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Frangles: Kyle Kirby of Earth
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Read Warnings before surfing Frangles reading material.

These are the semi-completed chapters of Frangles Book 2: Kyle Kirby of Earth, as they stand now.  Enjoy them while they last, because they'll probably be re-written, re-ordered, re-hashed, or if the planet is really, really lucky, just plain left to the infinite, cursed limbo of  forgetfulness, just like everything else to do with Xangles & Frangles.  But do get to know Kyle, because he's the only current day protagonist in the whole progression of the known universe (the other six Frangles books take place somewhere else in the endless boring progression from the dawn of time to the end of the universe).

The point of Xangles & Frangles is to attack a massive structured plot from a plethora of angles at once, so the only way to do that--in particular with the seven-book Frangles saga of which Kyle Kirby is book 2--is to jump around and write a whole bunch of stuff sporadically.  It just may all be a huge cover up for lazy, Adhd writing, but it all works out, because once you get bored of jumping around to death, the only thing left is to get distracted enough to finish the whole damn thing so that everything makes perfect sense at the end of time.

So, please read the only coherent Xangles/Frangles writing that grazes the vague ballpark of semi-completeness, and if you like it, check everything else out and check back later when there's more, becauase trust us, everything else here is exactly as nifty and fun as Kyle Kirby.  Then again, if you hate Kyle Kirby to death, check everything else out and check back later when there's more, because trust us, nothing else here is as nausiating and lame as Kyle Kirby.

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