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We regret to inform you that Frangles Not Spam page 4 has been deleted by God himself--not a Sysop calling himself God, but the real-real actual-real God himself--as it incorporated too much frwoa static (that's a Frangles term for when metafiction crosses over with fiction too much for anybody's good) for the EARTH in general and related EARTH sagas (like MARS and HEAVEN and HELL) to handle and simultaneously direct relevant traffic to Frangles, Xangles, BlorKK, skipFron, the entire 3+ billion people accessible internet, and all the non-Frangles-associated material discussed and parodied on pages 1, 2, and 3, most of which we can't link to for actual-actual-real geek reasons that may scare you, even if you're already a geek.  Just go search the net for any interesting external terms you've read about.

Thank you.


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