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Frangles Book 6: Jebb of Generika
The Ultimate Fantasy Humor Spoof-Parody

Chapter  1

Generika is a humorous comedic parody or spoof, of every fantasy film, novel, video game, RPG, card game, manga series, book, novella, short story, poem, and half-warrior three-percent hobbit mage-paladin-orc-slayer AD&D player's guide, ever published.  To further its ego, it's also founded on thorough and deeply developed themes of religion and spirituality and philosophy and their relation to the future of science.  It's the second to last book in the hence paradoxically nonlinear Frangles series, the only normal, interesting, coherent writing before a Frangles fan must face the mind-numbing attempt at a graduate political philosophy thesis parody--of Plato's Republic--the final book, at which point magic completes its evolution from thought to science to future science to far future science to tekica (science-magic) to moka (magic), to finally become so advanced as to progress right back where it started: blank mindless thought, at which point it's quite a long wait before any primordial ooze ever evolves back to cute little furry fuzzy hobbits or ewoks or balrogs.

Our story follows Jebb, a useless boy nobody exactly like every other useless boy nobody, soon to become the most powerful boy prodigy in all of the only land anyone around Generika knows about known as Generika.

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