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Chap 7.7 - Page 6frangles: Skip book 1: Writer's Bricks

                Thank you for filling out Ziberia Feedback Form #131776-Z.  We trust you had a pleasant stay here, wherever here might be.  If you're a novice novelist, good luck in your future endeavors if anyone ever buys your stuff again.  If you're a simple freer, good luck finding bootlegged friter material that isn't boring as sh@#.
                We assume you had a pleasant stay here and hope you didn't encounter too many unpleasant plot twists, and certainly no unstructured ones that just plain don't make sense and require massive revision and more drafting before you have anything worth depositing here.  If you did, we wish you luck in resolving those plot twists in the next couple minutes, or at least establishing a decent enough cliffhanger to leave your freers drooling for your next tragic friter's crisis.
                If you are a freer and reading this frwoa in any sort of way even vaguely resembling the literary concept of forwards, you should count your lucky skips as there are people much worse off, such as those stuck reading the same page over and over, or god forbid someone reading this story backwards (made especially worse by the exhaustive contrivance up until this point in mentioning the reading of a story backwards sans the slightest attempts to actually make a backwards reading make sense, in the hopes the very idea of a backwards reading will delude you into thinking you're just dense for not understanding it, something akin to the Earth frwoa "Memento").
                If you're a freer not reading a Ziberian frwoa at all, you're a very lucky and lottery-winning freer.  (Not the lottery where you die at the end, that's been done.  Like really, really, genuinely lucky.)
                Please come back, and have a nice day.

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