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Douglas Adams: So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Monty Python:
Spam, spam, spam, spam...
Terry Prachett: Guys, that's SEO spam.
Monty Python: Huh?  Isn't that what we just said?
Terry Prachett: Oh, I see, I thought you were SEOing too.
Monty Python: No, we were trying to drive home four times over that Doug was engaging in malicious internet SEO.
Douglas Adams: I was?
Monty Python: Yah, see, it's the first quote of the page.  One of the key things Google's bots take into account when spidering the internet is the proximity of keyword phrases to the top of the page.
Douglas Adams: But that wasn't my intention.
Google: It doesn't f***ing matter.
Douglas Adams: Well why the hell wasn't the second line spam?
Monty Python: That was like killing a killer, with added verbal irony.  We were informing you that you were engaging in malicious internet SEO while maintaining the comical skit medium of this page.
Douglas Adams: But, four times?
Monty Python: It was pretty bad.
Douglas Adams: Hold it.  If this is a search engine optimized skit medium, then isn't the whole page spam?
Terry Prachett: How so?
Douglas Adams: I mean, our names must be coming up every third line.
Monty Python: No, that's just keyword density.
Douglas Adams: But if someone wrote the exact same skit in prose, they'd get a tenth of the hits.
Google: Tough sh** for them.
Douglas Adams: But, even "keyword density" is a keyword, isn't it?  You just said "keyword density" to throw the word "keyword density" in, right?  I can't even say "keyword density" without--
Nights of Ni: Ni!  Ni!
Douglas Adams: What the f--
Nights of Ni: We're the nights who saaaaeyeeyaayey...
Anti-Monty Python Fans: Don't.  Just don't.  Please.
Douglas Adams: Don't what?
Anti-Monty Python Fans: ..say, well, we really can't say, suffice to say that "ni" is a word that we--oh, sh**....
Douglas Adams: Wait, 'ni'?  They just say 'ni'?
Anti-Monty Python fans: Yup.  Oooover.  and oooover.  and oooover....
Douglas Adams: But isn't that also a form of SEO sp---
Nights of Ni: Ni!  Ni!
RandomAnonymousSkitProseGuy404: rofl
Douglas Adams: And you don't think engaging in this type of repetition inside a search engine optimized skit medium, is also engaging in SEO spam?
Terry Prachett: There you go again, you can't say "SEO" in the same sentence as "search engine optimization," because you're optimizing for anyone who types either  of them in, doubling your hits.
Douglas Adams: Let me get this straight, so, if someone got bored and just decided to start reading Hitchhikers while they just happen to be inside a search engine optimized skit medium--
Nights of Ni: "
Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the..."
Anti-Douglas Adams Fans: It!  It!  It!
Douglas Adams: --then that would count as skit medium search engine optimized skit spam too?
Terry Prachett: NO!  Look, you can't say "skit medium search engine optimized skit spam" inside a search engine optimized skit!  That's SPAM!  See?
Monty Python: Spam, spam, spam, spam...
Douglas Adams: Where's a total perspective vortex when you need one?
Elisha Cuthbert: Touche.

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