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Welcome to Frangles
They say frupdates are the frangles
in which we burn / temporally,
fremporally, when's it my
turn? / to update the
frupdates, and say 'sup?
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FRITE THE FRITERS!!  (or the only ones we let have emails)
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Pretty prettty frangly pretty please hit us with a spec of feedback now and then, because even a few words can be infinitely helpful in inducing how to make Frangles better for everyone!  In particular, we'd love to know what you think of the concept, the reading material (including how readable the fonts/layouts are), and/or what you'd like more (or less) of.  We've only recently put this contact page up so help give us some serious retroactive feedback because right now all we have from the year are a few friends who got dizzy, vomited, and swallowed a bottle of Mylanta.

The friters (Frangles writers) who write Frangles are clouded in mystery and eternal suspense.  Frangles could be written by a cardboard box, a clique of obsessive Douglas Adams fans, a division of Microsoft, a fracolic dolphin, or the western half of the entire state of Texas, USA.  To date, two real real life (RRL) potential friters have been revealed.  Technically, they may be the only ones, or two of many, or not friters at all!  They are probably significantly based in real life truth if nothing else, but they may have been hired, coerced, bribed, blackmailed, and/or slept with to create the illusion of being a friters to throw you off even more.  (The ku may never know.)

THE KNOWN REAL REAL LIFE FRITERS (unless we're lying*)--
Squish: A self-declared comedian & "armchair everything" living in or around Boston, Mass, USA.  He too often reminds he's prolific, to the point of our prolific nausea at his infectious ego.  Currently Frangles is the primary project he's involved with, but he also spends a lot of time arranging acoustic covers & lessons for his youtube page.*
Kyle Kirby: No, not the Frangles character.  This is a very real life Kyle Kirby who has at least some minor connection (if not more) to Frangles.  Perhaps he was sought after the Frangles character of the same name was created, or perhaps the Frangles Kyle Kirby was named after him.  We're not telling (pbblblb), but there can't be an infinite slew of Kyle Kirbys in the world, so this in fact narrows down the human race significantly for potential suspects. 

OFFICIAL REAL REAL LIFE HONORARY FRITERS (there are definitely others)--
Frangles is a huge world of intermingled fictional styles, and any writer's style has been affected by all the art they've absorbed over the course of their lives.  This is usually especially the case with the type of jokes & humor styles one uses with their friends.  Since Squish is the only major revealed RRL friter, the following are two major personal influences (not the only two, of course) on his comedy writing, if not ones he's directly written material that's been adapted for Frangles.  (For now their names mot have been changed for various reasons, if not simply because they think the idea of fractal nonlinear fiction is quite silly and want nothing to directly do with it.  In any case their last names & contact information have not been posted, whereas Squish himself is pretty findable / contactable if you in the Boston area.)
Sam-- Sam has been Squish's best friend for most of his life.  They've shared their bizarre (and surreally similar) forms of humor with each other over the years -- some personal and a few official finished projects -- of which one good example is The Last Login.  Here you see their back- and- forth interaction between their humorous styles early on in college.  Nowadays Squish often complains "the jerk hasn't contacted me in a million years".
Jen-- Squish and Jen's big humorous project with each other was called "The Urk Saga", now heavily and directly adapted for Blorkk via the "urgg" characters, who also show up in Frangles, which often interconnects with Blorkk (such as here).  Their "Urk Saga" evolved from a few silly notes passed in high school into crafted, involved plans for a fully marketable "audio skit saga" of 9 CDs that would be akin to Monty Python skits except have a coherent plot across the nine CDs complete with musical score and in-depth characters as well as each individual skit being funny.  It was never finished or produced, but it went quite a ways with some good initial work put in on the first CD.  The plans for plot-based audio skits have been re-worked into a "skit-prose" style for Blorkk, by Squish and/or Jen.

("Xangles writers", of which Frangles & Blorkk, etc, are sagas of, hence they're particularly general Xangles writers rather than specifically Frangles writers)

Plato-- An anonymous general college philosophy major or graduate associated in some way with Pixel & Poe.
Pixel-- An anonymous college student or graduate of a field involving some type of computer graphics, programming, software design, and/or engineering (etc), associated some way with Plato & Poe.
Poe-- An anonymous general college English major or graduate associated some way with Plato & Pixel.
Clearly the combined skill set of Plato, Pixel, & Poe would be a very decent explanation of where the design, structure, and ongoing execution of the Frangles project comes from.  College students are often young enough to be creative / innovative with new and radical ideas for the world, and also old enough to make very practical use of those ideas.  Xangles as a whole is very eclectic, including a growing collection of professional quality backgrounds as well as radical ideas about the future of fiction in a growing digital age where nonlinear prose becomes very practical, as well as other material and ideas not yet posted such as serious and professional-esque philosophy papers (not everything Xangles is comedy, or least won't always be), and anything else we mot be telling you about just yet.
          Also, clearly such a trio would have reasonable time to write material at the rate it's been posted.  It could be seen unlikely that Squish just sits on his ass all day and rendering fractals and backgrounds and writing prose that mot never be published or lead to any official career, but then, there are plenty people in the world -- and especially throughout history -- that actually are that prolific, so you'd have to decide for yourself from his posted works (or from knowing him personally) if he's capable of that type of genius and ineffable versatility (or so he says of himself all but verbatim).

(who work on, organize, frite for, or are associated with Frangles & Xangles, in some way or another)
Orbo - Fluto - Krufo - BlastKal-7000 - Crayon - Pik - Rafkin
Each is kinda strange & mysterious in their own way if they've appeared at all in Xangles, but you should have bumped into one or two already if you've been following the material for awhile.
~   ~   ~
Clearly there's a whole messed up mixy mesh of clashing levels of realness and fiction around here, which is what Frangles is all about.  You can go get lost and dizzy for yourself in all the Xangles sagas (currently just two), because we're definitely exhausted from being so ourselves!  (If you can figure any of this out, please give us an email, because we'd sure like to know.)

* Technically, we officially admit / claim we may be deceiving you; but carefully note the difference between officially noting our potential deception about official claims, and officially stating that someone may or may not exist.  The former is always implied with any information we tell you if not constantly expressed (in order to maintain a very real feel but to still say "we told you so" if it ever turns out anything we say has been somewhat crafted; although if nothing else our RRL claims are at least based in truth), to create a very real feel, but the latter is often not the case.  E.g. here, we are officially claiming there exists a very real real life Kyle Kirby, and a very real life Squish, hence we will speak of these people from that frangle, such as "Squish wrote a brick today" or "Kyle visited his cousin for Thanksgiving."  We would not say "Squish and Kyle went to space and visited Pluto" as we might for a character who we officially claim is mysterious and mot exist in real life.
                Likewise if we leave it mysterious and unsaid who precisely produces Frangles, we would not say "Our publishing agent in California got us five friters us a deal with Ballantine books" , unless we officially "revealed" that there are precisely five friters and that we were, in fact, in negotiations will Ballantine books.  If that's not the case, it could be easy to disprove by calling Ballantine who might outright deny it and be angered at our claim, and such a claim might even border officially illegal perjury.  We take care to adhere as best we can to the safest ends of Fair Use law, so we aren't likely to push the line by announcing something untrue and hoping the general official footnote that "anything we say on Frangles could be false" would fully defend that fraud.
                On a much safer end, we might claim, "a publishing company has shown interest in Frangles" and proceed indefinitely with this claim, but we would not contradict this later with "fooled you; we've never submitted Frangles to a publishing company".  Think the Star Trek universe from the frangle that Star Trek's all real life--one the more die hard trekkers often hold to, with no judgment from us as massive promoters of the validity of all points of view and frangles in the universe (nerds)--where it's difficult for Star Trek writers to explain apparent contradictions in what's supposed to be an entirely self-consistent universe (since it's so enormous and developed a universe).  Indeed, the new new new Star Trek series eschews all this by officially stating that all the new stories occur in an uncharted parallel universe, so that nothing but the mentioned history before the alternate time line broke off can be said to contradict anything in the old series.  Of course, the new time line must be self-consistent for at least 5-6 series or 8-10 films before things get so convoluted that it will be well time to excuse and even welcome another big "reboot").
                Also note that if we're ever somewhat misleading you about something, this is at least based in truth if nothing else.  If Squish actually swallowed a couple wrong pills and had a hallucination he talked with a floating Buddha who gave him some ideas which were probably floating around his own unconscious anyway, we might say, "Squish bumped into a Buddhist at Barns & Noble who gave him a few pointers on Frangles' religious themes " (etc).