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Frangles Book 5: Kroffonia

Misc Chapter: "Tiz"

Kroffonia is a world of science-moka (science-magic) called "tekica," which is pretty much ripped off from Final Fantasy III's "magi-tek."  Tekica is the fifth discipline in the progression of those of the known universe, long after flutons became science, and less long after science became so advanced as to begin seeming like moka (magic).  In fact, the entire world of Kroffonia is pretty much ripped off from Final Fantasy all together, not to mention ripping off every other story in existence where science meets magic head on, demonstrating the vast eclectic scope of of its creative prose.

As each book in the seven-book Frangles series parodies a totally different genre, Kroffonia leans more toward parodying video games, card games, and manga, as opposed to the strict sci-fi parody of Book 4 and strict fantasy parody of book 6.  We might consider this a secondary color, a bridge between two primaries, where Books 2, 4, and 6 (modern day, science fiction, and fantasy) might be considered primary colors, or at least, the primary bags of rip-off trash in Frangles, like the kitchen and hallway trash, whereas Kroffonia would be more like an outdoor barrel by a grill that no one uses.  Hence, it makes sense that it parodies offbeat genres different than the usual narcoleptically boring prose of strict sci-fi and fantasy.

As Frangles is just starting to be written, likewise there's just a handful of sample chapters up, which may or may not become a full online seven-novel saga.  Kroffonia is one of the least worked out books, but you can read the chapter above to get a very good feel of the book.  Youll note it involves some almost identical passages to the Kyle Kirby book.  This won't be happening in the final seven books, but part of the idea of a nonlinear saga is that you can switch around lots of passages and still make a complete story, so this is an example (of laziness) of what you'll be able to do with the saga once the seven fully unique books are written.

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