13-274 can be considered a short novelette.  This far surpasses the original brick idea (1 PLP!), but we're (bulsh>) happy with how bricks they've turned out: versatile.  When reading Frangles, just imagine you're watching a movie in which scene lengths can vary greatly.  (Few bricks will be this long.)  Note the term "revi" (short for "revised") roughly means "revised / updated" and will eventually be explained in more detail.
  02/27>> It's a good idea to check dates a byte further back than when you were last here, esp. given multiple friters updating (and/or being dumbasses).  For instance, Squish wrote the 2/09 Kolphin blurb on that date, but didn't post it until after the 2/17 posts.  Also, 13.271 & 277 were posted sometime pre-2/17 but not noted on this page until later.  These are things you might have missed if you didn't look back a bit.
  02/26>> pRixel.net bulsh eschwal++
  02/25>> pRixel.net bulsh eschewal
  02/17>> 15 new terms.  Many are more extensive than usual, and some bring you up to date with stuff we haven't explained elsewhere yet.  In particular, read Frex/, it reveals a lot of what's been going on.  We've even used paragraph indents for the first time, and are starting to think of XIT as a glossary / encyclopedia.
  02/17>> Xangles News for Feb
(poetic but otherwise auseless as usual)
  02/??>> 13.271 & 13.277 posted (paragraph indents need work)
  02/09>> **Kolphin's retroactive missplaoersh** (72.--6)

  01/23>> Taking January off due to bulsh formatting reasons
  01/18>> yet annnother procrastineted
  01/17>> jet stall!! thats all i do here i shts u not
  01/03>> Nowhere near 2011
  01/02>> Un-skipping the skip year
  01/01>> Due to Chip's delectible script-scribbling diligence, frupdates will now be formatted in a plethora of one-lined links.  (Or more if my new years resolution to put to death everyone who keeps violating my formatting standardization policies fails.  This will especially apply to the worst offenders which I shall not identify such as Jet and Squish.)  Here will be listed a link to a longer frupdate and a brief title/desc, or a brief dated full update.  Either may include links to relevant material.
  12/31>> Skip the whole skip year