New Frangles Beta (p2)

<Orb dude,what the hell are you bypassing?>
<Years of potential text-only NFB login parody pages.>
<Oh.  Dumb question.  Sorry.  Why don't you clarify, though, just to be sure.>
@What happened to the capitalization skit thing?\

Behold, images!  ...In the spirit of the first page of the Bible and the FUA opening to Matrix Revolutions with the blast of orangey fractal big-bang stuff where all of Frangles was ripped off from (from a retrospectroactive frangle) >>>

R..O..F..L. Okay, so, frangle free, i.e. iisooomorrfiicckkly, I suppose you have no way of knowing whether this paragraph is contrived or my attempt to insert a graphic here just failed, causing me to almost literally fall out of my chair and roll around on the floor laughing in RRL (ROFLIRRL?), for multiple cumulative reasons you can probably take a guess at if you're at all familiar with Frangles' ability to build up incident on incident on incident, or rather, frwoa on frwoa on frwoa... not that this image failure was amuch of a fr23woaggrr.. @@\\, but I'm sure someone out there found it entertaining.  You know what, I'm just rambling, so let me grace you for the utmostest time ever with an explanation of what New Frangles Beta is all about. @>did anyone register the domain 'newfranglesbeta'?\@2>did anyone register 'ifwemadeafuckingnickleinRRL maybewedactuallyhavethemoneyto registereverysinglestinkingfuckingdomain anyonewantstoregisteratthe dropofahat\@1>touche\
You probably want to brace yourself, though, since right now I'm literally literally literally literally literally literally sitting in a chair at my desk in RRL (I don't dare say "RRRL" after having seen Inception recently... that's another ROFLIRRL joke if you've been following Frangles long enough to have any fucking clue what "RRL" even stands for to begin with (I'll let you go have fun sifting through hundreds of webpages of material to find the new glossary (hint: there is no new glossary))), and hence anything I explain may come out more direct than anything we've ever posted in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF NEW FRANGLES BETA SINCE ITS VERY VERY VERY FIRST TEST PAGE.  (Because hopefully there should be something new for you by the 2nd.  (Whee... I'm actually using proper actual italicized html instead of the * bulsh we've been posting for so long... I suppose you might theorize that all that * stuff was just to preluide to the start of NFB to make it seem like a simple italizizedfddf word is a vast technological advancement or something like that hey does anyone have a beer i'm getting kind of ggrrr... sorry, I dsdf sorry, I'm not trying to trick you into thinking I'm on some fictional plane of existence where at I'm OKKKK that's enough sdkfjfgGGRRRdkfgkg@GGR@$#fekrgj\\\\\(sORRY).

SCROLL BOX INSERTION ATTEMPT 2 (because I know it already works and I'm too ASDFing lazy to try something else that won't)
:: >>

ABOUT THIS BOX (from another frangle)

New Frangles Beta is...
A) Just another empty scroll box
B) The best idea for a fractal nonlinear MCQ since the stargate itself
C) A harbor for obscure 1st-season Stargate Universe quotes
D) Self-infringing admissions of SGUMCQ infringement violantion @wtf?\
E) The best unregistered domain since
F) A faint hope that you'd have some fucking clue what New Frangles Beta is by the end of this bulsh FUASGUNFBTFNMCQ!

R..O..F..L..(Part deuunh! deungh! dungh!!!):  So I just realized I can just put some links to the images I wanted to insert (duhr).  So here we go... image link insert test blahhrghfdfjgrr..

wallpaper thumbs 1 - <insoid desc>
wallpaper thumbs 2 - <insoid desc>
wallpaper thumbs 3 - <insoid desc> 
animation thumbs 1 - <insoid desc>
animation thumbs 2 - <insoid desc>

Tat, where are we now?
I think Orbo misblinked us to New Frangles.
What?  That system's half way across the galaxy, we couldn't possibly have--
No, I heard you.  I was prompting for clarification.  If I'd wanted to be rhetorical, I'd have blatantly stated how idiotic it is to curse out loud when for all we know we just misblinked to a key test box of a vifor aspiring kiddie-safe family-friendly fractal nonl--
GOF it already, what is it?
Look at Orbo's new error thingie.
And of course by "error thingie" I'm assuming you're referring to his Pentagon-issued  military-grade 13.7 million muggle-dollar--
This is New Frangles Beta!
That's when New Frangles was a-- was-- was-- whu..
Let me guess, I was dead on.
I was right, wasn't I.
Say it, I was right.
You're silence is steel confirmation that New Frangles Beta is a vifor aspiring kiddie-safe family-friendly fractal nonl--
{dude, you can't stick the beep on the same..oh, !@#$ it <beep>}
||old down / 404 // zeroa // glossary // link / non-link / broken link / broken arrow / broken brinkclzzgrr ||


Frangles Created with PageBreeze Free HTML Editor

Whhhooa!!!  Whoa!  Eeiiieeie..ah!WHA! WHA!
Huh?  You woke me up, man, what's all the fuss about?
"Frangles Created with PageBreeze Free HTML Editor"!
"Frangles Created with PageBreeze Free HTML Editor"!!!
I know, I read it last page, really, what the !@#$ is the big deal?  And watch your exclamation factorial precedent conflict checker.
No, last time it said " 'Webpage Created with PageBreeze Free HTML Editor' ".  Now it says "Frangles Created with PageBreeze Free HTML Editor"
@jet>squish should there be somethin here about how frangles should be in stars or somethin\
@*>maybe we could link jet's suggestion with the factorial joke here and elaborate\
So it's an official disclaimer that the entire Frangles project was the brainchild of a buggy two-bit Earth mark-up text language editor!
Don't force me to allude to the pat in K-Pax where Prot makes a comment about (mark!) repeating himself idiodically when he has no idea what Prot is talking about.
@does the annoying length of these lines outweigh the humor of us pissing off the readers?\
@sq>the question is whether we feel philanthropic enough to let them get their way at the cost of our own fun\ @<lol\
@NONEXISTENT FREER: Guys, I'm not even reading this shit, I didn't even think about glancing down here to read this\
@ah, that's great, no need to keep going with the skit, then\
@it was already a distraction to begin with\