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Frangles Book 6: Jebb of Generika
Chapter 1: The Everending Story

It was just another day in the Dawn of the Last Age of the Dead Middle of the land of Generika.  Or at least that's what some had named it on a collective whim, since it was generally agreed the land had never begun and would never end.  Like a circle, said the plain of mind.  Like an infinite mobius strip, said others.  Like the self-similar maze of fractal images generated by the ancient math equation z=z^2+c, said a rare enlightened few.  Said a detested minority, like an infinite sea of melted, liquefied unicorns.
    The young efk snapped out of his drifting thoughts to how his whole land might be introduced in a far-away book as a vain prelude to a story about great adventures that would lead him outside his boring hometown.  He re-angled his gaze from the purple-cyan fractal sunset, and his attention drifted back down to his Mango Bible, which was a fruit named after the last known fruit of the Old Old Old World.  As he comited to his religious study, he sighed, wished that any such far-away book would be under construction for the moment, and flipped to a random page. >>
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