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Welcome to Frangles
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The Only 7 Things You Need Know

1)  Frangles is a "fractal nonlinear" free online saga, which is just a fancy way of scaring off everybody so we don't have to write any of it.  Seriously, if anything Frangles is at all confusing or scary or nightmarishly nerdy, keep one infinitely important titanium thing in mind:  You don't have to understand any of that to read Frangles.  Just start with the first page of a book and click "NEXT" at the end of every page.  That's IT.

2) At the moment, the book Writer's Bricks (the most active project) has the most posted material, and the only material worked into the official reading structure that everything will eventually be in.  If you want to read Frangles with minimal dizziness, just start on 
Page One and hit "NEXT" at the bottom of each page until you've read all there is to read.  As you read, many of the basic ideas of Frangles will be revealed to you, but understanding them is no more important to being able to read Frangles as a dissertation on the The Lord of the Rings is necessary to enjoy the story.

3) The pages of Writer's Bricks are numbered with the Book number, then the Page number, which use the digits 1 to 7.  So page 111 111 is the first page of the first book, and page 777 777 is the last page of the last book.  If that's confusing, just
start reading, hit NEXT at the bottom of each page, and bookmark the page you stop on if you want to keep reading later.

4) Frangles is
"Xangles Saga #1", which just means there are some other confusing-ass Xangles sagas, too (FYI).  The only other Xangles saga with significant material is Xangles Saga #2: Blorkk.

5) Frangles is a very active project, so you can check the 
Updates page week to week on what's new around here.  This is currently the most active updates page for all Xangles / Blorkk / etc material, so can catch all Frangles-related updates here.  (Currently Frangles is the one being most worked on.)  We have high hopes of expanding Frangles to exquisite depths and breadths, so come follow the evolution of a wannabe franchise supernova.

6) If you come across a word, term, or character you don't understand, you can look it up in the full Xangles 
Index of Terms.  There will eventually be a Frangles Index of Terms but for now everything is thrown in there.  You can access it quickly with the URL xangles.com/i or frangles.com/i.

7) The only known Frangles writer is Squish, who lives around Boston, Mass, USA.  It's purposely left a giant mystery who precisely writes all this, if not him alone (narcissistic bastard).

After that, if you want to scramble your brain you can click around and explore the more confusing aspects of Frangles.  Remember, a lot of Frangles is confusing because it's a very new and purposely unorthodox concept that takes work to get into and understand (and is worth it), but, some of the confusion is our bad, in not being done right or not being done right yet.  
Feedback astronomically helps us build, write, revise, and structure Frangles and the concept of Frangles, so pretty franglically please drop us a note any time about what you like and don't like around here.  (Or of course, what you're completely ambivalent to!)  =)