New New Frangles Beta (whatever that is i think its just bulsh!) (p3!!!)

ojay people (peeps!) that's quite enough followin' the format cuz like im supposed to parody the page or whatever so it can slowwwlly transition towards abbbsolutely noooooothing if someone doesn't knock suish into posting shtuff...sooooo here weeggooooo(gle)..

"what squih did(nt) do this week"
"...brought to you by jet hacker!"
- a poem by jet -
{{to undo me' bad grarmer&sp}}

[id rite one about chip but hes actually doin his "JORB"..go check out the mobile site peeps...i don't think he really know what he's doin..he said something about putting on a mask that he's more computer talking than he really is but it seems to be workin fornow anyway check it out so far ((LINK))]


BUT!!! WELL BE GETTING TO SOME PICTURES SOON DONT WORRY ABOUT A THING (jet takes care of you, ladies, rememver thart, you willg! oh nooo not another joke about URBO turnig meinto ablorg embasador cuz im studying too murch grurlgrum heres a ((LINK)) i think but its fun sorta i men its a litle bit better than english i tguess rhrmr...)

todqday squish wrote this blurbs he labeld "_Progress_".  of course we'll know what thart means..... theeeee EXAAAACT TRUNKING *OPOSITE*!..  soooo.. i thought i'd make his dreams come true and hack into all his shits (it wasnt hard he told me all his passwurds cuz he thought he could trust me) and post stuff youre never gonna see if i gets evil here and breaks some rulz.  not that flying the faxce of all the known univi in alll existence and changing art forb the better and stuff isn't well you know isn't whatever...sorry a bit out of it maybe i've been 2 buzy grapbling with ineviablish guilt for farnglic something imnot supposed to. jhe can take it down if he wants i suppose but don't tell him i told you he might not actualy check the fruupdates page for awhile when i'm doin it so here we ggogogooooogle...

today squish wrote this plurb.  I think i said that but irm to lazy to look back up im short u know but angrywywyaay here itis:

We're going to take our infinitely expanding bulsh complex to (as usual) a new extraordinary level.  This of course and as usual presents a huge purposeful plethora various levels of headaches, frustrations, agony, and hellspawn torment, for the freer, but of course and as usual, we're going ahead anyway.  (You know we're worth it.)  This time around, our goal is nothing other than the ultimate fathomable limit of procrastination satire.  We're referring to the total and complete RRL fraud of tricking you into thinking we're actually working hard... by doing precisely what you'd expect us to do if we were telling the truth!  This shall extent to at minimum and beyond all the following activities: posting things to our website, updating things on our website, posting imagery and wallpapers, posting stories and blurbs and articles, and even altering the format and medium of the site to keep up with the times.  Then, finally, when Frangles is a full global frillion- dollar franchise as big as Best Buy or or Microsoft or that little make-up company that got swamped after Monica Luinsky wore some of their lipstic to her Barbara Walters interview, we will finally, finally have convinced you beyond a shadow of a doubt that we actually did something around here.

*HOWEVER!!*  This is such an astronomically and nasty massive goal, that we can only even begin by fleshing out blueprints for all the wonderful things you'll be experiencing once they're involved enough for someone to take interest and actually do the work.  (Once again, our honesty in this matter even further echews suspicion that we're masterminding to eschew any actual work for all eternity.  And again.  And again.  And so on!)  Now of course, to create this kind of hype for the work we'll never do, we'll have to post a certain amount of actual, genuine, real material.  This minimum is a well known necessary evil to these types of endeavors, but we know you'll forgive us as usual.

now. NOW. we all knowg the best way to keep on after this blurp is to put it away and nerber forget he erger wrote ig. (sorry peeps im worgin on my urgg argscent i no i should do it on my own watch by angrryryway...). burt thargs to meeeeg, it is now open to the whole 7 million peeple orn planet Earg ("Earth" in nonurgg).  i cant actualy make it come true or angrything but the fact that he wrote somethings gotta be somethin wurth reading. (ok im doin it too much go check out the grulgrum (spell?) page on blorkg... sorry, BLORKK... .com. then you'll "GERT" it (im not an urgg btw if u werg wondering).

to be nice to him, he actualy means well, yah, you know it girlies jet is tha maannnuknow?... (nonsequiternearly- 13-yoass..that's "yoass" that's a new wordi wuzint sepreating the "oa" but that's up to you)... but its so bad that even when he plans oon showin you all the new frangles shits everythinggoes to ohhh no not another nonshegwigur jokge about jet tangenting nonleniantly into ohg youg gret thge proint! <URGG MODE=OFF!>...thatllw acgually worg some day :(

NERBER MIND (as Glorg says in 13153 which is like 700000 PLP by now but no ones gonna post it oh wait heeerere!  look! omgg who posted his unfinished !@#$s for you it weas meremembr girlies jet is da maaannn... morals and shits is the way to go the women lig that...(mraybe not urg slurrss tho...squish says only dorgs will read frarngles but then he thought only dorgs liked vampire !@#$s and now that !@#$s everywhergge.g...not me tho, no, im not allowed to read vampier boogs until i'm the big '1' '3'...and no idomnt' mean writersbricks i mean R/L... [check uyour legalstuff i mot or mot not not have left out an extra "R" inthat last bit somewhere omggg my gtrammar and tuyping sucks crap but that's ACCIDD... ha! useda new vocab term oh right let's post that here we gooogogolele....


Below: final Picks for interesting pseudoswears or swear substitutes after the follow exercise below (character swears / rrl silly swears / a character's particular style of explicative(sp?) / etc.. e.g. "else if" could be a funny sci-fi programmer or philosopher swear, etc)sldkfj
[notes for zillion-hour work coining of "bulsh" for "bullshit" in another file]
acid / pook / freckle(s) / shirp / else if / sevth* / zggt / zud / abs / asprin / feck / fuzz / frock / fook / freck / trex / necks / shoof / shove it / chet? / soot* / chip chep / sweck / shiff / snip / chork / chort / chunk* / pleck / chuck / sock / shoff / moose / mustard / poz / plok / plik plok / soda / fruggles* / xog / ook / sequitur / chib chub / juggle / sak / argv() (rrl) / chuggle / shuggle / frez / frugs / frogs / egg it / aspirin / zoo* / zoom / trunk / fwuh! / sweck!
Squish (condense) "ASDF" --  # "ASDFing [lazy]"
Some possible factors (to take into account):
_______1. Sound of each letter pronounced in order ( 'A' . 'S' . 'D' . 'F' ) i.e. ("aee.. ess.. dee.. eff")
_______2. Pronounced as a word in order "ass?diff"*
_______3. Sound of each letter averaged together (A + S + D + F, npo)
_______4. Averages of various combinations of averages (A + S average) averaged with (F + S) blah etaklfjr sdfkjgh sdfkgjhsdflkhsdf;lkdfhl;kjdfghl;gh;
_______5. Averages of combos when sounded out in different ways (aess... fffddd...)
_______6. Squish/fuse sdeof combos of 2 (and/or 3) in rysdkl;rghsdlsdgjkorder ("aess" + fehddd sesss...e etldfklkfjvsldkfjg;asdklgjsdkfjgsdfjklghsdkjghsldkjfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrfrgvn55555555555555555555555555555555555555555stbrl
_______7. (misc/more)
_______9.** SOUND OF KEYS WHEN TYPING ON KEYBOARD (ETC)... i.e. factor in the very quick pressing of the keys from 'a' to 's' which may sound a bit different tjham expectseralkdfjgkljsd fgkj but eackjh sldkfjloweroigsdjfgkljdayewordksjflsjtgsdlkfgjorjkvn4ruioijgfvzlgiorwpergivne jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjdfklkhn

aeastieoeff / Aeastief / asimov / ice field / i asked you / estiff

inbetween S & D (very subtle / tricky vowel insertion)
squish normal:: eh / ooeh / oeh / oe / ih / eh / ih / uh / oeh
sq:: kid/lisp ih oih
sq:: lisp: ooh
sq:: nerd: oeh
sq:: male singer: ih / ieh / ooh / oeh
sq:: slightly gay guy singer: oeh / ooeh
sq:: tenor plumber: oouh
_pick: "a" in apple / ih in if

inbetween D & F (little easier than between S & D ("S&D"?))
squish:: (t}oo{k)f /2xasd
sq::flame: ouff
sq::nerd: oefff
sq::surfer dude: (t/oo\k)f
sq::yoda: (g)oo / (t/oo/k)eff
sq::count blah: (g/oo\)f
_oeh / a in "ah" / u in rugjmh / tuff / stuff / bookasdfgh

assaduf / assadahf / assiduf / assidoof
assadoof / assiduf / assaslkduf / assiduf

RESULTS: esther / ice skating / acidic / astiff / (Astief^1/blhgrjh) / astif / 's'
ask a door / asimov / acid of / (m)astiff / accident / estiff /
esf / esfv / esv / esper@c / (adjective) / add sedetive / instead of / as it of /
acidic love / as of / ass / (asprin)

A + D = T?
S + F = V?
A + S = UH/EH=(A)
S + D = T
A + F = (K) / EH
D + F = TV

T? + V? + A +  T + (K)/EH + TV = EH + TV + QU + V/F = T + Z = SEH/SEU/TAH/SST = SOOH / TUT / TV / SOOH / SOOT / SIT / (SET) = STT/TVVT = TW / SF / T = T(?) (not 'T' / i.e."tttt" not "tee") or F(?) [more the sound not the letter] / mayble a little Z? == T,F?,Z??... / z? / = STH???? = Z!

Z / Z / ZV / TV / ZUD = SZ / ("zoo")

asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfsdfasdfasfasfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdffasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdefasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf..!?!?! (**take rhythm more into account than actual "sound" of keys phonetically**)

(1_+ 3_) = esfwuh / iessfeel / estff / estiff / ezoefft
(_3 + _4/5/6) =  T/D/SEUEH/SO/SI(H)N/SEND/SENT/SUH(/SUCK)/SOEH/(so it is)/(sofa)/(soda)
(_1 + 4/5/6) = euhstiff / his stuff / adje(c)tive / measurement / as it was / iesitfell(d) / as it fell / as it (was) / asidive / (seditive)
A: (1_ + 3_) + (4/5/6) = esfwueh / azetitive/asvf / elizabeth / else if
B: (_3 + _4/5/6) (+1) = zezuewuh / estif / dvuett / z((g))tt / "i swim sthvehueh(g)h!"
C: (1 + 4/5/6) + (_3) = hesitant / ehzszuehn /  Isabel / asitib / (crucible)x
A + B: ZOO / ZOOEH / (ZOOM) / TOOEHT / to it / SZZT / SOOTZT / ZOOT / suit / iz(tvwvuh)tit / elzititive / (beezelbum)(sp?) / [elvis] / [elephant] / [escalator]
A + C: ssseiththengh / sttstvssttvzoeiittts(zvuh)(zv) / [visit] / asitib / auehz / auezh(bgp**??**)
B + C: szvvztnt/zoiht/zit / aswhss(euh)t/"soot"/"suit" / ehzi(b**??*)wuh / ez(uh)(bp**??**)

(1: letters in order / 2: sound out letters in order / 3: slop of averages

Final Final Final ok/blah picks / potentials:
sevth / abs / asprin / ice field / acidic / acid* / zoo* / Z! / F / set / sit / sid / sip / septh / sorting / desert / assert / zort / zart / drowning / "zzzz" / ZING! / zud / stuff / stuffing / ede / reserve(s) / rez* / elephant / tit / else if* / stiff / septh / depth / zoom / esc / swim / cruise / rum / rub / trunk / duet / positive / zggt! / zoog it! / zug / zougit! / lazy / bagpipe* / (xangles) / (xangle) / FWUH! / ed

Above list with "FUCK"--
suck / sit / sik / fuzz / foot / phet / fook / feck / feque / uck! / ick / icky / yuck / yucky / SWUCK! / suht/soot/suit / aevhwsw(uh)! / DOING! / soot / foot / puck / pook* / struck / suck / sem/sim / send / seck / (circus) / sick / (neck) nuk / knock neck / sock / (sector) / (sid) / seck / SUCK* / FEK^ / fegk / fekg / effect / "F it" / Fib / Feb / February / freckle(s)* / frock / fork / svuck / effect / eck! / egg / eggt / egg it / nugget / neg(ligent), neg(ative) neg(ate) / nugnug / Norgug^ / nork / FUG / FUGK / fog / effect / affect / rug / ugh! / oergh / axed* / exit / (exited) / exceditive / (hector)?lol / zing / fouk / fook / fug / zug / zugk / zoig / zoiegg / bacon / beg him / beg* / buck* / beckit(rrl last name?) / buck (naked) / bet / back / beggert / break

"ASDF" picks/etc with "SHIT"--
it / zet / shwueh / if / f / fret / fart / freck / freckle / eshquip / a script / eggxitib / extacy / tit / jwuet / shesk / ((shux)) / shex / trex / vex / ?ex / ex / sex / necks** / rex / shirt / shoof / shoef / shuff / "show off" / "shove it" / shove / stove / stoven / oven / ((chet)) / chit / chit chat / soot** / sit* / shook / shhhoeooenngngffhgrblh! / show it / shirp* / chirp / chep / chip* / chort / shwet / wet / shtepf / shiff / ship / agid / (agile) / (fragile) / (effect) / (sweck!) / seck / bblllaaahhhh....

Random Misc Combos--
chunk / fruze / pleck / chuck / socks / speg / speck / sex / to-it / toe it / tow it
tentative / shove / chef / shoff / seooss / (moose) / mustard / (possible) / poz / pruck / plok / plork(tm?) / jot* / jut* / seggle / seggleseusthtwuth / seggleuh / (school) / (settle) / sorg / (segregate) / surg / surge^* / secretive / secretary** / truck / tuck / seck / chitchet / xoegewugghgwh / xoeg* / xug / xorg / xoerg / seuhk / say "ook"! / ook / uk / ehk / egglegkg / fggrtvt / ZIG ZAG / jigsaw(tm) / tig tug / sequitur** / soda / fruggles*** / froze* / frugs* / frogs* / (friends) / frez / (derez) / friz/fris(bee)* / dig dig / (dig deep) / (decagon) / shuggle / chuggle / juggle / chugb / chub / chib chub / chip chup / chip chop(rrl?) / shvug / tvuck / tug / (tig tug/blahetcfoobarblah) / equador(rrl) / (equator) / equate(rrl) / equivalent / error* / (barder) / (harder) / hoarder / hurter / horf! / SAK* (sahhhkk) / argv() (rrl func) / snip /

[final picks at top of file]
NOTE: "acid" is the most viable / spredable real life pseudoswear/etc out of this whole list... in there with "cool" / "mint" / "phat " / "sick" / "bites" / "burns" (#rrl cop: teen vampire book title with word burns in it), "poison" (ie for booze), "bent"** [frangles: dex uses; rrl used?]... note the negative connotation of the utilization of a word used for the name of a drug can be turned around with a little effort by distinctly fleshing out the term as something that also makes the drug "acid" look bad / give a poor rep, etc... One could say "acid!" in the way one might say "man that shit bites" or "that sucks!" in the implied metaphor "Aw, that's as bad as taking acid!", or "stay away from that shit, man!" or "hey someone brought illegal shit to the party, the cops are gonna get us for sure, get that shit outa here, guys".  if you're a software engineer (or bored surfing middleschooler and your computer (or worse, Pong, (rofl!)) crashes, one might say "acid!" as in "damn it, some idiot tripped on acid and crashed my dedicated godaddy server!")... [*NOTE after this tedious exercise I'm relatively certain that the line of thought that led to my choice of this term as a good potenial rl pseducocurse/whatever (if it's not already used somewhere I'm not familiar with anyway) was generally more or less original / unique.  I.e. I probably (quite possibly at the least) would have chosen this word anyway if the drug did not exist... this can be a very, very tricky matter; self-analyzing ones subconscious thought processes... i could be's why i don't read much of anybody else's nowadays because I don't have a need for additional external inspiration, and I don't want to contaminate my thinking to the point where what I come out with may be less original than it otherwise would have (or, more legally questionable as in the ballpark of intellectual theft..)??grr]


immmsooooo NNNOOTTT sychoanalizing that. i think its all pretty selfexplarngatory or atleast asmuch as anything isin this place butanngrrywwaayyy... oh yah i dont have to say "shits!" anymore ()even thoub i know its nota real word)... i can say "ACID!"... and aparently thats ok wehther or mot not it's a drug or not because i wouldn't even know that if it wasnt in the file actualy i have no idea if its even made up or not but its sounds prerty real life to me but what do i know im just an aspiring otc ginseng adict.two more years and i can legaly buy monster and voltage at my drugstore yah thats right *jetfuel dance*))...but now i know its bad dont do shits acid drugs peeps!!... that shits is ACID! hrhrgm...grurna half to wurk on that okay this urgg grurlgrumrmg shits (sorry, acid) is OFFF!! (or OOF, ur pick)...

yah so thats what i gots to rat about..hope you enjoyed the show ohhhhhhh wait! no! look who hagged into squishs pentagon adamanium security files and got to the fractals pictures that have been sitting around for like EONS like literally so long it would blow your mind here we googoooooglgle...

BUT FIRST A WORD FROM FORD [pleace check out all the stuff i was gunna link to here but dont have the time b/c this poem is like a lifetime work for me and i think i've done a helluva lot enough ygahhhrgggrr...]


...behold, inthe spirit of the login/etc/etc srvice alluded to... IMAGES!!...(is gots ur back sweethahts..but shitsurpanties if yourgunna angryway..)


these were in a folder called "FOR SHRINKING", which i only assume means there the super duper originals right out of rafkins rear butt which means i betta' grab em fast before there copyrited andsold for bazillions of $$$$ (did i just talk pearl?lol i saw pme pf chip's filesz..programs r bent, man... acid even!  even ACID*IC*!!... k back to our displaying of the pictures allready in "prog."..)..nerber mind im gettin bored cya all in "FREER BLOCK" tomororw llollol...


:: >>>>>

ABOUT THIS BOX (from jets frangle!)

its empty. its an empty box.
i bet my poem doesn't even reach the end
[..a hidden poem by jet]
[purposely bad grammar buy paramont]

Tat, where are we now?
I think Orbo misblinked us to jets new page.
jet? oh! that's that attractive middleschooler that allg the homies want their girlies to date when im rich and famaous thats theonly reason i do all this is for you, girlies. 

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