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[please ignore shitty formatting and contrived irrelevent keyword density excusable via this bulsh "under confruction" clause (frlwayers?lol)]

Welcome to fresko.
...the only krfiter krforb.
now in 1366 x 768 XFXpi,
and 7D shrooms on pluto-9
(-a preface poem by jet!)

Before anything (not that you have any idea what's being procrastinated until we tell you), we should probably start off by mentioning the resolution 1366 x 768 (or 1366x768).  Why?  Because 1366 768 is our most popular wallpaper download, and we want to optimize our SEO before the bots get a tenth of the way down my rant before giving up on indexing the page.   Of course, SEO is just plain spam if this page has nothing to do with wallpaper, so, just to spite our sense of artistic integrity and your right to surf the internet without clicking extra links to get to what you want,  we're going to sneak in a few wallpapers now and then into our fresko journey.  You won't know when, which will force you to read on and on and on, because our wallpapers are just that good (this one being one of them!)

But WAIT!  There's more!  Surf fresko today for a taste of the plethora of radical fractal nonlinear mindbreaking medium surpassing self-prodigy sagas of Frangles and Blorkk (which is infinitely worthy in and of itself anyway), and you'll recdieve a whole purposeful slew of other wallpaper sizes to choose from, just in case you don't happen to own a 1366 X 768 monitor.  Wallpeprs such as 1600 x 900, and 1024 x 768, and 1080p or 1080i or whatever the hell extra letters they're putting after 1920 x 1080 nowadays , or  1360 x 768, or 1920 x 1200, or [--bot fraud overload, please report this incident to free YouTube videos of Elisha "Twilight" Cutbert in a Matrix Reloaded bikini, Jake Gyllenfree 1080p fractal wallpapers, Cher, Brad P@%$# @!#NO_CARRIER]


(Get it?  As if my initial 2 paragraphs were the "previously on..." of a 2-part siff frwoa ("siff" is Frangles slang for "science fiction", and "frwoa" is just about anything friters feel like defining it as), and now it's finally over?  No, the non sequitur part was the point of it, not--oh, nevermind.)


Fresko is the crowning pinacle epitomy of supposed friter laziness.  It's here because we've gotten tired with the cliche complexities of bulshing you that we actually work on Frangles, so the only thing to do is jolt it up to a new baffling level.  This of course and as usual presents a huge purposeful plethora various levels of headaches, frustrations, agony, and hellspawn torment, for you and us everyone else both, but of course and as usual, we're going ahead with it anyway.  (You know we're worth it.)  This time around, our goal is nothing other than the ultimate fathomable limit of procrastination satire; we're referring to the total and complete RRL fraud of tricking you into thinking we're actually working hard... by doing precisely what you'd expect us to do if we were telling the truth!  This shall extend to at minimum and ever beyond all the following activities: posting things to our website, updating things on our website, posting imagery and wallpapers, posting stories and blurbs and articles, and even altering the format and medium of the site to keep up with the times.  Then, finally, when Frangles is a full global frillion- dollar franchise as big as Best Buy or or Microsoft or that little make-up company that got swamped after Monica Luinsky wore some of their lipstic to her Barbara Walters interview, we will finally, finally have convinced you beyond a shadow of a doubt that we actually did something around here.

HOWEVER!!  This is such an astronomically and nasty massive goal, that we can only even begin by fleshing out blueprints for all the wonderful things you'll be experiencing once they're involved enough for someone to take interest and actually do the work for us.  (Once again, our honesty in this matter even further echewssuspicion that we're masterminding to eschew any actual work for all eternity.  And again.  And again.  And so on!)  Of course, to create this kind of hype for the work we'll never do, we'll have to post a certain amount of actual, genuine, real material.  Hence this we'll do, as it's a minimum and necessary evil involved in these of endeavors (which we know quite well, and you, if you know us at all), but we know you'll forgive us later as usual.  (Or at least, you'll do so if you're exceptionally new to Frangles.  Everyone else has lost their tolerance.  The only tolerate our art for our free elish@#$!)...

So.  what is Fresko?  (Not to allude to the question "What is the Matrix Fabio", or "How big are Pamela Ander@#$@#--")  Aside from the obvious implication that Fresko the usual answer to the previous two questions, Fresko is a Frangles vifa pseudocomputer, or rather, a vifa mot- be- fictional computer, of some vifa sort or another.  If that doesn't mean anything to you, you can go review your Frangles terms if you'd like, but if you're already up to par, we'll cover the other half that doesn't make any sense here.

We say and support our ongoing statement, "Frangles could be written by anyone... but it's not."  From Fresko's frangle, there is at least one piece of basic, hard core information you have about Frangles' design and construction: that some sort of aspect of Frangles or another utilizes Fresko itself.  Of course, Fresko itself may be an entiere fabrication, so who the !@#$ knows.  Have we managed to cover what the hell this is all about yet?  No?

So, what is Fresko?  (For real, this time!)  Fresko is basically a bunch of non sequitur and generally pointsless screenshots with stuff that looks like it has something vaguely to do with Frangles (and friends).  Fresko could be:

A) A RRL (real real life) individual friter's desktop computer, who's been instructed to hit "Print Screen" every so often so you know that at least that friter is working something (or was at some point, in the case that we've had these lying around for awhile^1^2)...

B)  A generally genuine presentation of stuff we're working on (or thinking about working on, or procrastinating working on) that isn't really anyone's computer in particular, but a pseudofictional one that purposely^3 generally genuinely gives you a good idea of some of our front burner / back burner / dried- up- like- a- raisin- in- the sun- of- the- 7th- story- of- hell burner , projects and progress, or lack thereof.

C) The decoy of a much larger entity to fuel the illusion that Frangles is a low-key project of a small group of lazy drunken beatniks to for the sake of the frwoa of Frangles growth into a larger enterprise, when really all the warehouses of Frangles pillow cases and flamethrowers^4 are already ready and waiting.

D) The dumbed down humanoid visual O/S translation of the work a bunch of bot orbs or krforbs who are really doing a billion times this amount of work, posted to keep your measly brains busy while we prepare your race for assimilation.

E) The genuine product of the work of Frangles- sponsered primates typing on keyboards for a 7 billennia.

F) Absolute, complete and total bulsh.^5

G) All or none or some of the above or some or none of the previous.

I) Kristen Bell, Britney Spears, and Elisha Cuthb @#$$4r3 2#$NO_CARRIER (_PIGEON@..

The PNG-blind pray for light of day above shadows of shapes you know not...