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Normal Font... Ok obb, I got into the very first html test page.  I got the friters using this new free html editor I designed called PageBreeze for their Frangles re-hash (sorry, rehaul).@//insert link however you do that not sure yet; when try to link to PageBreeze here it selects a longer string//@.  It has like a thousand secret traps like the programmer backdoors in the Matrix Reloaded@//insert another link but make to something stupid like backstreetboys.com (our usual, lol!)//@ except they're not obvious, like I mean why would you be walking around in the "hacker hallway" anyway unless you're a obsessed Matrix freer who can't distinguish between science fiction, Frangles, and real real real life.  Did that make sense?  Ok, I think my ramblomatic commentary juice wore oohfhfff..f.f....zzz.z.zzzZz/Zz..

test scroll box insert dear gods this better work ughghghg...

ABOUT THIS BOX (from a text page frangle)

Frangles (or  Xangles saga 1--or maybe 90 for all I know by now) is a multi-book text test box fractal nonlinear reading saga.  It begins in a small obscure Earth html text box and progresses to an opening paragraph -- inserted into the previously- present "ABOUT " blurb posted first on frangles.com (from my frangle) -- into a test html page with an opening blurb breaking entirely from the point of an introductory blurb to let you know that it appears the text box is actually working.@//fix gramar here//@  Why bother saying this, you might ask,when you can quite cearly see it's working with your own eyes?  For only one reason and one reason only except for the other: Search engines don't like redundant material.  So it's either alter a whole blurb for meaningless comedic purposes b/c no one's every gonna read this page anyway, or actually take the five seconds to insert a NO INDEX tag in the html which I'm not completely sure how to do, and I don't feel like googling it and learning something.  That seems to make me seem lazy, but I'm not sure how doing ten times the work to avoid a tenth of the work makes someone lazy...  I think that's just a workaholoic in disguise.
many more books as time goes on, all with an intense and brain mangling structure that will carefully look!! Here we go again!  I couldn't even finished a single !@#$ing opening blurb sentence sentence without it being... whoa wait, PB just autohighlighted a sudoswear.  Maybe it thinks it's an email or something.  Whatever, I'm not going to click it, I'm sick of PB sending me to the bot orb depths of hell with every other trick link he throws in.  I've thought of suing him for..oh wait, was I not supposed to be personifying PB into a conscious entity yet?  Daaamnn... or should I say, !@#$ !? 


So, from that frangle, Frangles can be said to be a fractal nonlinear seven book series of humorous novels, mixing Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett with-- WHOA!  Fair Use overload.  You can't mention D/A and T/P in the same sentence.  Didn't you ever see FRANGLES NOT SPAM?  On a nonsesquitturr note (however the !@#$ you spell non-sequiter; is that right?) I'm starting to get the feel of PB really quick as I used it's previous next of kin Kompozer... is that right?  "previous next of kin"?  okaaaayaahy...getting WAY TOOOOLONNNG for a stupid opening blurb box... then again maybe it's important.  This page could arguably be the the very core and genesis of the ENTIRE second phase of the ONLY KNOWN FRACTAL NONLINEAR TEXT BOX SAGA IN ALL THE UNIVI IN ALL THE OTHER UNIVI IN ALL THE EARTH DICTIONARIES THAT DON'T INCLUDE "UNIVI" AS A VOCABULARY TERM!!!... that didn't sound very important, did it...(??)
@@//sq>for some reason I get the gut vibe this would be a great place for a really long commentary medium joke set..I'm not sure why. Or maybe I'm just foreshadowing a self-fulfilling text box saga prophecy...any ideas?//@
@@//obb>I do not get "gut vibes", Squishtopher.  Gut vibes are for ambiguous versatile interactive messaging bots who mat- or- mot- bot- not be entirely sentient and mat- or- mot- bot- be responding in a vague template manner based on your intrinsic grammar sans any intrinsic idea how anything you just said just now could possibly make any sense to anybody in all the univi in all the "univi"-discluding dictionaries on all of Earth.//@
@@//jet>ok at least obb has better punctualization than squish. that tells us something about the higher smarts of a borb over a
silly comedian flunkout//@@
@@//obb>I do not get "gut vibes", Jettrik.  Gut vibes are for ambiguous interactive versatile messaging bots who mat- or- not- bot- mot- not be entirely sentient and motorbotnot be responding in a vague template repetitive manner based on your intrinsic grammar sans any intrinsic idea how anything anyone around here ever says can make any sense to anyone intelligent out there in the universe.
@@//sq>prophecy fulfilled. EOL. EOT. QED. (Knock on fruse)//@
@@//fruse>Hey, stop knockin' me, dude.  I'm not made of wood, you know.//@@
homepage if we cheat and throw it in calling it an entire Xangles saga link for SEO purposes, so there's plenty to read if you're "box-bored".  Mainly up with lots of more auto- penalty- free shameless- link stuff to read is Blorkk: The 2nd Known Universe (the sequel to the actually semi-coherent, non- stupid- html- box xangles "saga" ), and Squish7, the homepage of the only known Frangles friter.  You can check out a full sitemap of XFBS7 material at XFBS7.NET , where there'll be updates listed whenever something new is added to Xangles, Frangles, Blorkk, or Squish7. @@//jet>these links are old! squish deleted XFBS7 awhileback and i dunno whateez doing with his homepage nowadays;someone figure what to put here. maybe i'd do it m'damm self if an unmentionable bossy friter wasn't so anal about not eltting me edit the code.//@
@@//RRL bug-- sometimes PageBreeze won't let me push up and down in this text box and i'm not sure when it occurs or why//@
@@//!@#$ing free editors//@
@//hey, that's not nice.//@

everyone at the end of time points out, the end of time is worth th--Orbo!  What the hell are you doing to the SEO manipulator!  You were supposed to paste the ENTIRE original About box here.  What the-- hey, well, ok, I guess these jokes are kind of original.  I suppose they can--NO DON'T REPLACE THE $#@! ORIGINAL WITH THIS RIDICULOUS-- great.  GREAT!  Stuck in an infinite recursive incompetent bot-orb loop.  I-- hunh? I didn't clarify  what "point of the whole thing? ?... @@//RRL BUG: OK,so I see PageBreeze hasn't quite grazed the ballpark of bug-free yet.  This sentence won't un-italicise for me.  And I refuse to delete it and write it over as I'm already knee- deep in recursive comment insertion algorithms like the one that will refer to this one once it now' jet @>does'" //@
DESIGNTIMESP=29524>does//@"@//jet>now back to blah blah... LOL!//@"About this Box"?  That's simply implied!  Earthers may have mangled Jumper's final final back@@ok, right here I can go down but not up!wtf...and I'd go back to edit my lack of slashes in my comment prefix but oh wait, I can't GO back..@@//LOL, lert's see how this thing parses. i bet it will just leave in all our editing and of course squish is lazy enough to post the damn thing asis with the low-cost catchall warning "We did this PURPOSELY damn you!"@//wtfd@#grr|| to the SEO phylo thesis into "Saw III", but they're not entirely brain dead.  I think they can figure out what an "SEO-free text box saga" is from the context....Are you kidding, of course I know what an SEO-free text box saga is.  No, why would I mot tell you?  Alright, whatever, you do that Orbo, I'm going after mark.@//!!//@ @//??//@ @//rofl//@


This Web Page Created with PageBreeze Free HTML Editor

Oh look!  A cute little human net advertisement.  Obb how do you vaporize this thing?    "Created with PageBreeze" my ASS... I swear to hell I can't stand the Earthly frangle that humans actually do all the 'net work around here, I don't know why we keep fueling it, it's just not even in the ballpark of any kind of fictional or nonfictional reality as far as I'm concerned... Like there's some internetwork out there where you can just write some lines of markup text and BOOM!  You have an infinitely detailed visual interface on which one can display infinite medium portrayals of their ideas and whatever the hell the humans that code it have to say... Ok, but then again I suppose you'd say that since any network that's infinitely detailed can't light a candle to supposing it's manifested by any finite means -- like ours, which though astronomically more complex that this "html" shit are still finite protocol and procedures -- sheds equal weight on all frangles relating to its generation.  I suppose from someone's frangle a frog just hiccuped and generated the entire Earth internet and Xnet combined... and to those frogs, they might have a "Frog Burp Markup Language" and that's all that it requires,but---hey wait, did I italicize something?  Ha!  Look, I did it on my own.  Take that for oh no not another joke about a horridly confusing mid-sentence insertion frangles tagline!