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Welcome to Frangles
They say frupdates are the frangles
in which we burn / temporally,
fremporally, when's it my
turn? / to update the
frupdates, and say 'sup?
to Mangles: The cat
on the mat, at Prime
Xangles.  -poep


   E a r t h




Z e r o a

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In place of a Pulitzer blurb geniously summarizing the years events or lack thereof that will get you to check back constantly until the day you die just in case there's another year like it, I'm going to bitch about the SEO problems of redirecting the bots from this page to a 2010 archive of it without causing problems for them or you.  So, if you start to go decades without noticing a 2011 link above to click (hint, there's one in this very sentence for the moment), you're not stuck in a temporal anomaly living the same mot over and over, it's just I'm lazy and don't want to figure out the second best scripting method for it (the first for all scripting, being, universally, procrastination.  Ooo, look, an italicized word, maybe someone's been working on the italicizing scripts to change stars into proper html... or maybe I just hit "ctrl-I" in Kompozer, who knows...)

Things you can check up on while you're waiting for 2015...

- New Xangles Wallpapers (xillions more coming soon, as you can see from the contrived thumbnails on the right and bullsh math to the left that explain why we have more wallpapers coming than the number of pixels in the known fractal).  As we post more resolutions (we're planning hundreds for every wallpaper we post), you'll be able to visit each quickly with the shortcut xangles.com / (resolution).  I.e. right now you can check out the iPhone wallpapers with xangles.com/iPhone, and soon the 1360 x 768 wallpapers with xangles.com/1360-768.  We'll be using a dash officially and indefinitely but I always strive for obsessive user friendliness, so hopefully you'll soon be able to get there with any damn url you enter (xangles.com / 17twosomething44foo).

-Explanation of PLP measuring unit (Paperback Length Page)

-50 PLP of miscelaneous bricks ("beta bricks", that is, bricks that don't fit in to any official or solid large story).  These are on Frangles "mobile" right now, which again is somewhat poorly named as it's just a rudamentary way of reading Frangles without superfancy graphics and so forth.  Hence, we'll be more likely to throw miscelaneous junk that we haven't designed fancy html stuff for onto the "mobile" site.  remember you can think of the "/m" as "main" as well as "mobile", since the main material of Frangles is the prose, not the pretty pictures.  (although pretty pictures are certainly a "main" part of Xangles, as there isn't a hell of a lot else going on over there.  We got the prose, they got the...well, figure out a word that rhymes or alliterates with prose that makes any sense here and you'll get the point, a memorable one at that.)

-A page on Frangles grammar.  This was written awhile ago but just now posted due to a fluke in someone-or-other's 2345435 stimsim cell or something like that, I don't really listen to all the lectures on the particulars of imaginary krforbs... I'll take them seriously when one falls in my living room and beeps me out a few good Perl scripts.

-An updated main index page which now shows our newer stuff in a larger font rather than the itty bitty links we put in case you love Frangles enough to search every bit of everywhere just to find new stuff which would otherwise depress you.  It also has a nice little promise to two sections called "frenetics" and "frink" whatever those might mean (your guess is about as good as mine.  I don't think.  I just script.  Geeks aren't allowed to have imaginations, especially "freeks".)

-Xangles terms has been updated with several PLP on the term "Jep7" (search for Jep7 slash, i.e. Jep7/".  Always add a forward slash after a one-word term you want to search for, otherwise your search will bring you to all the places the term is mentioned or spoken of).  
We usually won't have that long a blurb in the index of terms, but then again, there's always our subconscious motivation of fFlip becoming bigger than Wikipedia, Encyclopia Galactica, or the "the Guide", otherwise known as--well, if you don't already catch the reference, you might not want to be here.  Or maybe it will aid your Douglas Adams ignorance.  Hey, we're prolific.

-The lack of our 4th wallpaper on the wallpapers page now has a full 1-paragraph blurb explaining its lack of a presence.  Something to bite your nails in anticipation for while you click over.

-BLORKK:  Pik's page has been fixed; it had a huge gif animation on the main page that's made the page practically unloadable for awhile and hence has made Pik's computer pretty much useless.  I'm positive Squish will murder in my sleep if I don't offer you some sort of rant mixing up the fictional reality of a sentient mechanically intelligent being's desktop computer with the real real reality of it being a lazyass handful of html pages, but I think can convince him otherwise.  Somehow...

Check back.  Check back.  Check back.

Welcome to the Wide Wonderful Adventures of Lazy Retard Webmasters Who Often Spend Multiple Billennias Over the Course of the Progression of Okuaka Otherwise Now and Then Known as the Only Known Universe Anybody Around Here Ever Bothered Thinking Up Going to the Bookstore Once a Week With Plans to Actually Get Something Done then Simply Bitch About the Entire World Wide Web Crashing Due to their RRL Starbooks wi-fi Cutting Off Like Clockwork Every Single Saturday Night Coincidentally Exactly When the Store Closes.  Today on <CUT & PASTE PREVIOUS>, we'll be documenting the stupidity of one or two writers/developers for the fractal nonlinear funny story saga known as Frangles.  The story will almost certainly foreshadow Frangles' demise, but we're going to proceed anyway because apparently there's no actual work to be done around here.  Wait, sorry!  We can't.  Starbooks wi-fi i$F$@$%$no_carrier

2/17- Recursive Reclusive Patent Report (tm)
Sadly for you, we've been spending a lot of time lately on our uber-super-secret Frangles-related patent.  It's really rreally cool and coming along.  Unfortunately, lawyers cost money.  On the positive side, it's more or less ready to be submitted somewhere.  The documentation is about 70 PLP (plus some pictures and diagrams) describing/developing the concept / idea / product / thing / whatever- type- of- whatever- it- is- that- we're- not- telling- you- because- we're- paranoid- you'll- figure- it- out- and- steal- all- our- hard- work.  Take a careful note that Frangles is one corner of our vast fractal nonlinear network of ridiculous projects and concepts, so whenever you see something go unupdated, whether for days, weeks, or months, or (gasp) years... remember we're always working on something else, and will probably get back to the thing you like the most at some point.  (A lot of our work is finding a team of a frillion people who will get lots more done than we can anyway.  I.e. from a very active Frangle, everything to do with Frangles is simply a sketch or blueprint for a massively larger project(s)).

12/12/12/12/188 iintroducing frangles jetretro!! your 1 and ALLstop for drooby booby sad peeps who watch frangles go un updated for a whole WEEK without an update--that's longer than usual--i can count really.  your SOLUTION to solve hunger and peace, because world peace is the bomb, y'all... hah?rgg...hhMhMhMM... i would like to take this time and inform echelon that squish has a bunch of pictures of mushroom cloud bombs in his pictures and i don't know why they're there maybe you peeps can figure it out oh i'm sure it's on the web somewhere but u know me i actully dostuff for work like go to sKKoolllhowdoyouspellsKKKool [there's anorther gone franglowance for putting 2 many non link array character special somethingorothers oh go as chip i donto those weird words they dont teach us FRACTAL NONLINEAR GEMOETRY ALGORITHM SMALGORITHTZ in middle school.ohwait what was the . (the point?lol) of my frupdate again??..I'LL BE BARK PREEP BEASHES. dont worry girlies, where there is unupdates + unfrupdates, jet-retro be there to save yall girlies!!(homies too...i'mnot sure if 'homies' in coolr or not ill ask squish wwaaaaaiiiiit squish is a dork i'll ask chip waiiiiiit no again i'll go ask squish hes alittle less dork than chip but it ALL DEPENDS ON YOUF RANGLE!  (C, they teeesh(bad sp? lol) me sormthing around here (at least from 1 f-rangle-- (correcting me' own grarmarrr, partot. parrot?patriot?..WHERE R MY CLOSING PARENTHESESSE OOOOOORRRRRBBBBOOOO....))))

12/5- frangles mobile mupdates updated (we won't tell you every time, don't worry!)

12/5- We'd like to take a moment to announce our latest bulsh PLP count of all readable Frangles material on and off-line.  Drum roll... the number is...
1150 - 1200 PLP !!
tah-dah.  Now, you're probably wondering how much is actually posted, assuming someone out there actually reads Frangles.  That number is roughly...
400 PLP !!
This is what we've done this month.  It's been a painstaking process to print out all Frangles material and count every single letter manually, but it was a long process and these are the results.  Of course, we may have just run a quick word count on the collective text files now that we've compiled them into a standardized format and directory, but telling you we did it by hand is the best possible way to excuse the fact that we haven't done !@#$ lately.  But since in retrospect we've actually been quite busy, this is a great reason to stick around for a good long while until we fabricate another (not, seriously) false serious report.  We'll let you be the judge of the validity of our report, but, humor aside, in seriousness (which we rarely do, so that means something big, whether good or bad), this report could very well have an excellent chance of being entirely accurate.  You just won't know until we post everything.  Hrm.

12/4- Promise

I (not) promise (not not not) genuinely actually (notnotnotnotnot.. not?) promise that I will work (sort of) (a bit) (she's a witch!) harder at (perhaps) (maybe) attending my addiction support group for my obsession with updating this page at about 10:59 every Saturday just before Starbooks (i,e, a RRL Springfield (or maybe Burlington, flip a coin) Barns & Noble / Starbucks) closes.  I've sought some professional therapy and I've come to terms with my unconscious deception of doing things this way not because of any sort of A.D.D. that has rubbed off from Squish (apparently it's biological), but because it's a superb excuse to not actually post anything other than "sorry no time, not my fault!"  ohhh, there's the announcement that the police and bullet-proofed bulldogs are waiting outside to come in and drag me out when I fail to do so myself... sorry no time, not my fault! (really) (not) (blah)... OH, by the way, things are going ongnnrgGHEEYyye....

11/26- Delinquent Friday
Fortunately, we've planned to harness the magnitude of Black Friday to post billions of new things for you to go wild downloading once you were done buying your frangles merchandise and accesories at the mall.  Unfortunately, a strange and surreally frangles- uncommon paradox has occured, and we've been hit with an unforseeable storm of incompetence of (incidentally and coincidentally) the same magnitude.  Worse, we've decided to compensate by not even finishing this paragraph, and returning you to one that should have been interrupted by that which thedhrhr--
           OK, well, another productive month eschewing actually telling you what's been happening via plethoras of lame excuses and distractions that create the illusion that we've actually been updating things... but, have no fear, no matter how (surreally) honest we've become informing you of our lack of official site updates, we're just as honest as usual in assuring you we're doing 50 billion things behind your backs (jerks) that will change the known universe for the better once someone actually walks into the other !@#$ room and grabs a flash drive and uploads are lives' works to a godaddy server.  Really.  That's what our lives have consisted of for quite some time... not walking into the other room and grabbing a !@#$ing flash drive and uploading terabytes of stuff.^1
        Alright, one more time in a nutshell because my brain's too dead from (not) shopping to put it all frangly funny...
           1) We're doing tons of cool stuff
           2) We're not posting a damn thing
           3) ...as usual.
           4) (etc)...
[^1 Well, we're cheating a bit with "terabytes"... but not by much.  It's basically terabytes of fractal imagery if we assume that data is uncompressed and not compressed (which anyone would have to be crazy to do when terabytes of fractal imagery can easily be compressed to a small fraction of the size...), and that someone at some point was diligent enough to copy each wallpaper desgin into the billions of resolutions that no one's ever going to.454@#rrgrrr...]

11/20- Would you believe it?  My "internet's about to crash" yet again... otherwise known as Starbucks wi-fi about to be shut off due to it being closing time.  Well, at least a few lines is enough to keep the spider bots camping out for a little longer...  new news soon-eolaa^1!  
^1- soon-[er or later as always]

11/13- BREAKING NEWS: It appears our mysterious code rodent has struck again some time yesterday afternoon between the time school got out and his bedtime prayers for god's forgiveness (otherwise known as "sysop's removal of read-only permissions").  We're sorry to report that he's more resourceful than previously estimated when we last reported, and following the template of standard modern media, will now augment and vindicate his infamy by assigning him the name, "Code Rodent".  This time, the Code Rodent has made what will be a frintern- fatal mistake.  He's let slip that he has contacts and inside help deep within our vast and expanding fractal nonlinear infrastructure.  We know this because a sympathetic and easily manipulated mole chicken shit to discipline defected traitors is the only explanation for the Code Rodent's circumvention of my ternary disabling his FTP permissions.  Fortunately, the Code Rodent's previous violation of numerous frangles.com/up policies has increased beyond the point of the offenses being able to be logged and quantified with any maintaining of server space or webmaster sanity, so at least I won't have to bother.  Plus, our own minor violations of Frangles codes of conduct will seem even more trivial than ever before.
            Via an apologetic void of fortune for you and us both -- not to mention a lucky stroke for the Code Rodent -- we have to get to our less important news stories now, like the death of several unfortunate pedestrians in the mysterious fire that burned down the warehouses of college tuition funds previously being reserved for the Code Rodent (if only because they would have been intrinsically useless in addition to being undeserved).  For more, please check back check back check back every half-hour as the tragic demise of the Code Rodent by the competent and otherwise philanthropic Frangles staff progresses.

11/12- "subjective frangle of a clueless kid" by jet
1. i worked hard on "subjectiv frangle of a clueless kid."
2...i left out rambly tuff like "....of the week's work" soas to be less annoying as possible ("squish ilkes not this lacks of rambles")
3. i worked hard on "
squish ilkes not this lacks of rambles".
4. i left out rambles like "..which is a good tag line for line number 4..
5. i have nosh@# clue y im #ing my peom lines; why i'm racing downward into the vehement univi of bad im grammar and less into poetry templating.
6. i'v probably mispelt 768668 'wuurdws' all ready (sh@#s to be a freer at the current moment...
7. your attention please ta the moment: this poem will now continue poem style with nonnumbered lines to shoe.(ie to "boot"..lol)
8. i am sufering from continuation disodrder syndrome problem placemant disease from helping all you freerps out and trying to get "sqyleiship" to do somethin around here..sorry peeps! (sorry; "freerps" now as of an INDETERMINENT amount of words ago)..
9 demonstrating by my lack of prodigy DETEREMENT from my announcement goal of stop numbering my peom lines.
10. "peom" is an ANOGRAM of "poem" imagine what i learn from genius fractal fronlinear freelance writers that i can't ever learn in english next year or two from ms whatsherfzcei ohh wait i can't inssert spcific ppeeps (well mrs whatsherface isn't a peep PER SAY but annyfrway) because i loose my "frangallowance" which just means i have stuffed animals to feed u know squish and REVENU money from doing suish's nd kyle's jobs allllll day long.
11. i'm putting in caps the INEFFABLE words i failed to learn for my potentially nonexistent vocbulary test somewhere between the frobability of a lowly near-teen angst somethinorother and jets prodigy F+-for-the-frecade abandoned poem that wasn't really a poem and in which i misplet "poem" twice in HINDSIGHT 20-20 (not a brick, cuz bricks don't have 0s as i learned in NONZERO BASE 7 FRANKS NUMBER CLASS) angryfrway and ORBO HELP IM STUCK IN AN ineffable UNENDING PARADORGS OF SELF DIAGNOSTIC DETRIMINT FROM CHIPS CRUEL hazing OF ME A FEW PARAGRAPHS DOWN.. and an unfined poem (and probably the last setnence, too.)
12 (case sensitivnes by paramont and go daddy)!!!
13 angryyywaaay!!

11/5- frangles mobile mupdates updated (we won't tell you every time, don't worry!)

11/5- Mobile Shortcuts
You can now get to the main mobile pages by a disgusting plethora of typo-catching URLs.  For super quick, you can currently access the main color schemes & font sizes by dropping the "/m" and putting the size/scheme after "frangles.com".  For instance, "frangles.com/s" will bring you the small font index page (/m/s), "frangles.com/xl/bw" will bring you to the extra large black & white color scheme even though "bw" comes before "xl" in the /m URL (/m/bw/xl), and "frangles.com/ee" will bring you to the default "easy eye" color scheme (/m/ee), etc, etc.  [don't use any cAPS for frangles urls!  frangles tries to be as caps-free as possible for continuity and standardization, so you're more likely to get where you're going with all lowercase.]

11/4- Updates Shortcuts
You can now use "frangles.com" followed by any of the following
to get to the frangles updates page, frangles mobile updates page, or xangles news page, respectively.^1
/up    /mup    / xup

Other than a castration of the word "updates", think of "up" as a fusion/disjunction of the meaning in the phrases: "up and running", "up to date", what we're "up to", "what's up" (i.e. "this is what's up [and running / to date]"), "up to trouble", "up to double trouble", "triple flupluple", "what's up, bubble?", "high on semi-illegal substances", "upper atmosphere" (as in, an updates page is the most appropriate thing to fall through first if you're plumitting down through the depths of Frangles towards your death the moment you realize how superficial and noncorporeal your trip has been in comparison with an impact with the mundane, tangible surface of a planet, which coincidentally you collide with the moment you yearn for a major change in life), and of course, "pu" backwards.

These addresses/quickurls will to make it easier to keep up to date with all the stuff you'd love to experience if you were one of the few masochistic people on the planet constantly exposing themselves to Frangles and friends.  Again, that's the urls: frangles.com/up, frangles.com/mup, and frangles.com/xup,
and a whole slew of whatever else you can think up that you suspect might work, such as: /updates  /frupdates  /frup  /m/up  /m/mup  /mupdates  /m/updates  /m/mupdates, as well as a lot of the former after xangles.com.  (We strive for a comfortable surfing/reading environment, where you can type in anything vaguely relevent anywhere you want and get to where you're going.)^2
[^1 Realize that the Xangles updates are updated on the scale of a monthly basis, so don't expect day to day progress reports.  It's good, however, if you want a rough idea of what's going on the Xangles/etc univi and sagas if you haven't checked in in awhile.]
[^2 Again, to be thorough, or more accurately, redundant (and because the entry looked strange putting the previous information below the following making the following redundant, but perfect for overmarketing), the three best URLs to access news & updates are "frangles.com" followed by the following, which have now been cut and pasted to above instead, displaying my infinite laziness with not updating the former part of this sentence to compensate.  But at least I've shrunk things down a bit, and torpedoed any positive opinion you had about our goals to triumph over the procrastination intrinsic and imperitive to all things Xangles.]

11/4- Mobile / Main
Frangles mobile (or "main") -- now the easiest / most versatile / portable / platform- compatable / "eye easy" way of reading Frangles, accessible via the stupidly enlarged urls:

--is FINALLY fully up and working^1.  Now in 3 working color schemes and 5 working font sizes, for those who want variety yet also want the pages they're visiting to actually do what they claim to do (as opposed to preferring the links that don't send you straight to an improperly formatted 404 error to direct you to slew of haphazard, non sequitur pages that have little or nothing to do with what you clicked).  Again, Frangles "mobile" (again, you can use "frangles.mobi" or "frangles.com/m" to get there; the former redirects to the latter and will do so indefinitely until we write proper mobile code and/or want to risk a audit) is purposely poorly named for greedy SEO purposes.  We'll simultaneously be calling it frangles "main", which the "/m" in "frangles.com/m" will also stand for.  While Frangles mobile/main is great for reading Frangles on smaller devices, it's primary purpose is to be a generic, versatile, portable means of reading Frangles prose (blurbs, articles, news, explanations, analyses, etc, as well as the main story prose (the evolving 7^5 brick structure)), which we're making progress compiling into a set of basic portable text files adaptable for different situations and templates.^2  (Think of Frangles itself as mobile, not necessarily the reading device.)
[^1: (save the "under confruction" notices that we'll leave up indefinitely to excuse anything that ever goes wrong or unwritten)]
[^2 For more detailed ongoing news/etc, check the frangles mobile news now and then ("mupdates"; i.e. "mobile updates" or "main updates") as well as this page ("frupdates", or frangles updates).  As with all Xangles / Blorkk / Frangles / etc news, not everything will be constantly updated.  Since we now have one more updates page, we'll be a tad more spread thin, but of course, this pain in the ass also gives us more of a reason to update things more often.  Incidentally, We're soon going to have a slightly easier way of reaching certain news pages; we've decided the com and mobile sites will involve the url "/up".  So very soon, you'll be able to type "frangles.com/up" and "frangles.com/m/up", which will be a shortcut, and possibly even the main url.]
Now, because there are now a lot of redundancies between the .com and .mobi sites, the full desktop- designed .com site (currently "frangles.com", but look out for url changes) will soon (and has already started to via Frangles Fresko) become more graphical / complex / involved / etc, due to the goal of making maximum use of larger screens and faster internet connections.  Remember, Frangles mobile (or main) is just as useful on a desktop computer as anywhere else for reading Frangles text, prose, stories, blurbs, articles, and so on.  So if you're currently in the ballpark of being able to be more or less comfortable reading the current .com site on your set up, but have an older/slower/smaller device (for instance, a small netbook, or an old 8088 with a monochrome screen), you'll want to gravitate toward the mobile site on that particular set up, and let the evolving existence of a better .com site serve the purpose that "NBC's`?\ Wide World of Color" served when color televisions were first on the market (the purpose being, of course, to get people to buy them!).  Again, check back with both news sites (frupdates and mupdates, soon to be accessible via frangles.com/up and frangles.com/m/up (or maybe /mup...?).  They will have different purposes and different methods of helping you to understand Frangles' evolution as a general whole, and we'll endeavor not to be too redundant if you want a full experience.  (For this, also check the Xangles News from time to time... like once every couple of months when it actually gets updated.  Hrm.)

11/3- Publication Progress
Squish wrote a 7 page cover letter for potential manuscript submissions.^1  We try to use our versatility to create submissions that adhere entirely to submission guidelines and yet still manage to f*** up 99% of the proper and common sense rules when writing just about anything at all in the English language.  Or any written language for that matter.  (The letter basically goes, "Just ignore the parts in neon crayon if you're sane or don't want a migraine.")  FYI, publication in real real life magazines and bookstores is definitely on our mid-front burners.  Keep in mind that you only need a digital devices to read a nonlinear saga nonlinearly.  Half the point of Frangles' structure is that it can generate zillions of standard linear stories that can then be read, once generated, printed, selected, or ordered (etc), just as if they were crafted/written stand-alone works.  So, a huge extra benefit of nonlinear structure to a linear publication is that a publisher recieves a wide variety of options and customization
[^1 We do so much behind the scenes that we're thinking of just throwing up every single stinking thing we do that's even vaguely readable or potentially entertaining...  Without excuse (save that nothing anywhere is really ever anyone's fault, especially when it comes to freelance artistry and bulsh website updates), that's one really horrible thing we could be doing better.  We do stuff and it just sits around.  Then again, maybe it's instant gratification to throw up everything we do, but then again again, there's not much point in being online if we really don't bother to ever post anything at all... (which you known damn well from experience by now if you're even an infinitesimal ffreer^2).]
[^2 "ffreer" meaning "Frangles freer" (as currently defined, or at the least, in this particular context), where "freer" by definition includes potential specification to Frangles, but not definitive specification by any means.  That is, "freer" is an extremely versatile word that was tediously, carefully crafted for many uses; the "fr" can refer to the proper noun "Frangles" and/or the English noun "fractal", for instance; so one thing "ffreer" does is specify "Frangles" rather than "fractal".  The other thing it does is create a more complex, layered, and/or recursive term to some extent, since it could be interpreted as "Frangles Frangles reader", etc.  That is, "freer" is such a fleshed out word that it has a certain feel that can be applied to a specific frwoa ("fractal work of art", or more uncomonly, "Frangles work of art") without worrying too much about the exact original coining of "freer".  If you're familiar with the term "freer" via usage and context, then "Frangles freer" should make sense without being too fatally recursive or dizzying.  See the Xangles Index of Terms for more precise definitions, which you can access quickly on the fly with the quick url <Xangles.com / i> ['i' for "index", "inexorable", or "i don't like silly iPong punctuation and uneccessarily inexorable and non sequitur vocabulary words=(]
11/3- Frangles "Fresko" launched.  Horridly under confruction.  (Don't look!)

11/3- NFB 00-03 posted sans someone's excessively fourthwalse dangerous links.

11/2- A mysterious frintern looking for a butt kicking has apparently hacked his way back onto the updates page out of guilt from not doing his job every time he was assigned to it.  On the bright side, he's geniously violated about 50 frupdate rules of conduct in under 30 words, such as not posting the updater's name, keeping non-whitespace character strings below 20-25 length, not overly insulting co-friters, spell checking the entry, making the date vaguely readable, backdating when beneficial, using potentially MPD-frangle jokes with caution, avoiding allusions to frwoas released before he was even born, and only risking future special character precedence conflict headaches when doing so is entirely beyond necessary for the survival of the human race.  D+ for the decade.  [set jet FTP permission = OFFffhhoohoohh no not a pilot parody of jet's overused cliche Orbo joke out of a purposely provoked vendetta!]

11-2-jet!!#&%>>> i here declair this month UPDATE MONTH!!! now chuish (chip-squish?!) will feel horrible guilty if they don't undergoe prodigy fourshadowing alllllmonth.  here we gooooooooooggogogle.......

11/1- Footnotes
Due to conflict with how we dictate *italics* in plain text, our revered and everunread footer notes in a lot of our stuff will be notated with a carrot followed by a number^1, such as that, and that^2, and that^3, rather than the stars* we used to use.**
[^1 - your ad here, wheee]
[^2 - ditto, etc, etc]
[^3 - incidentally, the word "that" is mentioned at least and no more than three times in this sentence... no, not this one, the other one.. the, nevermind...]
[* This is the last asterik footnote you may ever see in your entire mortal life as a Frangles ffreer living somewhere between the dawn of the dawn of your existence and the destruction of Grathalor in 67.576.]
[** (Except this one)]

11/1- FYI, we're planning so many wallpaper sizes that our excuses for not getting *any* of them up have skyrocketed beyond our ability to portray them through a webpage medium.  Sucks to be a ffreer.  (This comment would be longer if it hadn't been tediously crafted as a single-line news bit for use in a list of many such news bits, then conrived into a full daily update, made worse by the fact that it's the second one of the day.  [Translation: I got tired after a few lines and didn't want to make a 3-lined list of "a whole bunch of random !@#$" as the list was previously entitled.  (I'm also too lazy to re-name the list.)]

11/1- frangles mobile
1. We're still having trouble getting all the colors and sizes right on frangles mobile; bear with us... for now, the one key page to check in with is the default color/size updates page (frangles mobile updates are called "mupdates").  You can go to the mobile page without changing size or color and click "mupdates" to see what's going on with frangles mobile, or use the url "frangles.com/m/mupdates".  The mobile updates page will provide insight into the evolution of Frangles itself as a whole rather than only specific tech progress (frangles "mobile" is just a means of displaying the basic text of frangles without graphics or pretty pictures; another name might have been "frangles basic"; hence the mobile updates page will again provide some insight into the basic workings of Frangles rather than just the tech and am I repeating myself? Orbo please get the NO, NO MORE ORBO JOKES UGHGHGHG I'M ADDICTED...ORBO, GRAB ME THE BOT ORB ANTI-ADDICTION PILLS FROM UGHRR I'M STILL DOING IT!), so check in now and then to see what's up there.
2. We mot be holding off on hosting frangles mobile at frangles.mobi due to html code restrictions we didn't realize were quite so strict; at the least, you should always be able to access it from "frangles.com/m"

For once in our lives, we've been putting the majority of our efforts into getting up the stuff that we already have rather than writing even more stuff that you'll never see.  Half -- maybe the majority -- of our self-mockery regarding delinquence is spawned from not getting things up rather than not getting things written.  The entirety of Frangles reading material, story prose, etc (everything that's text and not graphical) has been slaorped all over the place in frillions of different files, formats, computers, drives, etc, etc... We're working to compile absolutely all reading prose (updates, blurbs, articles, etc, etc, as well as the main reading material) into one coherent, non-redundant directory of basic, portable text files.  These can then be easily arranged into whatever html templates they're needed for.
Incidentally, our overall encoding / notation / mark-up / whatever system has been evolving quite well.  It's akin to the basics of BBC, RTF, HTML formatting, and to general programming language comment grammar (as you'd use a "//" or "#" to comment out a line in C or Perl, respectively).  We'll be posting our system sooner or later to give you some insight into Frangles structure and writing methods.  On a similar note, another thing on our vaguely- front- burner to-do list is to scan in a whoooole bunch of random !@#$ scrap papers to help give you a better idea of our blueprints, plans, direction we're going, and to further water your mouth to check back, check back, check back. (Did that metaphor make sense??)
[^1 this word doesn't mean anything so don't go searching for it =(]

10/31 - Halloween Compliance
We'd like to take this time to point that to the left (from the frangle of those currently experiencing this updates page on the Earth's internet, anyway) of this text box, there is a big black fracal shape below a small orange-ish bar at the top left corner of the page.  Also, there is a sort-of black bar above the box with a surreally similar orange-ish "frangles", and, lastly, more black text all over the page.  These combinations of black and/or sort-of blacks and sort-of orange -- the general colors of Halloween, have been here the entire year.  Hence,we have been Halloween- compliant for quite some time in preparation for today.  This is just a note for any Halloween auditors out there.  No one else need read this paragraph.  (Incidentally, the previous note is only for people who read it before any other in this paragraph, including this one.)

10/30- We've drawn up an exhausting list of wallpaper resolutions so you'd know just how much wonderful stuff you'd be missing if you weren't also missing the list, which we're too lazy to post.

10/30- Useless News
We're happy to announce significant work this week on the stuff that will make us money eventually but that we can't tell you about because you'll steal it before we make sure you can only purchase it, a moderate amount of work on stuff we already give away for free but that will get worse when we put more work into getting annoying advertisements up, and no work at all on anything we're actually passionate about.  If you really must have more details (since we haven't really told you specifically what's been going on around here since...well, since... well....um...sincee... sinnnncccceee... sssss-- ORBO HELP I LOCKED MYSELF INTO A BOTTOMLESS PARANTHETICAL..WOULD YOU MIND HITTING... HITTING... OH RIGHT, K, 0, ENt#@$#no_carrier (_pigeon)), you'll have to wait until... well... umm.... quite a long awhile (*phew*), beause, I'm sad to announce, my triumph of remembering to charge my netbook this week so I don't have to give you last week's crappy excuse that my internet was going down (how in the hell would I know if my internet connection's about to fail, anyway?  chumps...), has been, sadly and redundantly (and probably expectedly, sans the specific nature of the means of defeat... not to allude to the first word following the closing of this parenthhhORBO HIT K, 1, 0, ENT#R$F$#..(again)...(Grrr)), inverted, due to Starbooks (the RRL version, otherwise known as Burlington Barns & Noble (sans a state, you'll have to visit all of them, I suppose)), is closing in about... ohhh... ummm... wait, I think my internet connection's about to
jJ$Vj3JRkgNO_CARRIER (_pigeon)

10/23- penultimately useless news
Alright, so, my internet.. (sorry, "xnet"..dumb frangles terms) connection is about to go ploop (good for you, this will be short), so here's a quick 15-second run down of what's going on:
A) this page has been updated today.  Horrah.
B) This list has been updated with a "B)"
C) The ratio of everything that is always being worked on and procrastinated has remained just about precisely the same... except the work of quantifying that relationship precisely... or moderately... or at all... well, you do the math.  You know us well enough by now.
D) jJ$Vj3JRkgNO_CARRIER(_pigeon)

10/15- WTF?! jet did you do this? no it was orbo really!!!!!
10/14- frupdates for october squished sans spaces to agument jets prodigy runon humor from 10/4 to 10/15 and beyond.
10/13- frupdates updated for tommorrow to undo bulsh fraud
10/13- frupdates updated retroactively to parallel real bulsh mupdate fraud
10/13- frupdates updated with real real confessions regarding recent fraud
10/13- mupdates updated with bulsh retroactive updates for the weekend
10/13- frangles mobile mupdates genuinely updated, except dated retroactively to yesterday to echew having to post extra bulsh retroactive update for the 12th
10/11- frangles mobile mupdates updated (we won't tell you every time, don't worry!)
10/10- frangles mobile mupdates updated (we won't tell you every time, don't worry!)
10/9- frangles mobile mupdates updated (we won't tell you every time, don't worry!)
10/4- betabricks updates updated (along with this frupdates update that the betabricks updates have been updated)...(etc.)
10/4- frangles mobile launched.  argument below that it should look like total shit and replace the main site to boot now being subjected to xangles-wide debate and reevaluasion.

October/2010- BIG STUFF (or maybe little stuff, frangle- depending)...

We've made the decision to give the entire format and design of the site a major overhaul quite soon[-er or L8r as always], Our goal is extreme versatility given the baffling spectrum of screen sizes and resolutions of all the devices capable of browsing the world wide web, from the smallest cell phone screen to a 50-inch plasma desktop monitor hooked up to a septuple 5Ghz PC monitor.  We've been dreading optimizing Frangles for all possible devices (or at least Chip has; the majority of us can't even remember whether XPvista7 runs on iPhonePadPod or LinuxDroid), but our dread hit a halt the other day in favor of feelings of sudden diagnosable stupidity, when Jet recently inquired why displaying a bunch of books to read online is so difficult.  It didn't take a thesis, either; I think his exact phrase was, "It's just a bunch of books.  What's the big?"  Indeed, even as I'm typing, my new !@#$3,000 netbook keeps shifting part of the text box off screen every time I hit the wrong button.  Partly this is because the programmers of the WYSIWYG html editor Kompozer and founders of html themselves were too lazy to think ahead and optimize for every single electronic device that anyone might ever want to edit and surf web pages on for the entire duration of the existence of computers capable of running html editors and/or accessing them via the internet, but mostly it's because we were too lazy ourselves to optimize purposely this particular page for the same reason.  [Contrived and akward alliteration as is intended as always.]

The moral of my whine is that this would likely be easier if I were simply typing in a basic text editor, that is, a simple basic text processing environment simple enough to run on any computer with any screen size or operating system that I could be familiar with wherever I am or whatever I'm using.  I'm sure if computers advance enough they'll have something like that one day for writers and readers of prose... like, say, oh, a program called "NOTEPAD" that edits simple text in any available Windows operating system.  (Just imagine stupid I'd look if such a thing existed and I was actually typing in a box too bulky for my screen because I didn't think to click one of the three text edititor quick start icons to my left I put there for these sorts of occasions.)

So, nutshell, we're looking at an event here of a magnitude there would be no words to describe even if I had access to a portable omni- optimized thesaurous: the metamorphisis of a friter excuse for eschewing heavy work, from 100% viability into the ballpark of being designated a "REASON" by the very linguistic fabric of existence.  (I'd get deeper into a run-on exaggeration if this stupid box wasn't still scrolling off the !@#$3King screen given my exponentially increasing obsession with augmenting the 4th- wall nature of my joke of my literal lack of not opening Notepad in RRL.)  This reason rhetorical (rhetorical if you've been paying attention and aren't jumping into the middle of this update for no apparent reason rhetorical`wtf?\), is that throwing up all Frangles reading material in an easy, simple, and universally accessible format (like.. a title.. some prose.. and a link or two), would actually be more practical than putting up 147 IPodPadPhone LinuxDroidFlashlight versions (orrrrrrrr -- from a frangle we don't even admit exists in any capacity in any reality despite our philosophies that Being is balanced via all possible frangles of all capacities in all realities -- just plain infinitely f@#$ing lazy).

practical... infinitely lazy...  we'll forever eschew the inexorable and rhetorical debate over to the universal avoidance of ismorphisms.  [Note I'm ending without bothering to actually explain anything in particular about our precise formatting plans, which, even being more Chip's thing, is, admittedly, sufficient proof of ORBO WHY IS THIS STUPID THING STILL SCROLLING OFF SCREEN EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO K,1,ENTER!!5#%!//.@/..

9/28- 13.334 posted (loosely assigned #).  This is the first posted brick of WB Nova 3, in which we see Skip's writing start to evolve and intermingle with real life.
9/28- Squish did a little phonetic work to come up with a handful of OK names for the Nebula in 13.334.  (None of which we're actually using.)  =/
9/26-27: 10 PLP of secret patent work (too paranoid to post; too lazy to patent)
9/26- Squish keeps Kolphin and gives his brother a bunch of shit for his birthday with the logic that it will be more useful for avoiding Frangles than online college.
9/25- Squish bought a new cordless mouse and named it "Kolphin".  (Big whoop.)
9/21-25: Nifty system developed for representing brick structures/#s in tiny icons.
9/22-ish- Weird decision made to semi-un-sevth Frangles back to a 7^6 structure
9/?? - Squish named his new netbook "Othello".  (Apparently this makes it sentient.)
9/?? - Months-of-debate decision made to write Xangles philosophy nonlinearly. =(
9/??- Chip discovered a Gimp plugin to bulk-shrink images (wallpapers++)
9/?? - Xangles News updated by jet
9/17- created- New Frangles Beta Page 2
9/17- updated- Blorkk Science Theatre: Dark City
9/??- Squish did his 80 hour phonetic thing and averaged "Inception", "The Matrix", and "Dark City" to get a slew of useless parody titles like "The Sixth Duck".

9/14- Insert usual exponentially- worse- by- the- month bulsh excuse rant for not posting for eons> <Delete usual exponentially- worse- by- the- month bulsh excuse rant for not posting for eons> <Insert genuinely complex excuse rant so confusing it will impossible to distinguish it from genuinely acceptable reasoning> <See local krforb drug dealer> <Sniff blink powder> <Post stuff not posted in eons> <Delete necessity of posing confusing september bulsh update to excuse not having posted anything in eons> <Set timer to auto-post things posting tomorrow> <Pre-date bizarre ramblomaniac mdtl rant 2 days early to deceive freers for the 2nd month in a row> <wtf?> <end mdtl>

8/28- It was the first page of the beginning of the beginning of a let-down second chapter of an incompetent lazy fractal nonlinear saga that didn't have much point to begin with. [pscyh, wshat are we, like 72,000 PLP and 68 terabytes of wallpapers?  Yah, you're laughing now, wait 'til we get around to hitting upload, @#$%es, then you'll get it... note we didn't say bad or original or nonexistent saga.  It's just... plain... mot- quite- ready- to- post- just- yet... (maybe.  just wait, you'll find out.  You want proof do ya?  Alright, here's a completely random non sequitur bunch of random screenshots of (at least or at most) a smigen of the junk we're working on, which mot have been contrived for the purposes of declaring we're throwing "random junk" up when really these screenshots are mostly what we've been working on for the past 3 years...psych again, did I just say "psych"?  Again for at hird time now?  That term is so old I don't know why I'm even saying it and GOF know I'm probably not spelling it right... PSYCH I know exactly why I'm doing it, but I'm not going to tell you.  Although I probably still mispelt it.  "Me and Jet" are the best at that, but at least he has an excuse as a middle schooler, while a 31-yo freelance novelist -- vaguely self-declared in vain or not -- doesn't have much of an excuse.  (Then again, I'm not sure where street slang fits in to official vocabulary and
phonetic circles.)


The New Frangles ('TNF')

> c o m i n g    s o o n <?

8/26- Honestly Lazy But Ready to Quit! (tm)
Alright, now, for once in our entire lives as fractal nonlinear [writers / artists / digital arts majors / philosophers / failed philosophers who obtained their masters degree and are still ****ing working at Dunkin Donuts, *literally*, I "shits" you not to use a recently coined jet term], whichever of those any or all or none of us mot or mot not* be, we're going to be, like, I can't type it... guys do I really have to type this?  I know I lost the rock paper flupluple but I really think Squish would be exponentially more comfortab--fine. FINE.  ...We're going to be.. beeb... beebebeb...beeeeeee... **straightforward** with you.  [awww, look at Squish, isn't that cute, he's already weeping he gave up his chance to piss off the mainstream gay community with a series of nauseating puns on the word.]  And not just straightforward, but also be, ..well.. uh...  uhhhHuhH... (I thought it would be easier the second time but it's not)... alllssooo beebebeeeee **honest**!!  <cringe>.  And **down to Earth**!! <hurl>.  And **so on and so forth**!! <eschew a violent death>.

And (<immediately resuming risk of self-inflicted death>) here's what we're being.. beegin... (straightforward) *about*.  We've ebeenee...[guys I'm really suffering here, I'm like seriously in distress now].. delinquent.  And seriously genuinely lazy.  See, we've decided (after much therapy) that we should have been posting more recently (and, gods know, since the dawn of the only known universe once known as Okuaka in an obscure starting brick).  And we have to admit to ourselves (if not to you) that the explanation, "We're working on stuff behind your back, don't worry, it's gonna be great for a few years", has been a bit self- denialishy.  In seriousness, we genuinely mean we're so- and- so busy or have produced this or that when we claim such things, but the self denialishy part is that it makes more than nearly next to no sense to claim that a project as infinitely versatile and vast as Frangles doesn't intrinsically invite the possibility of a constantly updated website no matter what is being worked on.  When we say "we're working on [this or that] structure blueprint" or "we're working on [this or that] reading passage", there's a still perfectly good room for throwing up material on how we're progressing, what's to be expected, what we've learned doing whatever we're doing, and so on.

Obviously, there are times in such a project one might want to sit it out for awhile to work on this or that brick or chapter before posting, but we've decided that our comparison "Just think of a novel where you have to wait two years for the author to finish it" is a bit off the deep end.  Yesss, it's true that Squish has been working on the same half-dozen #@$@#$ing bricks since his brother borowed his netbook to take to Haiti two school semesters ago, snowballing an infinite recursive snowball bulsh of excuses on the matter [see 2/8 update way below and everything up to here] expanding to the size of Okuaka at a regular rate, but we started really really questioning his logic (which we realized reflected the rest of ours, given if 'ours' refers to anyone existent anyway..does Squish's psychosis count as tangiblizing  us into reality?) when he said the other day (in effect, IOHO), "Yah, good news, I can finally start making some progress on /27 and /15when I find a creditor who'll overlook my abyss credit score, cuz I found a netbook online that'll be easy on my eyes, unlike my old netbook, antinque CRT and LCD monitors, and $750 wall projector which never quite did the trick either."  (Note he still owns all four.)  To be fair, though, no one's seen him watch any Hi-Def TV in months, which gives his claim to 14 eye syndromes a little weight, but then makes it a whole lot worse that he's gotten nothing done seeing how now he can't even use the excuse "I watched too much TV this year"!!

Now, to steer away from our undecipherable silliness -- through which it's impossible to tell whether any of us have actually been doing anything lately, as always -- and get back to the theme of being straightforward and honest, we're gonna give ourselves a little grade report.  We'll word it nonhumorously so you know we're being genuine.

@//sq> Hey Orbo, I'm trying to describe all the stuff genuinely going on we're ready to post soon but really, it's too much of a headache to explain because I'm not used to being straightforward with the freers, and it'll all be online soon<-er-or -later- as- always> anyway (knock on frood).  Would you mind putting something right here that'll get everyone to check back in the upcoming weeks?  Cuz honestly, I don't think honesty will even do the trick here.  It'll probably just sound like exponentially more bulsh and cold actually drive people away for all I know.  You're good at the xnet XEO stuff so I figure maybe you can help me out here...  Maybe you can stick this very comment as is into the updates page or something.  Would that look contrived?  Well whatever, if you can't, no biggie, there's always the fall back plan of walking in the other room and copying everything ready to upload onto a flash drive, but you know me... yah anyway just get them to check back (as always).  What's that idiotic catch phrase you calculated so stupid none of us can ever remember it?  Oh, right...  >> "
Check back, check back, check back" << //@
[*The phrase "mot or mot not" is likely a bit more purposely confusing than you might guess, but is still generally used with a precise, particular, premeditated point in mind.  (Not that purposely stabbing you to death with our favorite kitchen knife is gonna matter much to you.)  "Mot" is a fleshed out and very versatile word, essentially meaning either one or a combination of the following: moment, may, may not, might, might not, may or may not.  (Which you mot know already, of course.)  So when we say "mot or mot not", we're (among other things) making fun of the arguable idiocy of the word by ignoring all its complex uses and just using it for "may", which of course serves no purpose because it's just as many letters as "may" which would make more sense to type instead.  Hence the end joke here is that Frangles obsession with linguistics is obsessive enough that we'd be perfectly prone to coining a 1-syllable 3-letter word for another 1-syllable 3-letter word sounding almost exactly like it for no other reason.  Or that Frangles terms aren't meaningful enough to be picked up and used in daily conversation by freers or even friters (i.e. that no one would bother thinking to use "mot" for any purposes other than it's most obvious and memorizable, if that).  It's also a parsing / substitution joke, as the term "mot or mot not" can be literally interpreted as: "may or may not or may or may not not", if not further things if we just keep going with the general recursive joke pattern.  I.e. We often include "mot" and "mot not" (and so on) in the definition of "mot", which mot or mot not make the joke 'mot or mot not' (and friends) a silly meaningless recursive mot-esque mot-be dot bot dot com (etc!).  (But you probably picked up most of all that from the phrase alone.  (Damn you)).

8/20 (ish)**
We're so behind on things (we're pretty sure we never weren't) that we've made the decision to indefinitely table Frangles in favor of elaborating on the impressive progress we've been making on it.  Progress that's so thrilling and astounding it's clearly overpowered our desire to actually post any of it (as usual).  A lot of our daily work is on over all concepts and structures, so you'd see the day to day progress if you were a time traveling hyperdimensional being keeping track of the over all duration of the Frangles project from start to finish.  Since you're probably not -- assuming you're just a standard Earth surfer or a current day Krofflorban bot orb -- then the only way you'd have any type of accurate perception on the true depth and fredth of Frangles is if you believe all our little blants and rurbs that we're actually working that hard (or that we're as astronomically genius and prodigy-esque as we say).  You probably don't, likely largely because we often joke that all that is just bullsh.  So, to solve this problem, we're going to:
A) Stop bulshing* you that our reports on making progress on Frangles are bulsh (because they're not).
B) Begin genuinely bulshing you that we're hard at work on posting material that will demonstrate our genuine and now- known- to- be- non- bullsh progress on Frangles via a plethora of convincing areas and articles elaborating on what we're working on, why it's important to you and everyone you know and to the future of the entire collection of artistic mediums of the human race, why you should care, and why the objective references and reasoning establishing our integrity and dependability we've fabricated for you wouldn't be worth the trouble to lie about.  You already know we're experts at that, so be polite and save us the trouble and autoset your email account to send us "GOOD JOB, GUYS!" about once a month for the next two decades.  Chop it up a bit, though; don't send it on the same date every month.  Professional bullshers can be very good at detecting their own medicine.
C) Let the baffling absurdity of neglecting our front burner mission of convincing you the back burner pot is worth the wait keep your mind off the cold burner truth that we didn't even leave the stove on when we moved out of the apartment.
[* A nameless constantly- phonetically- obsessed friter (Squish) took his standard several hours to condense "BULLSHIT" into "BULSH".  Honestly, I don't know what the hell he's doing that whole time.  I mean he explains why it's so complicated and you sit and nod and it seems to make sense, but then about 5 minutes later sitting on the can (appropriately, at least for anyone mindless enough to automatically recognize weak subliminal toilet humor the moment you come across it) you're like "Whoohwohoa... wait a sec... he really took 2 hours to condense 'BULLSHIT' into 'BULSH'..it's so ridiculous that I can't imagine what he said to me to get me to smile and nod."  He says he'll post all his methods sooner or later, so at least you'll get a personal experience in the matter.  Frankly, I think all his phonetic bullshit is.. well.. exactly that!]
[** Sometimes we write an update but don't get around to posting it for several days (or even longer <hide>), something we've done a lot recently.  Hence if you check this page and find a message dated from before you checked it last, don't freak out!  We're not trying to fool with the space time continuum (although we try to do that as well whenever possible as you probably know)... we're just trying to give a good general date that reflects the dates the news blurb was thought about, started, procrastinated, completed, further put off, then finally posted.  Oh, and then there's uploading the updated updates page to the web.  There are probably a dozen more steps in between we could make up but honestly we're too tired to bother at the moment.  And when I say we, I mean I, because -- FYI -- obviously we don't all sit at the computer and type on the same keyboard.  But you probably guessed that (surprise!!)]

8/14-- i'm back from the dead, muth23743!! (that was a joke, see they tell me to type in all lowercase, as if you're gonna go "oh, it must be a little kid typing that because kids aren't taught where the CAPS LOCK (ha!!! look at that!!! eat that!!  it's my very first on frangles. now they can film "DON'T DO THAT ON FRANGLES" (look, again!)) key is until 3rd year college, so I made fun of the fact that i can't swear (cuz i'm a kid) because frangles swears use the symbols over the numbers on the keyboard and i guess i can't reach that high, and still since i'm not allowed to press SHIFT, i made fun that i can't even sudoswear so i have to type numbers.  anyyyway.  gettin' kinda stupid around here.  their like 'jet (or maybe my real name i'll let you guess if i have one), why the !@#$ haven't you been doing frupdates this month,' and i'm like 'well, b/c you said to do the july frupdates.' and they're like 'yaaah, idiot, but we meant *keep going* after that.' and i'm like, well, you didn't say that.  and they said it was implied.  so, here's your final extra official note that it's been fun but i'm moving on to less boring frangles tasks (like making fun of the stories and pictures and everything else).  it's my 1 day notice squish and kyle can update this page if they want after this, bpblblbpblb to them =P  @oh, and just to be mean, i'm letting you in a secret that they said backdate this update to the 14th even though it's like way later than that so-- 'at least people don't think we go more than a half a month without posting updates' (about why stuff never gerts posted angryway so i don't see the point much in doing it at all.  but it's really later than that but i won't tell you i've already ratsassed pbblbl some more oh no not a joke about orbo nevermind i don't have anything funny after that today. <<YOUR FRANGLE HERE>> (i made that up aren't it swell so long world of frupdate freers)..i think i missed like 30 closing parentheses brackets but i'm too lazy to go back so here
are some that should do if you want them..\\]]})}\\!!

7/31- annnd SO!.. the end is NEAR!... and so i FEAR! ...my final FRUP--DATE! myyy FRWOAS! i'll frite them CLEAR! i'm only 12! and yet still i know enuf that u should use 'clearly' in that connnnTEXT! (unlike whoever wrote the song i shouldn't even know because i'm only12 but annnyfray)! and NOW! i've lost the FRHYTHM! so-i-can't SFREEZE! in what i wanted to saaay heeeere (tho i really didnt because if u delete the parthensees my parody lines up isomorphicaly with the original).....and SO...... just so you KNOW..... (see we're still in sync just ignore these things) i did the monthly updates this month MMMMYYYYYYY... FRWOAY!!! ((i fused frangles frwoa and way aren't i just the smartest retarded gradeschool frintern like ever.))!

7/30 - a first and final penultimate poem by jet
spirwoaling deeper and depper and dr. pepper
into the fires of unreferenceable mordor vertices of doom,
lies poor, poor dr. jet pepper
who tried so harrrd.. and got so farrrr..
but in the ennnd..it doesn't ever mahhtterr..
he had to frall.... to frite it allll..
but in the frennd.. it didn't even mahhtah'ah'ahHH!!NO not another joke about orbo's gramatical vapo rub ray!
..in the fruse lawsuit of frangles vs lincoln park ("lincoln!" get it?? it's like retrded to spell linkin park "lincoln" bc it shows u dont like em normally, but i reversed it up because i''dd mite mizpelllg "lincoln" anyway...lol)

7/22 - ohhhhhK sooo apparently "shit" is always spelt "shit" and "shits" isnt a word like ive been saying. its like reelly reely reely plethorably pothetic i guess cuz if i know words like "plethorably" what are the chances i cant spell "shit"! i mean what kind of nonk life would ih ave to have (nonk = "nun monk" i think that's a great one mayb e ill add it to the terms after this if ur lucky and it only took me 3 seconds not like squishs three hours to come up with the same stupid thing) if i havn't heard the word "shit" enough times in my life to know not to say "shits". more decepsion i swear i shits you not.

7/20 - ok so i defly have to admit that i've been sucked into the frangles vortex of procrastetion, because i was in charge of updates this month and it appears i've gone about two weeks or something since i updated myself into the index page. maybe i'm narcicistic and all i ever wanted was fame via (i normally wouldn't know the word 'via' but i heard kyle use it recently;or maybe i knew it, remember what i said about tricking you and everything which is really hard cuz whoever i am i hate lying to ppl..unless i'm lying about lying to you i guess that's a paradox but onward to wherever i left off..where was it) doing frangles shits for squish and kyle, and now that i got it (took it?lol), i guess i don't care anymore..or maybe the guilt just got to me..BUT!! here's what's going on (unless it's more deceppshuun if i'm actually that bad a spell bee probably not)

1. things are being procrastineted

2. more things are being procrastineted

3. put here some fight club joke yes i actionally watched a violent movie imagine that though i thought it was kind of gay and by gay i mean happy like squish i guess either applies..

4. rafkin is absolutely bursting with frillions and frillions of desktop backgrounds (that he's forced him to render via squish's nazi slavery) that will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever
ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever be put up b/c everyones a lazyshits ooops oh nooo not another joke about orbo vaporizing me for swearing on frangles

5. squish is doing his selfgenius thing and making more stuff that's soooo expenentially more badass than everything that's already selfgenius that that's more stuff you'll never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever see... i think he's made nucleus weapontry out of a free fractal genorator or something by now or i wouldn't be surprised if he did..yah imagine that's not *all* sarcasm i mean squish could really do shits like that i wouldn't be surprised. what i make fun of is the fact that he's so lazy that even if he got nucleus from a blobby fractal equasion he'd prolly accidentilly delete the file, every bakup of it, forget about it anyway, and then any paper he printed the nucleus power blueprints out would like spontanaously go boom. (i know the word 'combost' but like i said in my fame rant they tell me to spell everything wrong. its actually a great esxshuuse because i never hav to spgelll chgeeck anything).

6. for REAL now!  we've advanced / formalised frangles fonetic techniques for combining words. basically it means squish and kyle just sit there and write random words using the letters of the words they want to combine for three hours then just take the first and last sylabloe anyway.  like monday i actually watched squish sit for 3 hours and scribble things like "sleef" and "speef" and "beef" and "speeahep" and "shleoop" and "shooooeying!" and "somebody shoot me now i'm a shmuck" trying to average the words "sleep" and "speed" until he had like 10 pages of that shits, then he goes oh! why don't i just take "sp" from speed and "eep" from sleep and make "SPEEP". it's great i'm real happy tho that the time was well spent cutting out the 5999 other possibilities. ok no really, it's kinda cool, they have a cool fonix system and everything they'll post someday..oh wait never ever ever ever!

7. chip is gettin dizzy figurin what language to keep writing frangles software in. fortunatly it doesn't matter a damn bit because you'll never ever ever ever ever see it. or maybe we'll just say we wrote it and get you to think that all this genius writing comes out of our computers now to help you get the idea we keep busy..doesn't make sense but that's what fFrangles is all about.  oh yah, and i think 'frangles' looks kewl spelled "fFrankes" but that's just my useless contribution to this place.  i never should have majored in "franglish" they don't pay me shits around here.

8. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (like it ****ing matters)... captain kirby will now be called "CAPTAIN KEFFRIK", but maybe spelt somethin else like "kefrick" or "heffric" etc.. more stuff to JUSTIFY (that's a justen timberlack album or maybe it was jesus macrtney song i forget) squihs's 74749999 hours of shits work scribblin total junk shits on his paper all day like he isn't otistic enuf ohhh no not another joke about swearin so much that orbo can't figure out how to ok i can't get very deep into parcing these things you can just pretend somebody more with it put a good runon joke her.

9. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 2!: the siff character that'll be like the young teenage protagnist parody like luke skywalker or han solo will be named "KERN". yeeett more fonetic shits that (ohhh no not i give up) took squish like 82457435 years to come up with. no really it's kinda cool what he did but it's too complex for me to explain hell have to do it when i loose my job fruplupling.

10. "frupluple" is an official fFrangles term as of about 11 words ago if you count "10." as a word because by now if i dont have the power to coin a f**king word (onnajaauaalol) they better shoot me now and be done with it because im shit shick of this shticks!

11. 13.27/ will be about 40 real life pages when done; thats something i think squish will actually finish this year but dont take *my* word for it.. READING RAINBOW! (ok now thats a big clue to throw you off that thers no way i cold know that show if im a *real* little kid but maybe im lying youll never know..now is that "real" or "really" it matters go figure it out i'm done here)

7/6 - i have added mesefl narcisistally to the xangles glossary (search for jet/), which i'm told to always tell you over and over that you can get to with the quick addy (xangles.com / i) so if you read it enough you'll believe it. apparently once isnt enough they think ur all retarded or something or maybe they don't think anyone will read their stuff more than once i mean i wouldnt but then again im not me.

7/5 - buzybuzybuzy.. gots no time for jokes (was that one? was that one? was that one? wheeee frangles is stupid dumbass i don't give a ratsass sorry ok back to work now -a poem by jet), BUT!! we're up to stuff.. squish is doin frangles shit..chip is doing programs shit..rafkin's doin wallpapers (who's just squish's computer by the way he likes to seem like its a sentient being or something)..i'm doin this update (i'm jet by the way if you didn't get the joke ''-a poem by jet'' but you probably didn't since that's deep frangles humor and nobody reads frangles as squish reminds everybody can you tell i'm ratting on squish by making fun of his long "parenthetical" rants or do i think i'm as ramblingimetic as he is? heu it takes a lot of work to violate good english like this not all of us are born with squish's ellituurassy.  i mean at least squish is out of college he doesn't have to tkae superenglish 909 but i'm not even there yet so i have to practice).. the kyle kirbys aren't doing *anything* because one's fictional and the r/l one is out of the contry..  sorry theres like fifty other things i'm forgetting - like all the details - but fuck it i need to get up early tomorrow. is that enough?  email me if that wasn't enough.  my emails my name, then an (aaatttttt), then frangles.com (current day earth bots suck). no one reads this page anyway pbblbb:-P

7/4 - happy fourth everybuudy (everybody.. everybodeeedoh... everybody... everybodeeedoh... oh except everyone who's not a US citizen... or is it mexico and canada too?  do they celebrate the fourth of july?  can you believe i'm actually serious?  guess you can guess wgat i do all day long in history... (its not masterbation trust me ohhh nooo not an overused joke about orbo coming to zap me to bits b/c i swore on frangles..no really, if *I* dont care if the site's kiddyass friendly what the hell are all you going to care. i mean you have to be like a 42yo doctor just to calculate the stupidity of the site who else would bother ohhh hno not another overused joke about orbo blowing up the universe because someone said "42".. this site's just a h/h rip off anyway and you all know it i sure do).pb:P

6/17 - Xangles News updated for the first time in like 17 billion months.

6/15 - Frangles Mobile
We're moving forward with the whole mobile thing, which is kind of a no brainer, seeing how Frangles can only be read on electronic devices (at least nonlinearly), and a small hand held device is a hell of a lot closer to a hand held novel than staring at your monitor.  I.e. this isn't just an adaptation to make Frangles available for the newest fad, this is what Frangles is specifically designed  for!  Part of writing Frangles has been the anticipation of when we'll be able to adapt it the way it's meant to be read: in the form of a hand held novel that you can surf digitally, because this is required for nonlinear fiction.  But maybe it was kind of a brain fart, but we didn't really think that that initial market was already out there.  Anyway, for many reasons, we're tabling the "lite" version indefinitely (re-writing Frangles to be more concise), and are just going to put up the reading material as is.  The format is going to stay as basic as fathomably possible, because after all, Frangles is just text, so it can be adapted easily to any device that can surf the internet or display html files.  Devices seem to get bigger and bigger and smaller and smaller, and who the hell knows what's going to be out next year, so we're going to keep the html incredibly simple.  The pages will look something like this (horizontal lines separating pages)...

Frangles Flutonia -- 13.1 Page Map
Skip Square One
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Frangles Zeroa -- 77.7 Page Map
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

13-111   <  ^  v  >   map   indx   home    Page  1 2 3

It was the fourth word of the first sentence of a useless run-on and pointless- to- read- parody of the very first Writer's Bricks page ever written for mobile purposes.  No freer had any recolection of that original brick, because no freers existed -- or ever did.  Hence Skip -- Frangles' second main protagonist -- decided to re-write this very brick so that it would be more entertaining to read and less improvised and ramblomatic, given you've probably deduced by now that this is just being typed quickly and weakly for the purposes of this updates page without regard to the care any freer might have of it not being a masterpiece work of art.  Of course, Skip didn't have a time machine, so he couldn't have re-written this brick after it would not have had had been written or something like that, barring a phonetically galactic explosion of grammar supernova that would make "would not have had had been written" gramatically in the ball park of allowable.  Hence, Skip, our main protagonist -- of whom which of who hasn't been said much, which you wouldn't know from reading this pointless and now rhetorically gramatically violatory run-on brick typed mainly to avoid redundancy -- announced, "What a horrible first page mobile draft!  I shall dedicate my life to revising and polishing it.  Here we go!"   <<  ?  >>

13-136   <  ^  v  >    map   indx  home     Page  1 2 3 4 5 6

Welcome to a second random Frangles mobile brick supplementing the one above, both written haphazardly and non-polishedly for this updates page, hence please forgive the lack of comedic humor in the prose that follows.  If you're reading this for the first time, please extinguish yourself from the bookstore as this is an impossibility given it was never written for the first time, or any other time for that matter.  If you're reading this for the second time, please note that deja vu is a foundational theme in Writer's Bricks, so you're all good to go.  If you're reading this for your Xth time whereas X is greater than 1 or 2, please cease reading immediatly before you get to 3 and begin being in the ballpark of plagiarizing the holy hand grenade skit by Monty Python.

Thank you for shopping Starbooks.  Please return soon when a better brick is written.  
  <<  ?  >>

6/14 - Structure
Notice chapter 13-27/ has the new navigation format we announced awhile back (i.e. how you click forward and back and so on to read the story).  You can now go forward or back a page/brick (normal linear reading), or you can skip 7 of them to go to the same page/brick of the previous or next chapter.  This is one of the simplest possible next steps in story navigation, so hopefully you can get used to it before we start adding in triple factorial X-espresso formularity calulatory permutation navigation!  (Just remember you can always just hit "next" and "back" if you ever get dizzy or have already decided from the beginning not to expose yourself to that nauseating vertigo!)

6/14 - Reading Material
You may have noticed awhile back we took down a chapter of Writer's Bricks nova 2 we'd posted.  This was posted as 13-2x/*, with the following bricks (keep in mind that "/" means "all pages of the former", so frook "13/" signifies pages {13-111, 13-112, 13-113, ...13-777}, not to be confused with the 'x' wildcard explained below).


Recall we use the letter 'x' usually to refer to a "wildcard" page, such as unknown, undecided, indeterminate, generalized, or ambiguous page**.  I.e. this was a chapter was going to be one of the 7 chapters of WB nova 2, but it wasn't decided which one.  We've done some work fleshing out the structure of nova 2 and determined the chapter in general will function as chapter 7 (the last in the nova, and the 14th in Writer's Bricks).  We try hard not to polish and post prematurely, so if we have something semi-polished but don't know where it will fit in, we'd rather tell you what's going on than not post something new / relevant / interesting or throw it in randomly to conufse you later.  Of course, this way of doing things can itself be confusing, but only due to a lack of getting accostomed to our particular methods of posting stuff, not anything intrinsically frustrating about our posting technique.  Keep in mind that fractal nonlinear fiction (as we've described it) is a veeewy veeeewy different type of story format, and if anything we do ever confuses you for any reason, be assured we almost certainly already took your nobel hit of frustration into account as a necessary sacrifice to the fleshing out of Frangles! :)
           Anyyyyway, the chapter has been re-hashed somewhat.  the bulk of it has sort of been squished down into the beginning of it, and the middle to end has been left open for some fresh writing you haven't read yet, though the ending is the same general idea as it was before.  (The chapter ended with Starbucks closing, which of course suggested the chapter would be the last anyway, but since we weren't sure, we left it up in the air.^)  But obviously if something is taken down, re-hashed, and put back up, it's almost always worth re-reading anyway to refresh yourself with it and see how it fits into its new place (especially here since this is the first significant material we've removed after posting and re-hashed to be put back up).  Also always keep in mind that a good chunk of the work we do in general -- whether 10% or 50% or 90%, case to case -- is on Frangles' structure and how that prose fits into a large scheme, whether that of a chapter, nova, frook, or larger frwoa.  So if you read the new chapter and find yourself saying, "what in the flying hell is the difference!", keep in mind that even cutting and pasting the exact same material from and into different bricks can itself be a small nightmare if we're having trouble fitting a chapter written by itself into a larger scheme.
           For instance, the first 5 chapters of the Kyle Kirby book posted were written in a completely standard way with no modularity involved, so it's becoming difficult (and somewhat painful) to chop the story up into little modular fragments that partially diminish the over all flow.  Obviously nonlinear fiction has its downsides!  But we think the biggest plus right now is that it's something new that no one's really done before that we know of save the old children's series Choose Your Own Adventure.  Of course, this is largely due to the fact that even the most basic nonlinear fiction (such as Choose Your Own Adventure) is difficult to fit into a printed linear novel, never mind the higher complexity of Frangles which is next to impossible to market in linear prose (short of buying 343 short books and reading a few pages of each to get the story you want, etc.)
           So you can read whatever's posted of 13-27/ and hopefully more will pop up real soon.  We just ask a little patience/leeway (as alllways, with eevvverything) that the chapter is still a work in progress, just like Writer's Bricks and all of Frangles.  We've said it before and will say it until the very day Frangles is finished and it's not true, all of Frangles is always and forever will be a draft.
* The chapter was posted before we "sevthed" Frangles over all planned structure, hence the chapter was originally 131-2x/ but we've removed the third digit for consistency with the structure to date.
** The exact, delicate precision of distinction between these functions of our "x" wildcard are very tricky, and even to the extent that we've fleshed the fine lines out, are still difficult to present to you.  Make one clear distinction, though.  One of the key purposes of the wildcard is to refer to a digit that we're going to decide later but officially haven't yet, because we're not sure or just don't know at all.  Another very different purpose of such an omission is for generalized material, that is, material that sums up a larger body of material in a small space.  For instance, perhaps we could sum up "Skip Square One" (Nova 13.1/) by constructing a generalized chapter where Skip  arrives by train to Square One for one visit, has a cheesecake-dense "adventure" with all the generals / themes / morals that Skip goes through as we've fleshed that journey out currently (across all 49 bricks of the 7 chapter nova), and  gets back on the train at the end of the chapter for the first and last time; i.e. his one single trip to Square One has completed.  This would be a very different thing than specifically writing chapter 13-14/ as it's posted now and calling it "13-1x", i.e. a chapter in which Skip has some Earth-like experience and interacts with Kyle/Kilo, etc.  This would imply Skip would interact with the other Ages as well (another 6 chapters), rather than that the entire nova should be about Earth.  More and more precise systems could be developed to distinguish between these types of ambiguities, but we think we have enough for now, which includes a very clear distinction between an 'x' and a '/' as described here.  But look out for other similar characters we might experiment with in some way or another, such as 2_1, 2*1, 2#1, etc.
^Actually, we did decide to make the first chapter of nova 2 for a time -- hence you might have noticed the first 2 bricks of nova 2 were posted; 271 was an introduction: Skip waking up in a comfy Starbooks chair, and 272 was the original "13-2x1", i.e. we intended to squish the wildcard chapter into the last 6 bricks of 13.21/, but later decided to go back to the original idea of having this wildcard chapter be the last chapter in 13.2/.  As Frangles bends back around on itself in strange ways, sometimes it can be fuzzy whether to use a given passage or idea as a beginning or end, or as a beginning to a middle to an end of oh now I'm getting dizzy Orbo where are my dizzy pills?  No, not the viagra, the dizzy pills.)

6/8 - Imagery
       We just can't express how nondilegent and
inactive we've been in our fractal imagery, especially since there are 3 dinky wallpapers on the main frangles wallpaper page.  This is due to the fact that all our various sagas (or ones we associate with) cross over enormously, and it's next to impossible to keep multiple versions of every page / section / etc on every domain page that's akin to others'.  E.g. wallpapers are mainly posted on Xangles, whereas news updates are mainly posted here.  We create a whole slew of random fractal imagery, and Frangles and Blorkk are only two artistic styles, so the general melting pot for everything is on Xangles.  (Frangles and Blorkk are Xangles sagas; or from an unpopular angle, Blorkk and Xangles are Frangles sagas).
        Anyway, as we've said, we posted a whole page of about 45 1440x900 wallpapers just to show that we'd been doing a lot to give you some of the basics, and now with a new bot orb named "Rafkin" dedicated to our cause--or reprogrammed to be dedicated against his will, or something like that--we've been producing quite a bit more.  Jep--a name you've never heard here, if only because the frwoa static surrounding the name gives us all massive migraines--has begun a stock photography page that you may visit (and throw money at, if you wish).  This is a place you can go if you want to purchase Xangles / Frangles artwork for professional use.  If that's you, read about the basic and extended licensing agreements, and purchase one if you wish.  We absolutely positively only recmmonded purchasing the original (highest) resolution, because the others are shrunk to strange resolutions by the system and their detail will be horribly decreased, even for a smaller file.  We'll go over all our traumatic psychological issues regarding lossy file formats and the degredation of nerd pride another time, but suffice to say, the world of visual art is not built for fractal photographers!
         For the mot we'll say that Jep's artwork mot be associated in part or in full with Frangles*; perhaps he's a full-payed friter ("paid"... hahaahahha!) and the artwork on this page is all in the exact same boiling pot as the wallpaper imagery on Xangles, Frangles, and Blorkk.  Or perhaps Jep creates artwork for Frangles but has his own stuff, too (you can see that some of the images are posted on Xangles as wallpapers).  We will definitely say that Squish and Jep are currently the most active friters (or "frawers".. Frangles draweers?  Ughgh I give up), and that Squish does more story writing and Jep does more fractal artwork.  But you can go work out their fuzzily fleshed out connection to Frangles and to each other yourself, because refraining from doing so ourselves gives us invaluable leeway in deniability if it turns out either ever becomes a Microsoft employee, licensing agent, or serial killer.  Just keep in mind that all the evidence out there mot or mot not be full of half-truths!  (We will tell you that you can get a few hints by watching the films: Serendipity, Brothers, Dude Where's My Car, Fight Club, Donnie Darko, and/or Cube 2.)
[* Note the duality of using "mot" twice in the same sentence for different purpose.  First we use it as in the meaning "moment", where "mot" is a phonetic condensation of the word, which largely means a moment as we usually use the word, but of course, as a Frangles term, it also has a more specified meaning, that you can pick up the more you read and the more we (and Frangles characters) use the term.  Second, it has the meaning we use more often than mot than "moment": the conjuction/disjunction of the terms: may / may not / may or may not / etc.]

Here's a bit of evidence we haven't been bullshitting you about not getting anything done around here.  In our quest for new distractions, Squish suggested we drop everything now we're doing and re-write the junk we already have in the form of a mobile saga.  The idea is that every brick (page) would be short and easy to read, so a mobile freer could actually get some plot in sitting on the can at the mall, rather than read 80 PLP of unscrollable shit, because in that case the activities would be just plain redundant (or worse, infringing each other's frwoa copyrights).  The one problem with the idea is that technologies advance (or degrade) very quickly, whereas a page of a novel has been around for eons.  So we figure it would work to just generalize a less heavy version of Frangles that would be adaptable to many scenarios, rather than just a mobile cell phone or iPhonePadBook or whatever the hell Apple is selling these days.
          Soon handheld devices will advance to be the size of France, and netbooks will shrink until they can display terabytes of pixels on a nanonic level that no one but a few quarks will actually care about.  So, having a generalized "lite" version of Frangles could be adaptable to any scenario in which reading whole books per brick is unpractical (like our prototype fassionable digital wrist-ware currently called "frwoatch").  Here's an example page of what a "lite" version of brick 13.111 might look like (or cell 131 we call them, as "cell" can refer to mobile phones as well as biological cells (being something small as well as modular).

Frangles Lite CELL  13.111
It was just before the very first line of the very first page of the very first Frangles Lite story, and Skip the freelance frwoa writer was already fearing the horrific trauma of reliving his entire life as a mobile character.  The dizzying complexities of having amnesia vu in a world twice as bizarre as Frangles was bad enough, but the idea of being digitally whizzed through the air, constantly materializing and vaporizing on handheld devices, was already giving him a headache.  What if his freer wandered into an area with no cell coverage?  What if a Verizon tower went down and deleted one of the red coverage dots from the frwoa ads?  All in all it was far too much complexity for Skip's measly freelance friter's brain to handle.

         The worst part was that his whole situation more or less plagierazed the end of the old Ninento game Metroid where Samus strips off his uniform to reveal that he was not at all a man, but a woman the entire time.  Skip was undividedly postive he would not appreciate discovering he was a woman, or anything else unexpected.  Like an ugly Marshian.  Or a pimp.  Or a cow on its way to the slaughterhouse.  Or worst of all (though not far from any of the former), a newly signed contracted novelist.
         It was a horrid situation indeed, but at least there was the hope that the second time around, his friter would have a nostalgic pre-post traumatic seizure after the first cell and give up friting forever.  Then the entire microcosm mobile saga would be by default banished forever into the unspoken oblivion of unpickupable signals.
         Skip wasn't placing any bets.

6/1 - Minor/trivial glossary updates/additions to Index of Terms: Glorg, Frank, Blast, Kilo, Koby, Kyle, Fluto,  Rafkin, id, flulitzer, Square One, Starbooks, Freckler, Toad, DAC, Office B.  (Currently all Frangles terms are only located in the main Xangles glossary.  You can access the glossary easily whenever you need with the shortcut URL:  <xangles.com / i>.

6/1 - Just to deepen the bizarre complexity of our ongoing mock prank to scrap Frangles, we've posted a new brick.  (....somewhere).  Only your certain masochistic desires inflamed by 2 months of nonupdates* can now counsel you on whether to waste your time looking for it.
[* Seriously for a rare minute, keep in mind that when we make fun of a long period without updates such as the past two months (the longest Frangles has gone without an update since its launching), we're in part making light of the idea that the site should be updated regularly.  Remember that the process of writing Frangles has in much in common with that of writing standard linear novels, as it does with a weekly comic strip with a new joke every week.  We will sometimes post bricks frequently if we happen to write any that are solid enough to fit in without screwing you up if they're revised, and sometimes we'll be writing Frangles as a standard novelist would brainstorm, draft, revise and polish a manuscript before officially publishing.  Of course, to be fair, in some ways not posting for longer periods of time shows laziness or nonproductivity.  But, since you have absolutely nnooo way of telling the difference when nothing's being posted--during which time we can always figure out how to post enough to make you think we were actually working during that time--you'll just never know, now, will, you?  Oh, btw, here's the brick you were looking for as a reward for reading this whole freaking run on comment (or for being clever enough to jump to the end to see if there was anything interesting here... or of course we could keep going...nahh)]

5/31 - APRIL / MAY Summary Of Things We've Promised We've Been Doing Without Following Through With Any Of It and/or Things We've Actually Been Doing and/or Things We Will be Posting Like Really Really (Relatively) Soon (I.e. Sooner Than Another 2* Months)--  [We haven't yet posted anything new we've (not) been working on; the links are just to take you to relevant posted material, i.e. the pages that mot (i.e. "not") be updated when we polish stuff to add.]
PROSE--- General work: 13.1(53-77)  13.2/  13.27/  13.7/
 More specifically worked on, fully drafted, or done (not a full list)--
13.153   13.154   13.155   13.156   13.161   13.171   13.174   13.177  
FRACTAL IMAGERY--- Like frillions of plethoras (slight egg) of professional-ish-y fractal images, wallpapers, backgrounds, textures, etc, plus a decent deal of work exploring online stock photography (selling licenses to artwork, etc) so that we can make money and have more time writing--err, selling out Frangles by integrating pricey licensing marketing into the very stories themselves.
FORMAttInG-- New reading templates of traversing the bricks, given the methods of reading Frangles are going to keep growing in number as more material is written.  I.e. right now with Writer's Bricks you can go back or forward a page, allowing you to read linearly easily.  But many, many other ways to surf (frurf?) Frangles could be integrated with the prose.  Those methods have a potential to become very confusing, so a lot of time is needed to make surf links clear, easy, and graphically elegant.
SOFTWARE-- Getting chip off his lazy butt to work on some site management software in C# or Perl so we can actually implement the formatting changes without manually re-copying every single stinking brick (html page) into the new template.  (Not to mention getting going on all the other software we're going to need as soon as it becomes imperative enough to actually motivate him to write it.)
MATH-- Chip spent a little time figuring an easy method to to add and subtract numbers in "0-free base 7" (that we eventually plan to post), meaning base 7 except with digits 1 to 7 rather than 0 to 6.  (A friter who actually finished a full chapter got confused when they tried to count past 7 on their fingers and realized they had too many of them.)  If that doesn't make sense, spend more time at MIT.edu.
STRUCTURE-- Writing prose kind of rhetorically implies working on the structure that binds that prose (especially given a range of pages such as "13.1(53-77)" above)--not to mention not much in Frangles can be done without thinking about the structure binding it in general--but we thought we'd list it as something we've been working on on the chance you're not even reading this bluff paragraph and are assuming it just says at least vaguely specific or relevant that would be worth reading if you'd been that bored.

WEBSITE-- Deciding on the best image formats to use (between bitmap, jpeg, tiff, & png) and where/when to use each; exploring whether the main page should stay puke banana yellow or actually involve more than a small low-rez fractal and plugs to other nonexistent stuff; vaguely considering the idea of purchasing a book or two and learning something more about html than clicking bold, italic, or underline; discussing when/whether to spend the time adapting Frangles for mobile phones; other misc (bullshit) stuff.

To further our measly defense at being semi-productive, please note there are now an estimated 868 PLP (paperback lengthed prose pages) of Frangles reading prose written.  This would be inconsequential given it's not a whole lot higher than the last time we reported a page count, but it should be long enough since the last report for any general number above 50 to sound impressive.

It's just about to have been precisely 2* months since our April Fools announcement that the entire Frangles project was being scrapped and nothing new would ever be posted.  Then, for better or for worse, you saw through our potentially- genius- and- medium- surpassing- 4th- wall- breaking- but- secretly- just- plain- !@#$ing- lazy- ass joke of following through with it for 2* weeks by letting the site be and not even posting an update.  Now, to date, though we did manage to trick a scant few of you for a scant period of time, you've clearly seen through the [blah blah hyphenated long run on gramatically incorrect phrase that's just too confusing to type at the moment] joke of continuing to follow through for an entire 2* months even after we'd "admitted" that the 2-week joke had been a lousy cover up for nonproductivity (or so you think).  Of course, we didn't continue to claim the project was being scrapped; our intention was to imbed the subtly of the joke that effectively the project was not continuing sans a few sporadic updates sustening the illusion that it was ongoing.  But by now you've surely sick of any manifestation--verbal, gramatical, or medium- surpassing- whatever--we planned, achieved, or are comitted to from here on--including but not limited to the gramatically convoluted run-on paragraph you're now reading, and to the unfinished sentence that's about to end here.  And since--grammar whuwu... pickle frangle oh dear I think my brain's fried@#3. . #$@3...
* Why do we use numbers so much instead of spelling out the words, such as "2" instead of "two" here?  In standard literature and prose, there are many different opinions on when and where to spell numbers and when and where to use numerical digits.  (One friter remembers a quote in a high school English class from one writer or editor who said, "never!").  Spelling out {one, two, three, four, five, six, seven...} seems a general no brainer for all standard prose--and hence using numerical digits for extremely large or convoluted numbers such as {2401, 16,807, 3.14159E-188} seems intuitively prudent--but here we even use a digit for the number 2.  Is there any good reason?  Yes, no?  (We'd tell you but either we're too lazy and/or busy to tell you, and/or just plain don't have a damn clue ourselves.  (Actually we've told you before.  So if you're clever enough, you can tediously read through 100+ PLP of self-redundant Frangles updates to find the answer.  (That is, if you trust us to have ever told you the truth anyway...  Orbo, Are we still in a 3ple (i.e. "triple", now "quadruple" (or rather, "4druple"--er, sorry, "5tuple" now))))) parentheti--oh, ok, nevermind.

Some things we've been seriously up to, listed real quick since we're too busy (bullshitting) being busy on them to elaborate (or to actually post any of it)--
1. Reading material
2. Fractal imagery
3. General stuff
Z. Anything else you can think of that Frangles involves.*
[* - Note that we're using "Z" here to represent the last item in this list, hence there's a multi-level joke here if you take into account that hard core freers and/or light or newbie freers could be reading it.  Firstly, there's the joke that would be conveyed if this last line was "4" and not "Z", implying we're doing so little that we can't even think up a longer list than a few general things (or perhaps that we're up to so much that we don't have time to present a longer or detailed list).  2ndly, as is, the "Z" could imply a very long (or perhaps infinitely long) list, meaning we're up to so much we don't have time to list everything, and are even working on everything not *on* the list.  (Or perhaps, that we're doing so little that we feel the need to convince you we're acutally working by typing out a long list, yet are so lazy we're not even bothering to type *that*.)  A major aspect of [@fractal\] nonlinearity is being able to start at the end and work backward.
              Indeed, this applies to every single reading order of pages in which you read a higher numbered brick before a lower numbered one, at least from the frangle that Frangles in its purest form is a verrrrry long frwoa progressing from page 11.111 to page 77.777, i.e. the frwoa "Frangles 1/".  But where an item in a list (i.e. a page of a book) begins at the integer 1 and increases consecutively toward a last item but the number of pages isn't known, it's difficult to numerically refer to the last page and pages just before it (or around it).  It may seem a bit strange (most/many of our ideas are of course unorthodox), but there's really no way to do this without using a reference system and a variable, such as {page Z, page Z-1, page Z-2, page Z-3,...}, etc.  Hence if Frangles didn't have a solid 7^5 planned structure, it would require a lot of strange complexities to number one brick in reference to another one (such as ZZ.ZZZ,  ZZ.ZZ(Z-1),  ZZ.ZZ(Z-2),  etc, for the page ordering for reading Frangles backwards from the last to the first page... so if Z(Z-3).Z/ was--wait, now I'm getting tired... or maybe Orbo just forgot to shut off the narcoleptozon before hezzzZZzzzzzZZZzzzZzz...]

What?..oh, hello, is it time for the daily Frangles update already?  What do you mean
"monthly"?  This page is updated daily; there must be a temporal magnitude discrepency...ah yes, there it is!  Last news update, 4/16... we can explain this.  Really.  In fact, we already have, and do so ad nausem...  Sans total legal protection from purgury just in case we're lying, we'll tell you almost definitely certainly that we've been quite busy@(-ish|-esque)\ behind your backs and just haven't polished much for "publication" recently.
          Seriously, humor aside (this is really hard for us so this must be important), keep strongly in mind that Frangles as is can only be published digitally.  That's an alien concept to the official publishing world, since possibly every other book you've ever read is written and read from page 1 to the last and hence can be published in a beginning- to- end novel.  Frangles requires the ability of the reader or the computer to read or display pages in unorthodox orderings, which would be awkward or tedious for smaller areas (Writers' Bricks) and just plain ridiculous for larger structures for which you'd have to purchase dozens or hundreds of paperback novel equivalents just to read seven pages of each (etc).  Hence, since there's no official digital nonlinear publishing community, we consider publication to be the equivalent of posting material here.  So, given books are generally drafted and revised and polished before publication, please allow us good lattitude for this or that period in between written material.  We'll always keep you up to date on what's being worked on, though, and how things are coming, whether or not we've posted in awhile.  (At least for stuff we're not secretly hiding to surprise you with some day -- "Surprise!  Here's the last 5 frooks!")
Of late we've been chirping away at the next couple chapters of Writer's Bricks (Chapters 13.1(5>7)), and we should have some more posted material soon.  Writer's Bricks in particular has been at about half-speed (getting a bit faster now), because we've spent a lot of time lately on the Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk wallpapers.  Squish enslaved a brand new bot orb ("Rafkin") who can dish out fractals about 6 times faster than his home 3 computers combined.  (Rafkin computes fractals at 28 Gmeps/s vs. 4.5 Gmep/s, where "Gmeps" standards for "gigameps" which is a measuring unit for fractal data rendering speed Squish pulled out of his ass this month with a dozen scribbly notebooks of jibberish calculations to show for it).  Anyway, he's been quite busy giving Rafkin things to do so he doesn't have anything to be busy about, but he's definitely helped us procrastinate Writer's Bricks a lot lately, because frankly we can't quite figure out how to upload Rafkin a plug in for "nonlinear fiction" writing.  Otherwise we could retire.

Check back, check back, check back. (tm)

It's come to our attention that our lynching by the end of the year due to our 2-week nonproductivity could be significantly delayed if we actually told you what the hell has been going on.  Firstly, let us remind you that we've clearly notified you that Frangles is a sporadic project that even when we're working full time on it mot be updated regularly, as writing material that it would be premature to post is always above our list on posting what we have.
          <difficult- to- parse- joke- mode off>.
          We'll say as we've said before that Frangles is always a very active project in our lives (sometimes the most active one) and we're usually doing something even if you don't see much updated for this or that month.  Of course, we also go long periods of posting every day, so we can't drive home enough how the sporadic updating of the site rarely reflects the actual work going on behind your backs.  We'd rather you suffer and wait for the really good shit than suffer the ungratifying instant gratification of reading a whole bunch of shit that sucks.  (After all, shit should suck, so of course proper literary dictates that you wait for shit that doesn't suck so...ok this isn't making any sense.  Orbo, delete this particular parenthetical please.)  While Frangles is always a draft (for a few decades anyway), you can still go overboard posting extra-drafty material and super- uber- turbo- drafty material (etc).  Already we've realized of late that Skip Square One (the first 7th of Writer's Bricks, nova 13.1/) may take a lot longer than anticipated until we're half-happy with it.  This doesn't mean you have to wait longer for what you could have otherwise not waited for, it means that you can discover more of what Frangles is about as we flesh out more of the concepts, ideas, and structures of Frangles by implementing them in this small 49-brick space.  It's just a little re-location is all (or lack thereof).  Think "moderately talented open-mic singersongwriter offered a contract at the local pub in Skip Square One so suddenly lazy under the spell of upcoming fame that he makes the recording studios and all his future fans to come right to him without even going home to take a piss in his own damn toilet".  If that made any sense.  (It didn't).
          Bottom line, right now, you probably want to know what's up right now despite our personal assurances that we're doing stuff.  Your attitude of course pisses us off, so just to spite you, we're going to do exactly that.  Take that!  (or this, rather)...
          We've been writing at a semi-regular pace on Skip Square One, a pace that we've kept up for awhile and gives us at least some small historic credibility for continuing to do so.  Of course, that test will come when we actually post the stuff, which of course is vehemently above most other Frangles things on our todo lists, like doing all the stuff we've vaguely promised rather than sincerely promised.  We find the more we work on Frangles, the lower our patience level goes and hence the more material and meaningfulness we want to slam pack into this nova we're writing.  Maybe it's for better or worse--time mot tell--but at least we're regularly doing something and furthering the project.
          Of course, this productivity halved (or, to be more accurate, halved an indefinite number of times grazing the ballpark of a Xeno's productivity paradox) this week when someone had the brain dead idea to actually sell--and hence sell out--some of the stuff we're doing.  While sitting around half-halving our jobs and lives adheres strongly to our obsessive artistic non-sell-out morals, our Ramen Noodles meals are getting quite expensive lately (factoring in inflation and a troublesome economy), so we've finally decided to explore the options of pathetic advertisements and marketing products.  And clearly, since no one actually reads Frangles, the only thing right now to really sell or profit from is our huge warehouse of 3 measly @$# wallpapers which are clearly viciously more in the ballpark of potentially producing revenue than audienceless fiction.
          We initially started doing free fractal wallpapers just to suck you all in and addict you to our fiction while you were here (because nobody was googling "free fractal nonlinear fiction"), but we've done so much of it that a lot of it's professionally marketable (most of the Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk / etc wallpapers are on Xangles for now; see our most recent posts), 
so why not take the extra few minutes and post some ads and more logos on them to annnoy you and drive you away so you can finally start giving us some money.  SO.  That's where we are right now: consistantly working on all the stuff you love to read, and selling out the stuff that got you here so you don't have to bother with either of them!  (2 more great reasons to always check back now and then).

4/15 - It's come to our attention that our longest period without a news update for quite awhile coincidentally happened to come just after our April Fools announcement that the entire Frangles project was being scrapped.  This is the perfect opportunity to excuse our 2-week delinquency with the bullshit reasoning that we were extending the viability of our April Fools joke by playing it out further than most people would play out an April Fools joke.  Clearly, it takes genius minds that dare to surpass comedic mirth by flying practical jokes into higher planes of tangibility to pull off such a stunt.  Who else but us would let our site go unupdated for a half month just to fool you into thinking it would last forever?  Indeed it's a pretty damn viable scenario, because no one but us are delinquent enough to even consider milking this opportunity by letting Frangles sit and rot for the next decade just for the sake of a joke.  By our math, 2 weeks is a clearly cop out, so consider yourselves fortunate that you're getting this notification that we still don't plan to do a damn thing for another couple months.  It's not 4/1 any more, so now you know we're serious.  Sucks, dain't it?

4/1 - We regret to inform you that the entire Frangles project has been scrapped and all material will be pulled down by the end of the week.  Incidentally, this is the result of a frwoa malfunction that will remove all living and nonliving things in all of existence from all of Being by mid-May or so.  Please make the appropriate arrangements with your gods or friters or lack thereof, and all your friends and family.  Most importantly, remember to schedule a good 70 hours of post- pre- traumatic- stress coping therapy and anger management sessions with Dr. Vifps in preparation for the infinitesimal chance that the forecasted apocalypse is just someone's idea of a cruel April Fools' joke on everyone.  It's not (trust us), but scheduling the therapy will certainly be therapeutic itself, and may ease your pre-traumatic stress, which will likely be worse than anything that would come after if the universe was indeed not expiring.

3/31 - A new manifestation of the Blorkk skit-prose medium has begun.  They're parodies of real life films in almost exactly a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 format, except arranged for prose, and with Blorkk concepts/characters intertwined as a side effect.  The new Blorkk area is called Blorkk Science Theatre and the first example skit is a commentary on the opening few scences of Dark City (now on blu-ray).

3/27 - Wallpapers
Yay!  We now have over 45 new Xangles wallpapers posted.  These are ones we've been working on like forever but have been waaaay too lazy to polish and post.  Actually, these were only going to posted as quick examples of what we've been up to with our fractal art, but we figured, what the hell, why not just make them all an official 1440x900 wallpaper page.  Note this artwork isn't just for wallpapers; it will eventually be used for backgrounds for the Frangles reading material.  Right now we just sort of tile wallpapers we have, but we eventually want to make better structured backgrounds.  It's just very difficult to create fractal tiles that bend back around on the edges.  Anyway, there will soon(er or later) be many more sizes & colorings of these posted wallpapers, as well as other adaptations for the art, so check back check back check back. (tm)

3/21 - Us
A bunch of stuff has been added to our contact page, which now includes some extra blurbs / descriptions / explanations of who exactly writes all this stuff.  "Contact" isn't a perfect name for the page now because a lot of it is more "about the writers" -esque stuff.  (But for now it's all in there).  As information about who writes Frangles (or is associated with it, or has been before) is released and/or revised and/or overhauled, these changes will be posted there for long term reference (and usually be mentioned here as these things happen).

3/20 - Material
Today 3 rough PLP of Writer's Bricks material was written.  Specifically, what will probably be around 13.212 or at least fit in somewhere in chapter 13.21: where Skip awakens at Starbooks somewhat confused and disoriented yet knows somehow via instinct that he's supposed to be working on writing his all-important (or perhaps completely unimportant) great frwoa, that's a key plot element in WB Nova 1 (Frangles 13.1/, "Skip Square One").  WB Nova 1 thrusts the task of his frwoa's writing suddenly upon him from the moment his amnesia drops him off into Square One, and in Nova 2, Skip is pretty clear on the fact that he now has to actually start writing the frwoa after having experienced Flutonia for the first time (that he can remember), and learning about what this frwoa is all about.*  Note that this chapter was already posted as a random potential chapter and mostly taken down due to lack of continuity with Nova 1 (and laziness).
            [* There are types of amnesia where people retain their basic abilities like speech and a sense of what the world is like, but remember little or nothing of their own past.  Hence it's a very plausable premise for anyone with serious long-term amnesia to have to experience the world (again) before they could possibly have feelings and opinions about it, let alone be capable of sophisticated literary commentary.  Hence Skip's crisis in Nova 1 of learning of this sudden crucial task carries on in Nova 2 in the form of it being insanely hard to actually now write this art work (frwoa) from so little experience.]

3/19 - Structure / Progress / Material
Today Squish wrote about 3 PLP of prose for our growing Vampire fetish ideas.  ("fetish": translation: "greedy schemes toward mass marketing") while he just "happened" to be at Barns & Noble for the DVD / Blu-ray release of New Moon (the sequel to Twilight) at which time he got some "inspiration" at "being in the area" of some fans of the series which gave him a sense of "their" general aura of exitement for the release.  An impressive and measly 6 or 7 PLP of the story of "Vip" (the name of our teen vampire protagonist for now) is now written.  (We've always wondered how marketable / appealing Kyle Kirby will be to teens, and indeed Vip is not just being written to appeal to teens, but to readers of any age, especially people who like reading current Kyle Kirby material.  Kyle is of high school age, and plenty of high school students are forced to read sophistated (cough, crap) classic novels, so we think there'll definitely be some appeal to teens however Kyle is written.  Vip, however, is being written firstly with teens in mind, with everybody else a very close second.

3/18 - Site
We've been thinking again about posting a lot of our sporadic & unstructured bricks for you to read... god knows it could be years if not forever for some of this stuff to get worked into postable material.  Then again, it could be an exiting thing to log on some day and see 50 frooks of material suddenly posted (not likely as currently there are only 49 planned to ever be written) =/

3/17 - Yay!
We're just about to post 46 supercool 1440x900 fractal wallpapers-- mostly just to prove that we haven't been crapping you all these long years that our krforbs are doing their jobs rendering them.  They're extremely diligent, they just refuse to edit the html saying we shouldn't rely on them for everything and should actually do something just for the exercise even though they could do this stuff in like a billionth of a nanosecond.  Anyway, only the thumbnails are actually posted so far, but we consider these to give us extreme credibility that we'll actually post the larger 1440 versions this decade which shall in turn give us extreme credibility that we will someday in our next lifetimes post allll the lower and higher resolutions that you might like, which in ttturrn, will finally give us some credibility to be able to inform you that we have at least a paragraph or two of Frangles reading material written over the past 7 months that we miiiiight just post sooner or later or last week or ok I'm just rambling now, Orbo where did you put my medicf3@$#T$%^NO_CARRIER

3/8 - Excuse
Squish seems to be in one of his chronic MPD egoexistential phases right now.  That's when he either: A) tags a couple dozen personals onto his list of official alternate personalities and parades around all happy as if he's given birth to a litter of messiah kittens, or B) spends all his Frangles-writing time scribbling schizophrenic paper piles of phonetic gibberish promising he'll fuse all his alter egos into a smaller set of names, when really all he ever ends up with is another larger litter of messiah kittens who don't have the guts to off any of their brethren.  But by now we've learned to look on the bright side at these times: whatever the outcome, at least "OurMunchOfInfiniteProjects.comnetorg" always gets a new monthly GoDaddy bill. Anyway, this is our excuse this week for any lack of productivity a freer might accuse us of (as it's always an ongoing criminal charge whether it contains any validity or not), and invigoratingly refreshingly, it's actually not a bullshit excuse!  Bullshit excuses are excuses that would be good ones if they were actually true or plausible or honestly relayed.  This is a just plain pathetic excuse any way you slice it, and that's quite enough trash talk about today's excuse without throwing in the rhetorical that it could easily be bullshit as well as pathetic.

3/7 - Material
We're trying hard to stick to our commitment of writing the 7 novas that we announced will be fritten first, before anything else.  Part of our drive to do that is not to allow ourselves to go ADHD all the time and just do, like, y'know, like, whateeever and hey what's that out my window is that GOF!! GET OFF THE PEAS oh are you still here?...  See?  However, we follwed quickly with the announcement that the full frook "Writer's Bricks" (the 7-nova, 343-brick structure map you see here) would be a close 2nd, because we quickly realized, A) Deterring from Writer's Bricks to go write something else is already a naughty deferment habit to get into since we already did that with Kyle, and it would just plain suck to go write random chapters and bricks all the time without seriously finishing a full frook.  (Although, on the positive side, since the novas are getting longer than intended, Skip Square One (nova 1 of WB) will actually be a small standard-sized reading book when it's done).  And we that realized B) it could potentially be much, much easier to write more WB material with the style / story / etc already fleshed out, where it might be harder or impossible to return much later and replicate the style.  And while that goes for any Frangles passage--whatever the size, big or small--in this case we think writing a full frook sooner rather than later would be wise.  Then again, we might get additional inspiration for the story in the years to come (WB could be the story of the entire duration of the Finishing of Frangles), but of course, there's always time later to screw you over and re-write the whole damn thing.  =)

3/2 - Squish has stolen back his homepage.  The general site map for XFBS7 (Xangles Frangles Blorkk Squish7) stuff will now be at XFBS7.net instead of Squish7.com.  The site map won't be constantly updated, so don't use it as a source of day to day news.  This page is currently the most updated day to day source of news for all things XFBS7.  Other pages just have monthly or occasional news postings.  (The XFBS7 sitemap is a little grotesque at the moment as the graphics still need to be copied over, but at least it works.)

2/24 - Formats: We've designed the new format that Writer's Bricks pages should be in by the time the first nova is comple.  Currently the pages only go forward or back one page: linearly, as you'd read a standard reading novel.  As more and more Frangles material is completed and posted, you'll start to see ways to navigate in more directions.  A full article has been posted on the example page if you'd like to know more.

2/24 - Xangles News has been updated.  It was stuck on October for a long, long time (since October, actually; hrm).  We'd written November & December updates but neglected to post them, but now they're there now, and to boot, January and February as well.  There really hasn't been much going on on any other XFBS7 updates/etc page lately, because the bulk of the work being put into Xangles/Frangles/etc (i.e. XFBS7) has been on Frangles.  Hence this is still your most active & maintained source of news for all things XFBS7 (Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk / Squish7, which we might as stated begin calling XFBS7 rather than "Xangles"... or not, you never know)

2/23 - Art / Wallpapers: We've just started to dive into ChaosPro as a great fractal rendering tool.  It doesn't seem to be entirely superior to Fractal Explorer, but in general is a lot easier and more powerful to use.  We're just telling you this to counteract the depression of having told you there'd be "fewer pretty things for now".  It's still true, but telling you about how we're diving into new methods of doing new "pretty things" hopefully will counteract the truth and create a greater enthusiasm for Frangles artwork & wallpapers.

2/23 - Progress
We've noticed that visits to this update page don't reflect the balance of important information we think we offer here.  This definitely our fault, as we've been lazy in organizing the information here into official articles about Frangles.  The information here is wonderful to keep up to date with things if you like to follow Frangles' progress day to day, but because it involves so many changing plans, all the really important information about Frangles that only resides here is watered down with repetition from week to week, and sifting through an enormous progress page for specific information you're looking for--even if you've already read it and want to revisit it much later--is incredibly tedious.  Since a lot of the information is already written, organizing it into more formal blurbs shouldn't be a major undertaking, and we'll try to get that going soon.
           We counted the length of all updates pages from 2009 & this year, and altogether it's about 100-PLP* of prose, much of which needs to be edited away as it's either redundant, or deals with day-to-day issues rather than over all final explanations.  Although, note that an enormous part of understanding Frangles is its history and the methods that continuously bring about the "final result" (the result on whatever happens to be!).  So it's not just organizing the whole mass of confusing information about what Frangles is about, it's how to organize the history of how it turned into that mass of "current" confusing information!  Also take into consideration something else: that we're not even sure how much "history" we want to leave online, and how much to discard.  From one pragmatic frangle, it can a greed issue on our part on how to manipulate your malleable freer brains into getting us the most hits (i.e. whether pulling back archived information will get you to check back more and keep current with Frangles, or leave you with too little to read if you come in without having followed that history, or followed it closely).  But that's a frangle no around here (cough) subscribes to!  (On the other hand, we certainly do agree our honesty is always severely in question, so we'll let you do the math.)
[*PLP = Paperback Lengthed Pages]

--Brick 13.164 posted.  It's a little drafty, but then again, what around here isn't.
 (Remember that officially the page numbers are 5 digits/bricks but that this choice does not reflect anywhere on the site yet, and may not for awhile.  So for instance here, we'd say "13.164 posted" rather than "131.164 posted" even though the latter is the number on the html page.)  
--The rest of brick 13.153 (only some is posted) has been firmly drafted as a solid readable 40-PLP scene, and is being (not) revised as we speak.  [We *do* mean "scene".  While the new nature of having a *40* standard reading page brick in a nova with 1-PLP bricks might seem--or be--awkward placement, the passage itself is (or soon will be) as coherent and meaningful as any other posted brick, which we define as one fully continuous scene of events, like a fulls scene in a movie with no breaks forward.  That is to say, it won't be some run-on watered-down uncut ramble (or at least not beyond reason), and will work as well as anything else in and of itself as a well-written brick.  (A lot can happen in a Future Fiction Bar).]
[Keep in mind that any brick not immediately preceded by the brick numbered one less than it--i.e. 55.123 is officially the brick that comes before before 55.124 in the single default brick reading order from 11.111 to 77.777--will always link to some higher level html page when you press "previous" or a basic left arrow (such as a page index) rather than to some other random brick that just happens to be written nearby (a couple before it), or some other brick one nonlinear step away just because that's the only polished one "nearby" (i.e. linking 77.222 to 67.222 instead of 77.221).  This could get horribly confusing for the freer and tedious for the friter if the forward and back links while reading are always changing around.]

2/23 - Title Grammar
     Keep in mind - titles of works are officially designated in Frangles style by capitalizing the first letters of the important words in the title (<Pride and Prejudice>, rather than with quotes or italics or what have you.  (<"Pride and Prejudice"> or <Pride and Prejudice>, etc).  There are a bunch of reasons for this.
     1) Since Frangles is largely a parody of just about everything else out there, mentioning others' frwoas can happen frequently or in rapid succession.  It convolutes prose to write things like <Skip considered whether "Pulse", "Proof", "Go", "Cube", "Cube2", "Cube Zero", or "U-571" were short enough for a headachey updates example line> and makes these passages harder to read.  Or it makes them awkward, such as <
Skip didn't think Pulse, Proof or Go -- or Cube, Cube2, and Cube Zero combied for that matter -- were at all U-571-esque>, which just reads like a DVD back cover advertising its references* or list of hyperlinks.  [* Nothing referenced via Fair Use need be advertised or promoted by any means, although it can be a contributing positive factor (assuming the copyright owner doesn't hate and knock their own work).  In fact, plenty of Fair Use references make negative comments about the references.  Frangles in general strives to create respectful, promotional Fair Use environment when copyright issues are in question, as these are types of factors involved in the legality of a right to a reference or passage quote.  While we might "make fun" of a lot of stuff (right of parody), we do our best to engineer it all in good humor as you might pass friendly insults at your friends.]
     2) Frangles heavily intermingles different layers of real life and freer mediums of all kinds.  E.g, the word "matrix" can belong with math and science, or be associated with any of many companies and products that use the word officially in some way, and we might want to mix these up a bit instead of flagging a term in red with, *only the official saga by so and so and nothing else*.  So if we wanted to say "the matrix" in a  sorta-ambiguous way that could apply to a bunch of things but one that sorta surfaces in particular (whether because it's relevant or because it's the thing that people most usually associate a term with) we might use <The Matrix> to allude to the movie by the Wachowski Brothers (found here), when we might have used <the matrix> instead, rather than specifically flagging the phrase as a reference to an external work.  Note Frangles is a 7^5 mathematical matrix of nonlinear scenes, so it's quite literally a "page matrix" or "brick matrix" or "prose matrix" or what have you.  But, because the Wachowski Brothers' film is so huge, the term <the matrix> brings forth mental images of the movie with flying colors, so it would be difficult to write long passages where Frangles characters refer to Frangles (or any of a zillion other potential nonlinear conceptions) as "the matrix [of pages/bricks/etc]".
     3) Having too much punctuation or bold/italic/underlined text can make areas of passages of prose stick out awkwardly.  A whole paragraph mentioning 50 book references all with italics or quotes would detract readability from the rest of the prose, because seeing something stand out strong makes everything else seem more watered down and uncolorful.
     4) We're just plain !@#$ing lazy.  =P  pbblbl

2/22 - Teen Frampires??
            A friter had the Metallica-level sell-out idea at the bookstore today of writing teenage vampire characters into Frangles because that's all the rage right now and oh, wouldn't actual hits or even money be a great plus to writing free online reading material.  Luckily, there's still enough space in the planned 49-frook blueprints where the greedy idiot might get their way.  (They wrote a few pages and the rest of us liked it so much we hacked out all the blood and guts and applied the healthy writing immediately to a scene with Skip instead, mostly just so we don't have to ever read Twilight for inspiration.)
            No, seriously, changing/shifting plans & ideas that affect the general Frangles structure & material in a major way has been a concern on our minds.  It's just dandy now when we only have a handful of bricks posted, but once we start to fill out / flesh out the 49-frook structure more, many major things will start to become locked into place.  Trying to throw a new major idea into Frangles is like a wrench (good or bad) into its whole clockwork of concepts, or like deciding every house in a huge housing complex should have a sun room instead of an extra bedroom (an irony admittedly contrived since vampires wouldn't need the former very much.  har, har).  A teenage vampire would be as fun and rewarding to write as any other character (and we're also dealing with the complex issue of how to reach the most general audiences as possible, because something as prolific/versatile as Frangles should just naturally demand that flexibility), but throwing in something that changes everything else all around it is the problem; or at least, *will* be the problem when we have these sorts of "big" ideas when we're finally friting brick 77.777 in 50 years (having decided semi-ironically to write it *last*).

2/18 - Advancing Structure Issues
            We're finding it quite challenging (translation: "How in the !@#$ are we going to pull anything we've been promising off?!") to start leaping up into the entire new dimension from 7^2 brick structures (novas) to 7^3 (frooks).  Skip Square One (13.1) is nearing "completion" (translation: "How in the !@#$ are we ever going to pull finishing 13.1 off?!"), and we're finding more and more how much it's going to need revision and polishing (translation: re-writing and demolishing) before it's up to Frangles standards for a full, finished, self-sustenant, standalone yet perfectly modular frwoa.  You may have noticed the hovering (translation: bulldozer wrecking-ball) frangle that 13.1 is becoming a little unbalanced and slightly askew of our intention from when we first started it (translation: 35-PLP bricks vs an intended average length of 1-PLP/brick is nothing less than an utterly *psychotic* deviation)--not just in length but in the coherency and connectivity of its bricks and just about everything else that's supposed to make it a fully coherent, publishable frwoa (translation: the first literary review of Skip Square One will undoubtedly be entitled: "Skip 'Skip Square One': We Wish We Did"), *but*, the good news (translation: bu!@#$ news)--GOF, would you stop that for gods' sakes!?  (What?)  You know what.  (I do not).  Stop that.  Quit your @#$ interruptions.  (translation: good job translating, Krufo!  Here's a doggie snack!)  Gof!  (Alright.)  No, seriously; this is starting to plagiarize the opening Holy Grail credits.  (translation: "trust us, we weren't plagiarizing from the beginning, really we weren't.")  That's it.  (what?  oh no, not the fluton disrupter.)  K, charging.  (ooo, I'm scared).  And now you're just plagiarizing a login(translation: here's a shameless link to what we were plagiarizing from the very--@$!!@oouuch!  that tickles, don't ever do that ag-##*@that's- all- folks!#$#%3NO_CARRIER
            --but the good news is, the difficulties in making 13.1 work well as a whole parallel the difficulties of making the higher structures work well as a whole as well.  Hence overcoming the challenges on the smaller level (7^2 structures, or one nova) help overcome the challenges of the larger levels we're working with as well (7^3: a frook, a structure we've barely begun to work with, as not even one 7^2 structure is complete).^
            [In fact, you might say we've been consistently working our way up anyway, because as bricks have become longer and longer than the intended 1-PLP/brick original length, we've been working with a higher density of plot / theme / character / etc *per brick*, so when we announced the first sevthing of Frangles* and the entire structure came *down* an axis (49 frooks total instead of 343^), you could see we were *already* working our way up to a higher level complexity (sort of), it's just the bricks were became much longer, making that density of plot / character development / etc thicker.  (Think of a ruler with six even marks for measurement changed to a ruler with five even marks for measurement, then think of that as a hyperruler for measuring axes on an XD graph rather than inches or other units, etc!)]
            *Anyway*, we're already looking ahead from the plan of the first seven novas announced to be written (131, 221, 311, 471, 561, 651, 741), to think of what to do after *that*, since there are so many other story lines we want to work on too, even if just outlying via blueprints and not actual prose.  Keep in mind this nova progression (frook (1>7)(3<4).1) came about largely because we wanted to write a solid story about Skip and Kyle, and choosing which Skip nova and Kyle to write lines up all other 5 novas automatically, like picking two points on a plane which only line can be drawn through, so we don't get much say on the other 5, and hence didn't have much of a say in which novas we wanted to write first, creating the need for planning ahead, so we can also work on some other stories that we do have more planned of.
    Of course, this isn't to say that you have to read 5 novas we don't give a shit about! It's just the *order* that's unplanned--since we're excited about all the stories of Frangles--we just don't want to do the *work* of doing them quite *yet*, but of course, in literature you hardly get to do exactly what you want to do all the time; just like you can't draw whatever fractal you like once a few pixels have been chosen.  In short, it will just take a little more *time* to adapt currently written & brainstormed material for those particular novas; for instance, perhaps we have a thorough idea of Kyle as a teenager, and a nova axis is such that we need to write him as an old man first.  What that takes is adaptation of our beloved characters for other beloved walks of life, which just takes more work rather than less =).
            Bottom line, we've decided to plan and work on another couple fronts as well.  First and foremost, since you're all reading Skip's story now (for lack of anything else to read, hrmph), it would kinda suck to just cut you off from the rest of the frook, so one of our secondary goals will be writing Skip's full story (Frangles 13) as a back burner to these other novas.  Kyle's full story will also be considered strongly as well, but initially more of the focus will be on the flow between 13.1 and 22.1 (Skip's first nova and Kyle's first nova respectively) rather than Kyle's full story.  Basically, you're already used to Kyle's story dropping off as his first five chapters was the first Frangles material to be written, but you're not used to Skip's story dropping off as it's been progressing from page one regularly onward.  Hence, for confusion / frustration continuity, Kyle's five chapters will simply be re-*written* (with no serious promise of continuing the story), while the momentum of Skip's story (Writer's Bricks) should continue to some extent or another, so you aren't *completely* f!@#ed over when 13.1 comes to a conclusion. =)
            Other story progressions (brick/nova progressions) we mot be working on as back burner stuff to everything mentioned so far are really really really fuzzy if we're even considering any at all, so for the moment just know that the first nova progression-- (1>7.3<4.1), or {131, 221, 311, 471, 561, 651, 741} will be our primary goal, and Writer's Bricks our second, and Kyle's *full* story somewhere on the back burners too (though note that the first 7th of Kyle's frook is included in our front burner stuff, so we will be working on his story indirectly anyway).^^
[* Not "first sevthing" in that there are sure to be lots more of them, but rather "First Sevthing of Frangles" as a time line landmark, such as BC, e.g. 2 FSF would be two years from that announcement]
[^ Always keep in mind, FYI, that we use base-10 numbers--the normal numbers you're used to dealing with--for just about everything that doesn't involve a page designation.  Here we mean "49" and "343" as you'd use them to count apples or blu-ray players.  If we used base seven numbers for counting, these would be "77" and "777".  Perhaps we should start including both whenever we use a number; one in small print after the other(?)]
[^^We're more or less *purposely* intermingling different notations and conventions for different brick orderings in this blurb, to start getting you used to the reality that those different sorts of notations may exist here or there in a universe as big as Frangles.  For instance, if one reads Shakespeare, Greek philosophy, or the Christian Bible, one would generally be familiar with the general structure of these works, but you would recognize the slightly different notation systems labeling those lines, paragraphs, footnotes, chapter numbers, paragraph indentations, etc etc.  To be able to have a decent knowledge of these different works, you have to have the versatility to be able to recognize the structures of those works without needing a perfect, precise notation system.  If we go from computer science book to computer science book, we'll notice different conventions in function naming; one author might name all their constant variables const_Swallow_Wingspan, and others might not prefix their constants with anything.  Again, to be versatile in the world of programming, you must be familiar with all these sorts of differing notations.
            In Frangles, if you see (1>7.3<4.1) and elsewhere see (1^.3v.1) --the second being a possible shorthand for the first, a freer should be able to recognize both as meaning the same thing.  (Maybe we officially changed from one to the other and didn't haver time to change every single nova ordering on frangles.com and any other place mentioning frangles, not to mention if other sites, let's say, refer to Frangles and we didn't have any way of changing every possible reference using this notation.  Or, let's say we added the latter as an *official shorthand* in *addition* to the official *longhand*, but you weren't familiar with the latter.  Then the freer (you) would have to be familiar with both to notice them wherever you might see them.  Even further, a progression of long handed notations to shorthanded notations for this progression (the first set of. Frangles novas) might go as follows:
#1: <13.1/, 22.1/, 31.1/, 47.1/, 56.1/,  65.1/, 74.1/>
#2: <13.1, 22.1, 31.1, 47.1, 56.1, 65.1, 74.1>
#3: <131, 221, 311, 471, 561, 651, 741>
#4: (1>7.3<4.1/)
#5: 1>.3<.1
#6: 1^3v1


2/11 - Fewer pretty colors for now =(
            On a serious note (insert joke here on hell freezing over or something funny like that, which would be appropriate if this wasn't serious news item), Squish's eye problems are still pretty bad.  He's struggled over the past several months with vitamins, foods, doctors, font sizes & colors, monitors, etc.  He says all that stuff individually helps a small amount and in combination help with his ability to look at a screen, but says it's still difficult, and he definitely can't look at a screen for your usual 8-hour day, which hinders his activities,  being an online friter / youtuber / webmaster / etcetc.
            Fortunately it's not 100% important for him to stare at a colorful screen all day in order to do a lot of what he does, for instance, writing reading material (prose) here on Frangles; text can be minimized to a small box with a black color scheme so that minimal light is emitted from the monitor (or projected onto the wall), and if you're careful and focus on memory techniques, obviously you can type on a keyboard even if a monitor/etc is off.  Then it can be a matter of printing long passages to revise by hand and type in revisions quickly on screen, etcetc.  He's going to get a voice recognition program (Dragon Naturally Speaking) which will also help him be productive, as you can speak about three times faster than you can type, and as with a keyboard you still don't have to look at a screen, or if a screen is on, a voice recognizer can make it easy to turn away or reposition to avoid staring at a monitor while being limited by a keyboard cord and typing position. 
            Anyway, what this means for you freers (Frangles readers) is that there'll simply be a lot more text updates around Xangles, Blorkk, Squish7, Frangles, etc, indefinitely rather than graphics, background images, maps/charts, fractal wallpapers, etc.  This isn't a major loss as the reading material is the primary thing that Frangles is about.  Of course, clearly our focus *could* be on the fractal wallpapers which are incredibly more popular than our nonlinear fiction (most of our wallpapers are at Xangles; only a few are posted here.)  But honestly we mostly do the wallpapers to attract attention.  Cool looking wallpapers are nothing new and endless ones are out there, but nobody has ever written a fractal nonlinear prose saga.  The primary goal of Xangles & Frangles is to influence art in a major way, doing vastly new things with current artistic mediums and experimenting with new ones altogether.
            So fortunately, the reading material is the thing Squish (the only significant active friter at the moment, if only because the rest of actually have real jobs; oh wait, we said no humor) can still do the primary Frangles stuff without a lot of trouble.  To boot, fractal wallpapers  don't require nearly as much time in front of a screen as a lot of other graphic art that requires drawing or time in photoshop editing, etc.  We have the artistic method of making our wallpapers pretty down by this point; we have a pattern down enough where we can find a neat fractal pretty fast, hit render and wait a week/month, tag on a small "Xangles" or "Frangles" logo, then cut a 16:9, 16:10, and 3:4 aspect ratio versions and then shrink them all to fit common monitor resolutions.  It's certainly a decent artistic process but nowhere near that of drawing animated cartoons or 3D video game, etc.
            It's of course rhetorical to state that the rest of us--if there even *is" a rest of us, as only two known friters have been reported to date, and Kyle really isn't doing a damn thing just yet (lazyass !@#!#)--could start dedicating more time to the project, and, in fact, we will!  Frangles originally a neat concept, then it worked itself into a more fleshed out project over time, and it's become significant enough to dedicate time to as a sincere professional project with great potential for growth, and (knock on krforbs), professional publication.  (Of course, if Squish and/or Kyle are indeed the only friters, they're going to have to work twice as hard to susten* the ongoing farce of our existence.)
["Susten is a special and rare type of Xangles / Frangles invented term: one we feel that the English language could/should already use but doesn't due to a little brain fart or oversight, rather than a term/word particular to the worlds of Frangles, like "freer" or "krforb" or "xite".  In this example, we feel the English dictionary should contain a verb and adjective form of the noun "sustenance", just as the noun "sustainment" has the verb form "sustain" and the adjective form "sustaining".  People say such and such is "self-sustaining", and we feel we should be able to use "self-sustenant" in the same way; something that feeds on itself and gives itself nourishment like a "self-sustenant frwoa [or work of art]" rather than just having its basic existence sustained).  You can find all key Xangles/Frangles terms of every type in the Xangles Index of Terms, which you can return to with the short URL "xangles.com / i"]

2/10 - The 2nd Known Friter!!
          With infinite enthusiasm we're proud to announce the possible existence of a second potentially official friter, who mot (may or may not) exist in some way or another outside of being currently announced, and who mot be a clever deception to make you think that there mot be a possibly existent 2nd friter when there's actually not.*  (The only known friter previous to the previous sentence was Squish).  As if Frangles isn't recursively self- and reality-intertwining enough, the 2nd friter's name is (ugh) "Kyle Kirby".  This mot have something or nothing or everything to do with the "Kyle Kirby" Frangles character (character 22), and mot or mot not have everything or something or nothing to do with a version of the Frangles "Kyle Kirby" who eventually found a way to leap up into a higher dimensional reality to become a real real life human being in the real world via his giraffahole (from some frangle out there).
          If you find this to be as bull!@#$ a vague and meaningless announcement as any sane freer should find it, we can tell you that there is definitely something significant to this announcement other than a random throw-in comment on this page.  Maybe we have a "Kyle vs Kyle" video game lined up, or maybe we encountered a Plutonian-Blorkkan ferret named "Kyle Kirby" who just happened to slurmhole into our living room last week, or maybe Squish has decided to change his name to "Kyle Kirby" in a further plan to eschew Frangles reality and dive deeper into the usual complex obsessive endeavors of any crazy unemployed sci-fi/fantasy writer/D&D-nerd/comedian, so we'll let you sleep on all that and let your imaginations go wild (at least until we're damn well ready to give you any more information (if ever).  Pbblbbllbb =P)
[* Apart from official friter(s), there's also the occasional character that has one thing or another to do with Frangles that pops up here and there, such as our beloved "Orbo", a bot orb from the future that hangs around here and does a little maintainance and stuff like that that you may have noticed.  But to date Squish was the only official main friter ("Frangles writer", or "fractal writer") that had some sort of (supposed) significant role (whatever that was/is) in the ongoing Frangles project.]

2/9 - Structure
          Today we've worked on some structure issues, the types of things we claim we're doing when we're not getting anything posted, though today we actually have proof; and by proof we mean blabbing about structure issues we fleshed out twenty years ago and are posting now to make you think we actually did something today (which, mock sarcasm aside, we actually did).  Now if the following is a little confusing or overwhelming, just keep in mind that, A) it's not necessary to understand these structure issues to simply read a Frangles story from page to page, and B) It's actually a lot simpler than you might think; remember extreme simplicity can generate extreme complexity (like with a fractal generated by simple equations), and it can just be a matter of understanding those simple "equations" of Frangles to understand those complexities.  Of course, the following may be overly simplistic to someone else; we try to aim for a middle ground that will appeal to everyone, like a computer operation system that anyone can learn but that some people may want to get more "into" and others may just want to learn the extreme basics of.  Anyway, here's some key things we've been fleshing out.
          As said before, the first 7 novas (Frangles novellas / short books) that in combination will form the first nonlinear Frangles frook (very long book) will be novas 13.1  22.1  31.1  47.1  56.1  65.1  74.1.*  The tentative characters for these novas will be (respectively), Skip, Kyle, Suzie (a young unimportant girl who lives on a very important spaceship called the Delbrient), a very ancient/old character tentatively named Obelo (in the ballpark of relating to the Emperor / Yoda / Obi-wan of Star Wars in old age, an older dying Dr. Seldon of Foundation, Merlin, Macros of Magician: Apprentice, and Babylon 5's Lorien), a slightly less old Kroffonian character (i.e. a normal grumpy old man rather than one blessed with the ancient mystical wisdom of all the universe), forest-ish ruling lady akin to Galandriel of Lord of the Rings, the Green Man of the Wheel of Time, the Lady of the Lake, and the large fat fairy in Zelda: A Link to the Past; and finally a middle-aged phylo (philosophy) professor named "Pico" of Zeroa who's story will cover the teaching of a class of phylo students.  (Who mot be the same Pico that talks to Kyle in the Kyle example chapters)
          Each chapter (7 bricks) of each nova will generally cover 2/3 of one day in that character's life (a waking day, e.g. humans are awake about 16 hours a day and sleep for 8), and that waking day will begin 1/7th of the day later than the previous character, lopping around from the last to the first (i.e. day shift, second shift, night shift, day shift, etc).  In terms of an Earth day (24 hours), the seven characters' days will begin at:
Skip - 3:34am (Skip's early train to Flutonia)
Kyle - 7am (waking for school on Earth)
Suzie - 10:26am (waking on the Delbrient ship for day)
Obelo - 1:51pm (or Florbban equivalent, etc)
Kroffonian old guy - 5:17pm (or Kroffonian equivalent)
Lheilia (at night in the forest) - 8:43pm (or Generikan equivalent)
Pico's class - About midnight (or Zeroan equivalent)
Think the show "24", except with 7 equally weighted protagonists in a comedic style rather than one kickass counter-terrorist federal agent in an action-packed drama.  (The characters won't necessarily all "wake up" at these times, but it's the time we will jump into their story, progressing in a structured way toward the conclusion of the story of their 2/3-day, ending as any standard linear book chapter might end with a light conclusive note.)
          Note that for this kind of symmetry to exist, *all* the characters' starting times are automatically locked into place given just *one* choice of when we'll jump into a character's day.  The focus we've chosen here is Kyle, who must wake up around 7am for us to follow his day from dawn to sleep.  Luckily, we're not as locked in with all the other characters as their stories don't take place in regular common-day Earth, and we have significant leeway in choosing which 2/3 of their day is the important part to follow (though technically we're not "choosing" at all, given those times are all automatically chosen *for* us given our choice that Kyle wake up at 7am).  So clearly our "choices" of the times listed above are not choices at all, but are generated from the lone information: "Kyle--one of 7 characters--wakes at 7am, and each successive character will wake 1/7th of a day later than Kyle."  E.g. complexity (precise and seemingly random times) from simplicity (the aforementioned variables).
          Not all of the time lines of the 2,401 chapters in Frangles will be structured in this way (booooring), but the choice of what all those other structures will be is an exponentially higher issue than these 7 novas.  Lining up about a week in the life of 7 characters is an entire axis below figuring out how those 7 weeks will relate to the *49* weeks of their collective entire stories, and/or to the weeks of other characters, depending on which novas are written after these 7.  And not *only* does that higher-dimensional choice affect all of those 49 novas, but structuring those 7 frooks set precedents for the other 297 "weeks" as well (7^5 - 49).  [by "week" we mean "set of 7 bricks" just to get an idea of the length of a chapter, not necessarily a week at all],
          Note that the next step may not be as simple as saying something like "the next 7 novas after a given one will all start 1 month later than the previous", because we need not choose a simple symmetric pattern.  Maybe Skip's seven novas will progress in a totally different way than Kyle's will; or perhaps every other frook of Frangles will be structured in *some* way and the others won't have any apparent crafted structure whatsoever!  (Not everything in nonlinear fiction need adhere to a strict mathematical pattern, or every single sentence and word could be predicted!  And while from some frangle out there someone has generated that type of story in the format of Frangles with those types of strict guidelines, Frangles doesn't follow that kind of plan, as we're just friters, not krforbs or bot orbs (or so you think)).
          We'll keep you superuptodate on relevant structure progress, so check back check back check back.^  =)
          [* You can get an idea of the over all nova map of Frangles by examining the circly fractal septagon shape on the main structure page (which incidentally was insanely hard to find in the Mandelbrot set; in fact the equation generating it might be the only shape with 7 even points/sides we've ever found in all fractals we've ever explored).  Each dot was originally to represent the set of 343 "Frangles books" that Frangles originally was planned to consist of (one dot per book), but since Frangles has been sevthed, each dot can now represent one nova, and each circle of dots one frook (what a "Frangles book" is now called), although this isn't yet changed or noted anywhere on frangles.com except this updates page due to infinite friter laziness.  To visualize how the first seven novas (13.1, 22.1,  31.1, 47.1, 56.1, 65.1, 74.1) line up on this map, just imagine the seven colored cycling dots of each Age (each seventh of the entire septagon) are the circles of the starting frooks in question, and that the lower left dot on those circles is the first nova of that frook.  I.e. the third circle of dots (of novas) clockwise from the lower left circle of dots of the lower left age (Flutonia) could be colored to represent Skip's frook (13./), and the lower left dot of that circle would be the main nova being currently worked on (13.1, or "Skip Square One"), and so on for the other 6 novas.  Hence the colored cycling can represent the reading order of the seven novas of those given 7 frooks' novas straight through from nova 1 to nova 7 (i.e. reading the frook from the first to last page consecutively as one would read a normal book in the order the pages are written rather than a nonlinear way)]
          [^ With all Xangles/Frangles/Blorkk/Squish7 material, we're still in havoc on where to post what and when; the above information has some time-sensitive issues, and yet it could be considered far too much information for an "update".  Although it couldn't be inserted as an official "structure" page without extension and polished revision.  In combination with Xangles & Blorkk, we may never have any solid idea of when/where/what to post of updates, analyzes, etc etc, but for now and indefinitely just be aware that this page is the most active and up-to-date source of news for all things Xangles, Frangles, Blorkk, & Squish7.]

2/8 - Quick Note on Links
If you've ever read a Frangles update (rhetorical since you're reading one now) you may have noticed some Wikipedia- rip-off- style- hyperlinks like this, and this, and this.  We do this for a number of reasons: to make our page look pretty, to increase page ratings by "linking to high-quality websites" (if that even does anything), to confuse the freer so you can't parse our convoluted prose, to feign the magnitude of Wikipedia simply by plagiarizing its style, and to scare you off the site so you don't have to suffer through our unproductive random nonlinearfractal blah blah blah bull!@#.  Our conventions are similar to Wikipedia, but unlike them, our hyperlinks often contain hidden subliminal meanings and comedic surprises (pbblbbb=P).  Unlike ol' boring hyperlinks, seeing a word or phrase link on frangles.com doesn't always tell you what the link will be to (or whether the link will be at all expected whatsoever) and two words/phrases that appear twice (twice) might not always link to the same thing.  A few of the many link categories we use are as follows:
       TYPES OF FRANGLES LINKS: relevant / non-relevant / non sequitur / definition / rhetorical / internal / external / pun / bad pun / really bad pun / confusing / random / informative / waste of time / broken.  (Most of these can be found above).
       A couple notes on method: we try to keep links very short (one word if possible) for style continuity and clarity.  For instance, a Wii has the same general functional importance as a 22 GHz 700-terabyte hyperulticore processor pentagon-safe personal gaming PC, but hyperlinking the latter term would dwarf the visual weight of the former and even stand out on the entire paragraph/page.  Hence usually only the last word or two will be a hyperlink, or some "word in the phrase" if no others are separate hyperlinks such as in "this is a horrible waste of your time".  In general if two or more consecutive words are highlighted, this will be one link rather than multiple separate links.  (Rarely will Frangles use underlined links as colors usually look more stylish, one exception being where black uniform text is stylistically necessary such as in areas of Flutonia & Zeroa that are all black and white and the only other option is to color a word or phrase gray, decreasing its visibility.  Or in this sentence as it's an example of what we're talking about and using a non-underlined link within it would be erroneous.)  However, a slash, comma, or period may separate links, so look closely.
       On a related tangent, note that all Xangles / Frangles / Blorkk / Squish7 (etc) html is pretty damned sloppy.  It all uses the same handful of templates, and almost all have been edited in Kompozer, a free html editing tool, which is always going to be more sloppy than editing the html by hand exactly as it should be.  (But gods bless the Kompozer krforbs who do all that shit for us).  The worst part about having sloppy html is that it can show up differently in different browsers & O/S's.  Without using basic code that's guaranteed to be generically interpreted the same way on any platform, we can't be sure your page looks like we want it to.  (Especially if you're reading on a Plutonian Hypercore 9.9).  This is something we mot fix when we damn well get around to (or not).

2/8 - Excuses++
In a bold effort to reach new heights in absurd productivity excuses, we're apparently blaming the Haiti earthquake for our lack of productivity over the past two weeks.  Squish has graced us with the brilliant logic leading to this excuse, which necessarily takes a good amount of convolution on the way to its final QED, so please don't follow it as you might see through it.
          Squish--still the only known friter, if only because the rest of us don't want to be publically associated with him--generously loaned his self-precious 1.6 GHz 160-gig drive netbook bought "just for writing Frangles because it's easier on my eyes" (Squish has an increasing number of hypochondriac life-threatening eye disorders making each one less credible as they accumulate) to his needy ex-Marine brother for a week to help him take logistics notes over there.  With the tragic loss of his ring- of- power- precious slate of tin foil, his hypochondria--sorry, his "eye syndromes"--multiplied a hundredfold to the point they were so horrible that Squish in fact gorged his eyeballs out with a butter knife then discarded them in the garbage disposal (the new ones grown via an experimental stim-cell process had to be surgically reimplanted), emphatically justifying upgrading from his $250 Frangles-writer to a $750 720p / Hi-def / PC / Playstation3 / HDMI / Blu-ray / Wii compatible multimedia wall projector that will still be "mostly for writing Frangles prose in Notepad."  Hence Squish claims that his week of inflamed Hyper Computer Vision Eyeball Dispersion Pigment Cancer Disease Syndrome was a noble humanitarian sacrifice, and a valid excuse for not getting anything done around here.
          And of course, as we all know, getting used to any new $750 text-editing machine requires a week or two of "pigment calibration" via at least 40 hours of DVD-watching & Fable game playing, because "if I don't push my eyes to figure out when they hurt I won't know how long I can write for".  To boot, this process naturally involves more time away from his Haiti-returned netbook, which is an even greater sacrifice of time "if it turns out the [720p / Hi-def / PC / Playstation3 / HDMI / Blu-ray / Wii compatible multimedia wall projector] isn't helping."  Finally, since for some reason his new implanted eyeballs have started bleeding again watching the Matrix and Dark City on his entire right living room wall, he has an even more valid excuse for not doing anything, since "I've been in pain for 3 weeks!  How the fuck am I supposed to finish nova 1 by April?"
          Obviously the rest of us could fill in more, but it's not our responsibility as he's in charge of most of the postable stuff.  Squish is fond of reminding us "I'm the most productive person in this whole !@#$ing project so !@#$ off", and while this is sort of true, it's only because the rest of actually have real life jobs.  Ouch.

2/7- Would it reveal friters to be antisocial nerds if we posted an update on Superdish Sunday? ... Yes?  No?  ...  Anyone here?  Heloooo..??

2/4 - Titles & Segmentation
Note the subtle difference between entitling frook 13 (officially 13./) "Writer's Bricks" vs "Writers' Bricks" (i.e. a singular possessive or multiple possessive apostrophe).  The former grammatically implies "a writer's bricks" or "the writer's bricks".  Assuming Skip is the writer in question, this would be equivalent to "Skip's bricks".  The latter means the bricks of *multiple* writers, such as "Skip's and Toad's bricks" or "Skip's and his freer's bricks" or "The bricks of all the friters of Frangles".  We've chosen to use the former simply only it looks more clear, even though we feel the latter is the more appropriate title.  This isn't a *horrid* sacrifice for visual clarity, because you can still interpret "Writer's Bricks" as a plural in a sense, if we consider the phrases: *any* writer's bricks, or *each* writer's bricks.  Still, it's kind of lonely and lacks the whole happy- collective- novelist- frat- party- feel we'd really rather convey.  So, just keep in mind the very title of the frook you're reading isn't 100% appropriate (due only to an impossibility and not lack of diligence) =P.
            On a related note, we *do* take delicate care when giving names to a given set of pages (literally billions of stories given enough bricks to combine).  These are far too many to name (without a very advanced set of programmed algorithms for a program to generate titles for any given set), but we've recently become exited at the realization of how many of them can actually *have* titles and still be unique from one another (which is of course the first step toward developing those algorithms some day).  For instance, we thought up possible titles for the following page orderings within frook 13/:

111 - 177: Skip Square One
111 - 143: A Topicless mush of !@#$
144 - 161: Friting the First Future Future Fiction Fage
144 - 177: Freers & Siffs & Square One Skips
151 (alone) : The First Future Fiction Fage
151 - 157: Future Fiction
151 - 177: Siffs & Square One Skips
161 (alone) : The First Future Future Fiction Fage
161 - 167: Future Future Fiction
1x3 (i.e."1(1>7)3"): Frank's Barstraunt
1x4 (i.e."1(1>7)4"): Office of a Dyslexic Secretary
(i.e."1(1>7)6"): The Developing Arts Council
111 - 777: Writer's Bricks (frook 13./)
[AxB is often short for inserting any/every brick "x" between A and B.  For instance, 1x3 can mean the brick sequence/set: <113, 123, 133, 143, 153, 163, 173>, which in the case of Writer's Bricks is the story of Frank's bar (e.g. every 7 pages from 113 we find Skip in Frank's bar, so the story of Skip's Adventures in Frank's Bar would only include that dimension and leave out the pages in between), but it can also mean "unspecified" brick digit as in brainstorming when a friter knows the written brick is placed in Frank's Bar, but not sure which sour it should be.  Here it's basically implied by context which we mean here, but it's clarified in parentheses to be clear.  The notation used in the parentheses is explained below (earlier update), and could also be used to describe all the other brick flows listed above, for instance, bricks order 144 - 177 of Writer's Bricks is officially notated as 13.1(44-77)]
       Bricks can be combined into so many structures because each brick is written to serve as just another page of the story you're reading (/147 is page /47 of nova 1 of WB, or some other novella if you're reading in some sort of other order), *or* the very first page of the story following that page to the end (/177), *or* the first page of an indefinitely long story, *or* the last page of some indefinitely long story, *or* a totally standalone work!  (etc etc etc).  Particularly with 13.144 through 13.177, we've given considerable effort into making it possible to start on any of those bricks and have a very coherent story from that brick to the end (we say effort, not success!=P).  Of course there's only so many things you *can* give effort to when taking so many zillions of permutations into account, and this just happens to be a few of the nonstandard reading patterns we're taking into account.  (Just imagine drawing an area of a fractal pixel-by-pixel trying to take into account every other pixel in your entire picture; it's very difficult, and the human mind is going to focus on a few similarities to other areas of the picture rather than every single other pixel at once).
       You'll notice this particular ordering optimization involves a little re-introduction of characters at the start of each brick ("Frank the Bartender" rather than "Frank").  In Writer's Bricks this works 100% functionally well (non-contrived) because the *plot itself* involves Skip forgetting what happened before and needing to re-narrate or re-experience it.  It's going to be more difficult to achieve this affect without the easy out of the plot directly *involving* that re-introduction, which is another reason it's great to start out with Writer's Bricks early on, to understand why such a thing might happen in the future.
       Currently a high priority/goal we have is to have enough complete stories (brick/scene orderings that can function 100% as a standalone work that might have been written exactly as such by a sci-fi writer without any outside context) to offer a magazine for publication (such as Analog, Asimov's Science Fiction, or Fantasy & Science Fiction for orderings which deal with sci-fi/fantasy themes, and/or any non-sci-fi/fantasy publications where Writer's Bricks material might fit in (a magazine *about* creative writing with stories and articles, or a publication for many various genres).  The plan is to present a slightly longer submission than one would normally submit (i.e. the maximum requested length) and give the publisher the opportunity to select the appropriate story for their magazine.  We feel this process will have many benefits:
      1. Allowing the publisher many options of the material and length to be published.
      2. Presenting Frangles' medium in full functionality rather than simply submitting one particular story and claiming "There's a whole bunch more where this came from!"
      3. Creating (permanently) the option of many successive stories; i.e. a Frangles Such-And-Such Part I, Part II, Part III, where each "part" serves as a standalone work as *well* as a cliffhanger or piece of a larger story.
      In general we think we've done a decent job to date progressing toward our short and long term goals of full modularity (re-arrangeable pieces), as no one's ever really *written* a modular work like this to our knowledge.  But keep in mind that in proceeding toward that goal, that posted/published material will always always always be revised, tweaked, or even entirely re-written.  Always remember that Frangles is--and perhaps always will be--a *draft*.  What works or doesn't work about what you're reading could be completely revised in the future to do the opposite (not work and work, respectively, whichever your preference!)  There's no other way to draft a nonlinear work in which every page relates to every other.
[* To say that Frangles may perhaps *never* be a final, polished work is not to say that a fractal nonlinear medium disallows completed frwoas, or frwoas seen as complete from the frangle of the writer who declares "This is my finished work of art and took me bloody 14 years so you damn well better appreciate it's total and utter finality!".  I.e. a "finished" story of nine bricks--a 3 by 3 brick structure--can very well exist, just like a trilogy of films/books/poems can be officially published (or a series of 9 of them).  This would be a 9-brick nonlinear frwoa that can be read in 9 factorial ways in full, or fewer ways for shorter readings (for instance, the partial frwoa 11, 12, 13).  Each reading order/etc in this case would be completely polished to work perfectly the way the friter intends, and each brick would fit exactly with the others in whatever way the friter's designed this 3 by 3 structure to work.  We could claim, "Skip Square One is exactly the way we intend it to be!", but this would be utter friter bull@#!, because right now it's basically a haphazard lump of vaguely-coherent nonlinear crud, and this shows through in its context.  However, if we *genuinely* claimed that Skip Square One was entirely finished, you would have certain expectations as you would of any published novel you'd pick up at Barns & Noble.  So saying Frangles may "never be a completed work" simply means that we're aiming high for the enormous brick structure we eventually want to accomplish (previously 7^6 bricks, and recently sevthed to 7^5), and the project could still take years or decades.]

2/1 - Competence Report
      There are barrels and barrels of things to yet explain about the genius (*cough*.. monkeys- on- typewriter- gibberish) design of Frangles and all the unique concepts taken into account while friting, especially in the beginning when the concept is most fresh and alien to everyone used to freeing linear frwoas.  Not just things that *will* be revealed about what all this is about, but that you're already reading and may not have noticed, like a poem you enjoy on one level while unaware of depths ingrained in it at the labor of the poet; depths that are foundational to why you might enjoy the poem (whether consciously noticed), as well as depths that you can learn to appreciate if you study them in detail.  With Frangles, we try to get those explanations to you in a number of ways:
      1) Explaining them gradually on this updates page as certain elements become more prevalent to what's going on currently.
      2) Writing polished blurbs / analyzes / etc explaining these things whenever they necessary enough enough to justify prioritizing your migraines above our need to procrastinate.
      3) Explaining things *in the prose itself* as the characters talk to one another *about* the styles and themes involved!
      4) Giving you insight into the general concepts of Frangles by explaining them elsewhere (i.e. reading about plans for software we need to help do the job gives you insight into how we're going about doing things we need that software *for*).
      5) Letting you figure everything out your damn self.
      As a quick self evaluation of how we're progressing on these fronts, we give ourselves the following grade report*.
      1) moderately tolerable
      2) sorta-ish tolerable
      3) barely tolerable
      4) not tolerable
      5) A+
      (Please ignore the contrivance of this report for comedic purposes and any lack of accuracy necessary for its humorous nature.  The freer may decide whether a fully accurate report would reflect better or worse on our abilities than the one displayed).
[*Frangles' main reading material as is could have been written intuitively without taking into account all the analyzes and complexities and depths we try to present to you (a pop singer might have written a song in five minutes vs taking into account structure principles of music theory--trochees and triplets and sharps, oh my!), though we just happen to be taking all those complexities into account when writing it, and present all that as part of the Frangles experience.  (Of course, that could be a burden as well; perhaps analyzing every cold mathematical half-step deters from the intuitive ability to create via passion and not technical detail.)
          One might even claim that *any* work of art has infinitely complex elements of structure and character and theme and so on, and the only thing that makes any them worthy of being called great or genius (or not so) is the amount of analysis and professional evaluation sucked out of it by people who have that kind of time.  For all the professors and students know, a poem that's analyzed at the college level for decades may have been scribbled on a napkin in 30 seconds while drunk and stoned.  So most of the extra complexities and themes and elements we talk about when *analyzing* Frangles rather than writing it are nonessential to its reading and writing, and could just as well not have been written now, or ever.  (E.g. Frangles could be analyzed by a bored fractal nonlinear undergraduate some day with the time to actually analyze this random lump of !@#$, who might by chance say the same things we're saying about Frangles if we'd never presented our analysis at all).
          Clearly no one can post a haiku and claim "This was my life's work" with any credibility sans proof of this (save your estimation of the honesty and credibility of the writer).  The only thing that gives those infinite complexities and depths substance is either evaluating them ad nauseum, or presenting proof that they exist or were considered when constructing the final product.  The reason we tell you things like, "We could write a 500-page analysis of the 14th sentence of 13.444, but we just haven't bothered, though be assured it's a damn good one!", is to try to get across some of the complexities we're taking into *account* when writing, rather than those that might exist unnoticed.  I.e. our excitement for Frangles' complexities are how we *see* the project (even if we weren't writing it), and we would try to convey that excitement even if we weren't friters.  [Translation: we're getting better all the time at contriving bull propaganda promoting Frangles' literary worth when really we can't believe you're actually buying all this].
          *But*, as for *how* to relay that excitement and complexity we claim that we (by chance) *are* taking into account while writing, we can't do so without that proof, which we generally consider to be credibility based on delivery so far (e.g. an established software company can claim they're working on a really really great video game via their reputation and track record of doing so previously), and the general innocent- before- guilty principle, as as of yet no freers have hacked our lack of data and exposed our nonexistence.  And--Where was this going?  Orbo, pause that thing.  *Orbo*, pause your dictation thingie and replay the past couple paragraphs....stuck?  What do you mean it's stuck!?--...okay, okay, that may be, but I find it hard to believe you're *also* stuck in auto-post mode, and forgot to turn revision permissions off.  Wait--are you drunk?  You're drunk again, aren't you?  Well FIND the !@#$ing screwdriver or the Frangles updates page is going to take up half the internet in a matter of seconds given you were drunk enough *last* week to initiate the exponential time accelerator and 50 years may go buy for us until you find that !@#$ing screwdriver!  You just can't--GOF!! GET OFF THE PEAS!]

1/25 - Urgg Speech: Ggrurlgrum
You might like to know that Glorg's slur/dialect in 13.153 (Glorg a member of the urgg race from Blorkk which overlaps a little with Frangles) comes from a more fleshed out linguistics system than just picking letters at random.  If you want to know more about it you can check out the Ggrurlgrum page on Blorkk.com.*  Keep in mind Glorg's speech in Frangles 13.153 is very loosely written and must be polished at some point.  Language that fully adheres to the established system takes a nontrivial amount of attention to detail, and of course, as you know, we're pretty lazy. ( Pbbklb=P ).  While you're there, you might want to check out the rest of the Blorkk medium section as it's a totally different invented medium than Frangles (a line-to-line nonlinear skit-based reading format called skit-prose), but you don't need to know any of that to check out the Ggrurlgrum page.
[*Blorkk is Xangles saga #2, whereas Frangles is Xangles saga #1, where currently Frangles is the most active Xangles project.]

1/25 - Reading Material -
We've updated brick (scene/fage) 13.153, of which more will still be posted.  This will be about 30 PLP long when fully posted.  It's divided into readable segments for the single and sole purpose of finding your place if you don't read the brick in full the first time.  The segments have nothing to do with nonlinearity or re-arrangeable fragments or anything like that.  A brick (scene/fage) has and will remain the smallest divisible portion of the Frangles structure: a single continuous scene that in combination with others forms Frangles' nonlinear reading structure, which as stated will now contain 1/7 of the bricks announced initially, with a five-digit brick/scene number (12.456) instead of a six digit (123.456), though again this change has not yet been implemented anywhere except talking about the structure on this updates page.  As with any kind of major change dealing with Frangles, we'll make every effort to carefully slide you into a change over time.  Keep in mind we're talking about a long-term plan for a saga hundreds of standard reading novels long, all utilizing a totally unique and alien artistic medium ("fractal nonlinear fiction").  There will always be changes going on the more we write as we figure out what works and doesn't work about Frangles.  Just consider any freer headaches along the way to be a necessary evil on the journey to not just Frangles particular reading material, but to a whole radical new fictional art form of which Frangles will be its first major example.  Thank you for flying Frangles and may all your trips with us be as devoid of brain crashes as possible.

1/23 - Terms
The terms "flupluple" (and close synonym "flupple") have been added to the Xangles Index of Terms (which you can always access easily at xangles.com/i or frangles.com/i) at the significant labor of one our more linguistic friters.  While this particular term was thought up intuitively without consciously factoring in all the phrases which phonetically resemble it during its coining, we do sometimes take the effort of examining the intrinsic parts of all the words and phrases we want the new term to resemble/convey, and carefully average all the involved syllables via a handful of methods.  Hence any term that comes intuitively is a result of those methods as they're training to be able to do so naturally.  (We did this careful work on "freer" to determine the absolute best word that sounded like what we wanted it to mean.)  In other words, we spent significant time in how to convince you we actually spend time on this stupid !@#$.  (But at least there's something we put hard work into, which is just about the same).
1/22-- Terms
Xangles/Frangles glossary updates/tweaks, incl: brick, fraga, frhaga, nova, Writer's Bricks.  Remember you can look the majority of key Xangles terms quickly with the url xangles.com/i (and frangles.com/i until a separate Frangles terms page is up)

1/22-- Legal
- Please see the short first paragraph of the legal section entitled "GENERAL USAGE", stating that Frangles/etc material is for personal, nonprofit use and is not to be mass distributed whether for free or for profit.
- A 4ish PLP blurb has been appended to the legal section as well, the segment labeled "STEAL OUR STUFF FOR FREE", about our adventurous horrific ongiong journey into the guilt of not charging anything for Xangles/Frangles/etc stuff (prose, wallpapers, etc)

1/22-- Discrepancy Fix
We've fixed a discrepancy.  Ed and Eagle got reversed up between 13.153 and 13.155.  The one finally named Eagle (the slightly more friendly & innocent pigeon) was named 'Id' in 153, by the one finally named Ed (the slightly more bickery one), and then in 155 'Id' was Ed's name in the scene, as 'Ed' was a derivative of 'Id' because he didn't like the name (which he shouldn't even have had, since Eagle was named 'Id' previously.)  The error has been fixed so that Ed is initially named 'Id' in 153 instead of Eagle, leaving 155 basically the same but tweaked to compensate for the change.  You may want to re-read 13.153 & 13.155 to be clear.*  FYI, If you didn't get the Freud joke, Ed starts reading Dr. Vifps's copy of Freud's Interpretation of Dreams while he's still named 'Id', as the 'id' is Freud's name for the unconscious mind, and Flutonia is a very dream-like realm (especially in a psychiatrist's office).
[*Remember 131.xyz is now called 13.xyz, though the titles of the pages don't yet reflect this change.]

1/21-- Grammar/Style
A small note on style not really worth noting: Whenever a number appears in Frangles prose, it will almost always be represented by a numerical digit or string ('8', '200', etc) rather than a spelled out word ("eight", "two hundred", etc).  The reason for doing this is that Frangles often hinges on key numbers, or incorporates an interconnected numerical system or puzzle that mot be connected to plot, theme, (etc), and numerical digits are much easier to pick out when quickly skimming pages of text.  Let's say a freer's trying to figure out a math puzzle small or large, they might remember roughly where a significant number was mentioned but not the exact place, making it much easier to find it if it's more noticeable.  Granted, often numbers are just whipped out of our asses, but even then they fit into templates in which they could be significant otherwise, for instance in the future if we use posted ones as a foundation for a mathematical puzzle, or create a puzzle and then change the numbers around to fit it.
            At the least we can tell you that we definitely have spent time working out math issues--whether small or large or rough or polished--enough to place them in a way that mot now or later or never be part of such a crafted puzzle.  For instance, that the duration of our known universe Okuaka is often mentioned to be around 88 billion years is part of a complex system we've at least brainstormed, and may even have thought out thoroughly (or have plans to).  You of course only have our word on this, because the situations of us having developed an MIT-worthy field of mathematics based on 88 billion and owning a durable AD&D 1d100 to pick it out, are intrinsically isomorphic.  Anyway, if you're an English major and think using "88 billion" or "1,000" rather than "eighty-eight billion" or "a thousand" is a tad improper/lazy, now you know why.  (That the entirety of Frangles was invented simply as a method of justifying improper grammar and style is an entirely nother issue.  Like the word 'nother'.  and using apostrophes to quote " 'nother' ", and inserting spaces in between the apostrophes and quotes of " ' "nother" ' ", etcetcEtc eTC etsetterah.,.,,.  Of course, often we are just lazy, but thanks to the two law student interns we know who can always argue those delinquencies away, you'll really never know.)

We've been working on a shorthand system for notating a series of Frangles bricks (roughly akin to "pages"): a reading order that all major sub stories of Frangles will be notated with.  (A "sub story" being any lengthed story other than reading every single page of Frangles in order, such as reading a single frook or nova).  It will be covered in full eventually in the structure area, but here are the basics.  (We are presenting this to you now because we're approaching the time when it will be needed to understand where Frangles is going, whereas bringing the notation up from the start would have been unnecessary information).  Note that this uses the new sevthed structure where bricks are now 5 digits instead of 6.  So, the first series of novas that will be written (the first full frook), will be notated:
This means the fraga goes up from 1 to 7 as the frook goes down from 3 to 4 (wrapping 7 back around to 1), where the first nova will remain 1, and the pages of that nova are read in order from first to last (pages 11 to 77), shorthanded by a slash for "all pages".*  So the notation (1>7)(3<4).1/ now describes the following sequence of novas:
13.1/    22.1/    31.1/    47.1/    56.1/    65.1/    74.1/
Where each nova is read from the first to the last page (/11  to /77).  E.g, the brick order 13.111 to 13.177 is the first nova in the list ("Skip Square One"), and the 2nd nova in the sequence is the first seventh of Kyle Kirby's story (22.111 to 22.177), etc.  [This notation might also be able to be reduced to shorter notations in the future when we consider a full notation system, such as "(1>)(3<).1/"  or "1^3v.1/", but for now this is the main, basic, most understandable notation for an ordering of Frangles pages]
         *Officially*, this type of notation will be the numbering system for describing various stories or groupings of Frangles pages (such as one chapter, or a series of frooks), which will be casually referred to as we've been doing.  So 13.111 is page 1 of Writer's Bricks (the story of Skip), 13.11/ is its first chapter, 13.1/ is its first nova ("Skip Square One"), and 13./ is the the whole book, which may or may not include the "." for clarity; i.e. "13./" and "13/" shall mean the same thing.  (What would the notation for the next steps in this sequence be?  Hint: there's no single obvious answer).  Colloquially we'll often say things like "frook 13" to refer to the official Frangles page ordering "13./", etc.
[* The slash itself is official shorthand for the full page numbering.  I.e. "22./" (Kyle Kirby's frook) would technically be "22.(111-777)", and its first nova would be "22.1(11-77)", though it's not important to dive into all the further complexities of the system while introducing you to its basics.  Those depths will be covered eventually; which, by the way, are and will be very carefully thought out.  Don't mistake convolution for complexity, or perplexity with power.  Having a fleshed out, in-depth, nonlinear ordering notation system for Frangles & similar structures is like a powerful computer programming language which is carefully designed and standardized, which is only confusing if you try to skip ahead to fast before absorbing each step]

1/19-- MAJOR STRUCTURE CHANGE (please ignore)
For no further reason than to confuse the flying fuck out of you on a fleeting friter whim, the structure of Frangles will now be 1/7 the size previously announced.  (Not the reading material, but the structure in which that material will line up, given the unexpectedly long Writer's Bricks pages seem to be working well, so there will now be more material per page.  We call this type of magnitude alteration "sevthing".)  Unfortunately for our entertainment, this sevthing will cause you extremely little suffering, as all posted material will remain more or less the same.  The biggest consequence is that plot, story, and character development will be thicker than previously planned in the future to condense longer planned stories into shorter spaces.  But, since the future hasn't arrived yet, this is of extremely little consequence to you (although some of nova 1 of Writer's Bricks might be re-written to incorporate more fast moving character depth / etc.)  Anyway, The essential changes for you to note in general on structure & structure terminology are as follows:
     1) A fage/scene/brick (a continuous indivisible scene) will now and forever be called a BRICK. [until we change our minds next Tuesday]
     2) The terms "chapter", "nova", and "frook" will remain the same.
     3) The story of each character will be told in 1 frook rather than 7, Skip's story being the frook "Writer's Bricks" which is about 10% completed.  Kyle's will cover a year or so in high school life rather than all of high school & college.  Plans for that 7-year character depth will not be lost, however, as it will be applied to other characters instead.  (E.g. Jebb might study the morals of magic use in his later training rather than Kyle taking a philosophy course in college.)
     4) A "frhaga" will now be called a "fraga".
     5) 7 fragas is now the full content of Frangles, rather than 49.
     6) The page numbering will be 5 digits rather than 6.  The third digit from the left will be cut out.  I.e. page "131.123" will now be "13.123".  The first two digits represent the frook number and the last three the "bricks" of that frook (basically the "pages" of that frook, such as the pages of a printed novel). 
     7) Your terror at night that Frangles' structure may increase or decrease by a factor of 7 on any given day of the week will now be septupled.  [Or at least if you're someone who can't sift our bullshit by now and haven't translated "fleeting friter's whim" to "conclusive decision following a half-year's worth of carefully planned migraines for the best over all system 'built with the freer in mind'", a phrase which itself of course even more extensive bullshit except presented as anti-bullshit to the previous bullshit just to throw you off, just like presenting our own flaws just now as mock self-satire--as well as presenting this presentation itself as mock mock self-satire (if that makes any sense, which it probably doesn't because I'm too drunk on Orbo's frwoa static field to think straight, or think gay even, was that an insertable gay joke?  Oh well, whatever, I'm just an intern; if they fire me for homophobia I can always apply for a job at Blorkk or Xangles)--is, you know what, I can't even finish this tangent and my grolg's getting at my peas again so I'd better--GOF!!  GET OFF THE PEAS!!  BAD GROLF!!)
STRUCTURE IN SHORT, Frangles is currently a 16,807-brick saga with 2,401 chapters (7 bricks per chapter), 343 novas (7 chapters per nova), 49 frooks (7 novas per frook), and 7 fragas (7 frooks per fraga), where the terms {brick, chapter, nova, frook} are roughly akin to the familiar words {page, chapter, novella, book}, and where each of these groupings is represented by a single digit from 1 to 7 accumulated right to left respectively.  (e.g. "12.345", meaning "frook 12, brick 345" or "nova 12.3, brick 45", etc!)
Nothing has yet been changed throughout Frangles.com regarding this structure change, as the original structure is integrated everywhere.  Things will eventually be reformatted as time goes on.  With any major changes to Frangles, we try our best to make them as gradual and easy as possible.  Until then, simply subtract the third digit from the left from any page numbering mentioned and that should just about suffice.

1/18-- Fonts
Just a heads up, the tentative fonts that may be used for each separate age of Okuaka:
1 (Flutonia) - Comic Sans
2 (Earth) - MS Sans Serif
3 (Flurth) - Verdana
4 (Florbb) - Tahoma
5 (Kroffonia) - Trebuchet
6 (Generika) - Georgia
7 (Zeroa) - Times New Roman
These will probably be non-bold, 11-pt fonts, subject to further research and experimentation in what the best all-around average reading environment is.  Note that these differ from most of the currently used fonts, mostly because the font structure as a whole was never really considered; we just picked some fonts at random that sort of looked OK.
         Please please 
please please please tell us what you think about the readability of Frangles; this is the most important feedback anyone can give us, as we know our stories kick ass.  Are the boxes too wide?  Narrow?  The fonts too big?  Small?  We don't get much feedback and even a single email can be vastly helpful as it tells us what other people might think too.  (I.e. the ones who read Frangles and don't feel obligated to donate a comment or two... wait, that's like all of you, dammit.  Write us now and save a tree, and help knock your ISP off our naughty list of people who won't earn free Frangles action figures and Xangles stealth jets once they're available.)

1/17-- Grammar/Formatting
         We ran into a problem when designing the prose scroll box grids when pasting material with long strings that exceed the designated width of the box, making it so you have to scroll across left and right to read some of its contained prose.  (Obviously impractical since you can't scroll left and right as you're reading lines horizontally).  And since half the point of those grids is to be able to glance at prose structure at once with tiny writing (as well as larger), we have to be careful to not to insert any words or stretches of characters that are exceptionally long.
         For instance, if a scroll box fit lines lengthed as follows:
It was the beginning
of the beginning of
the very end of this
nicely contrived tiny
scroll box, wheeeee.
Then an extended string like "Godaammonkeysh#@%6sunnuva$#@$!!" utilizing a lack of spaces to create a certain feel would overrun the text box, and a horizontal scroll bar will appear at the bottom of it forcing you to slide it left and right as well as up and down.  Also, even on a reading page that's a normal length wide and can fit the phrase (like the standard reading pages), this creates an awkward break visually, as there's a long blank space if the phrase occurs at the end of a line of text, such as:
In the beginning of the beginning of the like whatever
I don't have time to think creatively since this is only
an example prose box, all the
non-kino/non-tolcofane/non-Dr.Who-shaped bot orbs
from Centauri-Pluto-Romulus-Vulcan Prime could register
copyrighted material.  Now that time has passed, and...
        Slashes and dashes are especially an annoyance since it's common grammatical usage to join two or three words together.  ("The frilly shirt/dress/gown Alice was wearing unfortunately fell off right as she accidentally and humiliatingly stumbled into the wedding of her friend/co-worker/ex-lover Marie to a bot orb from the previous example.")  When those two or three words are already long words ("the Christopher-Christina-Christian best friend threesome"), you get the above problems.  For these reasons you may notice a little awkward grammar here or there, such as spaces between hyphenated words ("The frilly shirt / dress / gown Alice was wearing fell off again the second time the event was mentioned on the Frangles page, ticking the living Godaammonkey sh#@%6 sunnuva $#@$! out of the Christopher- Christina- Christian best friend threesome currently reading it.")  Also the index is a problem as slashes are often used, such in a definition of "freer" which can mean a fractal/Frangles reader/seer/user (i.e. "fractal reader" or "fractal seer" or "Frangles reader" or "Frangles seer", etc), and when the Frangles/Xangles/Blorkk/Squish7 foursome is referred to as a connected thing.
        For all these reasons, just be aware that these slightly awkward grammar techniques will be used quite often in the future.  Hopefully a bit of your past grammatical/formatting/spelling/etc/et
c confusion/annoyance/frustration to date has been cleared up as well, hopefully as thoroughly as a 24-hour coughing-aching-friting-freeing best-single-Nyquil-joke-you-ever-got-on-an-html-page cold syrup/satire prose line would.

We should have a nice heart-shaped Valentine's Day fractal wallpaper up by then.  So check back if you want your computer to look as Val-day hip as possible.

           Fage 131.153 is (unbelievably) still being worked on.  We're not stuck on it or anything, it's just this tiny little problem of it becoming 25 @#$ing reading pages (PLP) long.  It's all excellent quality reading material--being revised as you'd revise any 25 work of that length into a final draft--it's just deterring even more from the original plan of having every fage (scene) being one PLP (reading page) long.  This doesn't affect the structure of Frangles whatsoever, it simply affects the flow of reading a very short passage then a very long one, such as a one-paged chapter in a paperback novel then a 25-page one.  In such a novel, that might flow perfectly well, or perhaps not.  You really don't know just from the numbers.  Likewise, a 25-PLP fage may work out just fine, but then, it may throw the flow of reading the nova from start to finish.  (Currently we're working with the idea of the beginning of the nova having short fages, and the middle long pages, and relatively short ones by itself, which itself is a dynamic progression of the structure of the story just as the structure itself follows dynamic characters and events about similar things: the art of writing!).  It is closed to finished, though, and will be akin to publishing a decent sized chapter of a normal novel.  (We can give you near-total certainty that no other fage of the rest of nova 1 of Writer's Bricks will be this long.)
           FYI, this is a type of problem our nonlinear medium will encounter now and then as time goes on: how to squeeze such and such a sized story into such and such a sized space.  A single paragraph might have to be lengthened and expanded on to fill up a dozen PLP, or a storage bin of brainstorming material might have to be condensed into a one-liner punchline.  At its worst, the problem can occur on much larger scales; if ten whole frooks of Generika stories are written a certain way (i.e. to parody generic fantasy writing which can be extra long) and ten frooks of Jumper the Mutant Orion Frog turned out to be a big lump of itty bitty haikus, then the problem of how to fuse one in harmony with the other is a very serious one.  A little further, let's say that that all freers catch a deadly virus and are all going to perish in a few years.  Then the whole planned structure might be "sevthed" (i.e. cut to a seventh of its planned length), with massive issues on how to condense huge areas of material to fit smaller areas, and to expand on smaller areas that have to fit larger.
           Anyway, this the first example of this sort of problem we're starting to face.  Of course, it's of very minor consequence to you since /153 is a very readable, enjoyable chapter, and if it doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the nova, then it all works out perfectly because none of the other fages fit in with it either (which is a very coherent and unified structure indeed.)

           After months of massive headaches that will for the moment eschew any witty description of them given they've worn us down too much to bother, we've penned in the first six novas that will be written.  (And by penned, we mean the erasable pen kind that sorta looks permanent until you realize it was erasable ink and someone had sneaked in an eraser past the nightclub bouncer.)  They will be novas: 1311, 2221, 3131, 4741, 5651, 6561, & 7471.*  This is adding one to the first digit (the age of Okuaka) and the third digit (the first year we follow the character being followed), and subtracting one from the second (that numbered character out of seven for that age of Okuaka), while leaving the last the same (the first nova of the frook in question.)  Together these will give you a good cross-section of Frangles' characters, settings and story structures, and will help introduce you to what Frangles is all about.  Each will give a sample of one of the seven ages of Okuaka and of one character in that age, and each is the beginning of that particular story line, so you will see how frooks (Frangles books) can parallel each other as well as flow in different directions.
           If it sounds annoyingly random at all, keep in mind this is your first exposure to the initialization of what we call a fractal nonlinear saga.  Imagine if you'd read nonlinear material your whole life, and then were exposed to the art of linear writing (i.e. beginning to end material).  You'd be confused as hell.  You'd ask, "WhuwuWAIT.. why is this author starting the story on page 1?", or "I tried reading from the last page backward but the story line didn't make any sense!", or "Do you *really* mean to say that Lord of the Sword is going to be published from book 1 to 7?  Can't he at least write the seventh page of each book?  How am I supposed to know what's coming?"
           Giving a saga a nonlinear page numbering system is extremely simple in and of itself, and is only a bizarre and alien concept if you've never been through it.  If you'd followed the progress of the writing of dozens of other nonlinear prose sagas like Frangles--or had a habit of writing in such structures yourself--you would say "Ah, Okay, those are the novellas that Frangles is beginning with" with a mild shrug, just as a Star Wars fan would say "Ah, episode II will be the fifth movie shot, and it's name is going to be... ah here it is: 'Attack of the Clones'.  Wait... 'Attack of the Clones'?!  That's the lamest !@#$ing title I've ever--@#$fD.."  (Not a perfect example.)  But George Lucas' nine-book plan (incidentally) is definitely a small microcosm example of Frangles' nonlinear structure: writing stories 4, 5, 6, then 1, 2, 3, then deciding to go a different direction from your overall planned structure and not write 7, 8, 9.  This nine-film plan could also be labeled as a 3x3 set of films; three sets of three movies: a trilogy of trilogies.  Numbered this way (as Frangles numbers things), this would go: 11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, 33, where 11 is Episode 1, 21 is the first Star Wars movie filmed (A New Hope), etc!
           So, our announcement of the first seven novas to be written is exactly this, except with more sets of books.  Instead of a 3x3 film saga, Frangles is a 7x7x7 book saga (with each book a set of 7x7x7 pages).  Hence the announcement "The first Frangles short books [novas] will be 1311, 2221, 3131, 4741, 5651, 6561, & 7471" is just a tiny math leap away from the announcement "The first three of the 3x3-film Star Wars saga will be shot in the order 21, 22, and 23, and after that, 11, 12, and 13 will be produced"  Once you're used to that, then with every other nonlinear saga you ever read (if any), such an announcement as this will become easier.  And of course, as Frangles itself continues announcing such things, you'll be more used to this sort of thing, too.
           Now, diving into a full explanation of what this ordering means, how it came about, how it will function as a unified frwoa (etc etc etc etc etc), firstly, is and always will be TOTALLY UNNECESSARY TO READ THEM (yay), and secondly, way too long to dive into at the moment (yay#2), though you can get into all that eventually if you want to.  Otherwise just ignore all that stuff  Just as a graduate thesis paper analyzing the infinite symbolism and moral themes of Blue's Clues is unnecessary to watch Blue's Clues, so is it unnecessary to study the complex structure of Frangles in order to read it.  Realize this, that someone might have written any given sub-story in Frangles without having planned any of this nonlinear bull!@# hype.
           J.R.R. Tolkien said that Lord of the Rings was "just a story!" when faced with the higher-level analyzes of his work.  He planned little of the complexities that other people saw in it; to him, it was a story.  Not a college textbook.  All these types of complexities of any type of story--linear or nonlinear--will be picked up at some subconscious level of the reader, and were written with some subconscious knowledge of them in mind.  (That is, when they weren't outright consciously planned.)  We say this over and over, because Frangles complexity can be scary.  It's simplicity can be scary.  And yet, both can be narcoleptically boring if they're understood.  That's the versatility of a fractal image, which can look "nifty" or "pretty" or "!@#$ing cool!" at a first glance (or even for a lifetime at looking at them) without having--or ever having to get--a knowledge of all that nerd fractal math and chaos theory: the stuff that can (literally) be studied up to the highest professional mathematics level.  To a mathematician, a fractal desktop wallpaper might be a lot more pretty or !@#$ing cool than a non-geek one, but then again, a geek's PC is more for functionality than looking at pretty things (otherwise he'd have a Mac), so perhaps not.
           Anyway, what these nova numbers mean, how they'll work out, what it'll mean for you to read them... will all be revealed in time as we progress.  For the moment, just start vaguely keeping the numbers in mind (unless you have a Mac, which is totally okay with us, too).
[* - The first 4 digits of a 6-digit fage number is the designation for a particular nova, and the last 2 are the pages of that nova.  I.e. The nova being worked on now (the nova called "Skip Square One") is the first seventh of Writer's Bricks, so we add an extra digit.  Writer's Bricks is Frangles book #131 (or "frook" #131), and so Skip Square One is Writer's Bricks nova #1 (of 7), which is also Frangles nova #1311.  We usually leave out the dot separating the first three digits of a 6-digit fage number with the last (i.e. we would otherwise call Skip Square One "131.1") because it's a little excessive for a 4-digit number, just in the way the number 723,400 needs a comma while "2400" doesn't necessarily need one.]

1/9 - New Frangles wallpaper: "Fluffonia Park"

1/8 - New Xangles wallpaper: "Flame Web"

1/6 - OK so to all you freers who've been biting your nails for the next finished WB fage (131.153), all we can say is,The End of 131.153 is worth the wait.  (It has to be, because it's approaching 15-20 PLP long.)  Trust us, it's gonna be good (half is posted now.)

1/3 - DID YOU FROW? ::  From most browsers, if you click inside on any basic website scroll box, you can then use your keyboard arrows to go up/down and left/right, and the "Page Up" and "Page Down" to go whole screens, and can usually navigate with the scroll wheel on your mouse as well.  Note that different methods of scrolling screen by screen can yield different results: a "Page Down" might scroll a half box while a mouse wheel scrolls a full screen, or visa versa, etc.

1/3 - FYI we're aware these updates blurbs are getting a little too long and much for the updates page; we'll re-arrange things eventually, but as with everything else it's a tricky headache as there are so many formats of news / explanations, etc, and dozens of places to put them or re-arrange them (for instance, "Frangles updates" vs "Writer's Bricks updates" vs "About Writer's Bricks" vs "Skip Square One" updates vs "Saga of Skip" etc etc etc).  For now it's nice to have a quick page where you know you're getting most of the news/etc.  (It won't last forever)  =P

We've put up two rough "prose grids" with the entire 49 fages of Novella 1 of Writer's Bricks ("Skip Square One"), with the unwritten ones blank of course (about 33 are there).  Now you can read the entire Nova on one html page.  The first one (prose grid 1) has medium print, whose purpose is to be able to see as much at once as possible and still be readable.  I.e, if you squeeze 49 scroll boxes onto one monitor you can only read a couple lines of each page without scrolling, or, you'd have to read extremely tiny print, (which is partly the point of prose grid 2).  Obviously, squeezing a whole text into a small space is great for understanding structure, but not for reading.  But of course, reading one page at a time doesn't give you any visual sense of structure; of course, if you're reading page by page, you understand a lot of the structure by memory, especially if you're supplementing with diagram or map of the pages like on the main Writer's Bricks page.  (For reference, we'll call a "grid" a page that contains prose, and a "map" one that simply lists the pages in any sort of chart or diagram, like a site map.)
             The more important point of the tiny print of prose grid 2 is that you can enlarge the whole page until each scroll box is a normal, comfortable reading size.  Try this: go to grid 2, and hit enlarge or magnify on your browser until the prose is a normal, comfortable reading font like that of the main posted pages that are linked to from the main Writer's Bricks page.  Now there's not much difference between reading each page in the scroll box, and reading it alone on the normal pages you've been reading!!  (like 131.111).  You could actually read all Frangles material pretty comfortably this way.  Then with a simple drag you can scroll up or down to get to the next page you want to read.  Granted it's not as stylish, but it's more functional and gives you a better sense of structure, and a better method of exploring and understanding that structure.
             There are even a couple other benefits.  Firstly, the main reading pages currently don't have scroll boxes or fixed backgrounds; this is perhaps a little worse for eyes because things are moving around more and your eyes have to adjust a little.  Squish--who is extremely sensitive to such things--finds that reading material on a solid, mid-colored background with a small scroll box in the middle (like the reading boxes on the main page) is easiest on his eyes, and reading with bright complex backgrounds moving around a lot (or reading from the very top of the monitor to the very bottom instead of keeping his eyes in a fixed spot) are more troublesome.  We can only assume this goes for most people on a less noticeable level.  (Think of Squish's eye problems as a great measuring tool for what's good or bad for other people; it's inadvertently an incredible benefit to have that as it helps us create the easiest, healthiest reading environment possible.  (Always be aware of eye health when reading any online material.).
             The other (temporary) benefit to prose grid 2 is that the main reading pages don't yet have controls to move any other direction than one page forward or back.  You currently have to hit back on your browser and click each page you want to read if you want to read in an unorthodox nonlinear order (the whole point of nonlinear prose!)  This is in the works, but for now the grids give you a great way of navigating pages.  I.e. to read every seventh minute (an important reading order), you simply need read across on a prose map rather than down.
             NOTE THAT THE HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL RELATION IS SWITCHED ON THE PROSE MAPS.  To read normally you now read the pages down instead of across.  This is our bad; this is all rough and it'll take awhile to get everything perfect, if it can even ever be perfect.  Note there are limitations to always being able to read in horizontal/vertical order of your preference.  For instance, since monitors are more widescreen nowadays, you'd probably want to have a navigation bar to the side when reading prose rather than above or below.  But then whatever page maps you wanted to view in that rectangle might have to be organized differently.  We can get the interfaces as understandable as possible, but as with any program, there are simply limits in the positions and formats of multiple windows you move around and change.
             Remember these are rough first attempts.  The tabs need to be much wider on over half the boxes, and the sizing of the boxes might need work (i.e. to be a little bit longer rather than horizontal; but then that might take away from it's navigationalibility [what a cool word!]).  But, as soon as all the formatting is worked out properly, these types of grids will be equally preferable as a main method of reading Frangles as the main 1-fage-per-html-page fages you've been reading.  Each will have its pluses and minus, and each needs a lot of work.  (We're still working on site management software to standardize these reading formats so all that needs to be done is write Frangles in a text file and then insert them into these templates automatically.)
             So, check out 1311 grid 1 & 2 (be sure to try shrinking/enlarging the pages!!) and check back here for progress as always.

Ugh. Okay so we put these new menu bars in on the main page (nutshell, frupdates, software, etc)... pain in the butt, but definitely an improvement (some browsers didn't even format our other text bars right that used the html option not to wrap text so you could get a clickable full bar rather than empty space to the right, but this didn't always get read right).  It's not that making the menu bars was a pain per se, but dealing with the style of frangles as a whole can be nightmarish sometimes, just like altering the colors of a fractal in just one place would ruin the uniformity of the entire fractal.  I.e. fractals integrate on all levels of Frangles, even the formatting which can be (in some ways) a lot harder than other sites (in others, perhaps easier; but we haven't bumped into those yet!).
            Anyway, we're changing these little bars (or one of us, anyway), and we figure why not change a bunch of other things; for instance, this puke-monotonous yellow smiley-face background.
In fact we've had a plan since the beginning to change around the colors here sometimes, but the yellow just kept sticking for the whole year.  Now, after a year, maybe it could be changed, right?  It just takes a second to color cycle the background with Gimp or Adobe and upload the new file, right?  Ughgh.
           In trying this we realized that yellow is the brightest hue (so this black text is very readable), and with any other color the background is too dark for the text to stand out.  But we can't make those colors lighter or darker because that violates the bright color scheme (the pure primary and secondary colors you can select in an art program, for instance, pure red is "255 0 0" RGB).  So if you think about it, there's something intrinsically unique about this particular "bright pure-color" scheme that is lost without yellow as the main background color.  (Any colored font--whether black or white or gray--isn't going to stand out in front of a pure primary/secondary color because those colors are in the middle of the light/dark spectrum).  So, if you get sick in the months to come of our puke-yellow/orange background color, now you know why!
           Of course we've tried thinking about other formats Frangles could have; like take a really nice bright fractal and make the main page all fractally and stuff, but we ran into trouble with this too.  We glanced through all our wallpapers and quickly realized that using any of them would loose the contrast between solid/bold/basic of the main page, and complex/detailed/fractals of all the ages of Okuaka (the actual reading material to your left).  Having this page use solid, bright colors makes it stand out from all the complex and detailed fractals elsewhere.  We took some time to divide our fractal art into seven general groupings that each look the best for the seven ages of Okuaka, giving all seven common ground (they're all our art and have a style in common, as any artist(s)' works do) yet separating them enough to be separate genres.  Any attempt at dividing that fractal artwork into 7 balanced groups plus an extra one that has to stand completely apart from the others is not just hard, but impossible (to a certain extent).  Its sort of like trying to take the six mixing wheel colors (red orange yellow green blue purple) and selecting one to stand apart from the others and still have the remaining five a balanced set.
            Anyway, bottom line, there are many difficulties to "fractal nonlinear prose" web design that little else faces, just like writing nonlinear prose is a whooole different ballpark than writing any standard novel.  (We could continue to bitch about all sorts of other pain in the butt problems but hey, this is supposed to be a happy place!  You have enough confusion to worry about around here without the added loss of innocence that we're usually 7x7 times as !@#/*&* confused and frustrated as you!  We just figure it helps once in awhile to demonstrate we're not bullshitting you when we whine all the time that "this stuff is reeeally hardd, wwahhh!  I want my bottle")

1/1/10 - New blurb on how to read writer's bricks

A note on the size & format of frangles.com: we're quite aware it needs a lot of work, but just know this is on our todo list.  For instance, half the site is crammed into the upper left of your screen.  This is to make Frangles easier to read on smaller monitors, but of course the space of a larger monitor is wasted.  We'll eventually work on formatting the site (and prose) to be as uniform and easy to read on as many different environments as possible, but this is a scary task given how many there are.  Also throw in that formatting is much more important for sites you read for extended periods of time than other sites, and it's a huge project to make sure Frangles is easy, accessible, surfable, readable, etc, from anywhere.  To boot we're also concerned about long-term effect on the eyes of reading extensively on a monitor.  Squish--who has some eye problems--finds that the uniform yellow and small scroll box of this page is very easy to read (for whatever reason), so who knows exactly what the perfect reading formats are, but we're working on figuring it out.  (E.g. one thought we have is that colors could be cycled as you're reading somehow to avoid staring at the same pigments for too long).
            We also starting to work out long-term plans for adapting Frangles for cell phone browsing, and easy browsing for smaller devices like netbooks.  Our main concern is whether to actually re-write the material itself above and beyond arranging it for an easy-to-read format.  E.g. Perhaps fage 131-111 could be reduced to ten to twenty sentences to get the basics down in a microcosm on a cell phone, for which you'd want to click around and surf various pages faster on the go.  (This would also yield an interesting "lite" version of Frangles where the freer can surf its structure and get the main ideas down without reading every page in detail.)
            Of course, it's not even possible in a single html file to optimize for all reading environments (you can just get a sorta-good average that won't look perfect on any of them.)  A text box might need to be 300x300 rather than 50x50, or 80% of a table rather than 20%.  Therefore, part of this long-term formatting goal is to create different reading environments and interfaces.  For instance, this page as it is now looks good on a small to mid-sized monitor, but on a larger one, all the extra space to the right and below could be used to view extra things.  Comments, or bonus diagrams, or multiple prose pages side by side (or in grids) rather than just one.  That's part of our long-term plan for frangles.com, as well as a prime goal for our future fractal/nonlinear reading/editing software.

Quick note: You might start noticing a lot of words that use *asterisks* instead of slicker looking html italics throughout frangles.com, as well a few more spelling or punctuation errors than before.  This is because (firstly) we're copying / cutting / pasting more and more between various miscellaneous text files and html files, and haven't developed a solid writing/editing process with uniform formats for all Frangles prose & articles (fonts, italics, spaces/tabs, page numbers, file names, etc).
            For instance, it's best to have all Frangles prose saved in simple, standard text files, so we can throw that into various other reading interfaces as needed (like the web, or a word processor, or the software we'll eventually write, etc).  But of course that involves standardizing the formatting of those text files (tabs, spaces, italicized words, fonts etc), and then transposing that formatting into the other formats like html, which makes inserting tabs tricky.  Even in html we have multiple formats we're experimenting with, like the new 1311 prose grid, not to mention our html itself which is kind of sloppy and nonstandard; we're using the free html editor Kompozer which doesn't format exactly how we'd like.  In particular, we want to make our html as easy and O/S-uniform as possible.
            Eventually we should have these things down better (or automated), but we're just too lazy to make sure every file and format is perfectly spell checked and formatted short-term, as this will all be re-done eventually as a whole soon enough.

Here is our first attempt at a functional 7x7 prose grid of nova 131.1  This contains all the posted "Skip Square One" material (The first nova of Writers Bricks) in 49 little scroll boxes (one fage per box).  You can actually read the entire 200 PLPs of posted Writers Bricks material on this one html page, though it would be tedious in a standard view as the boxes are very tiny to fit them in.  Although, it's semi-readable for long passages if you enlarge the page (not just the text); Google Chrome is the only browser we know of that can do this.  (We highly recommend Chrome for reading and surfing and resizing frangles.com).  Note that even though the text and the boxes enlarge, still, there's no more text per box as the page increases.  Obviously a fully comfortable reader that allows you to surf and read Frangles pages with ease is something that will take time to develop.  
[See /software for our progress on the development of better reading/editing software and interfaces]
            Of course, while not super for reading long passages, it's still invaluable as a reading and editing tool.  The ability to read/edit a huge structure of frangles pages on a single screen allows much more insight into that page structure than reading each page separately.  Note this chart is flipped from horizontal/vertical from the vertical/horizontal structure of the page maps on the main Writers Bricks page. That means that on this grid you read downward to read the book normally like a regular book (progressing right as you finish a column), and across to skip every 7th page, moving downward at the end of each row. (another way of reading the 49 pages).  (Rather than visa versa for the regular page).

1/1/10 - New section: Software

1/1/10 - Welcome to the new year.  That is, if you're a living in 21st century 188th billennia Earth.  Everyone else, welcome to the end of this sentence.  (And a new updates page.)  You can read last year's Updates by clicking '2009' at the top of the page any time you want to return to Kansas.  Our new year's resolution??  Uh, we'll let you know in about 364 days.