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Chap 7.4 - Page 3frangles: Skip book 1: Writer's Bricks

 "Skip!  Thank god you're here..."  Skip turned.  Mwchap was entering King & Krutches like a ex-lover bursting into a wedding chapel with reasonable certainty it was already past the point when the priest asks if anyone punctual in the room objects to the union.  Whatever he was in haste about hadn't stopped him from stopping for coffee, though.  He was carrying a Pondering Donuts vifa roast right into Starbooks, which brought a threatening frown from one of the Starbookstaffians who seemed to sense its presence before she'd even turned around.  The girl simply kept sweeping as it was just near closing and she clearly didn't want to be bothered with finding a police officer who would give a damn.
                   "Why do I have the ominous feeling my reverse psychological foreshadowing has failed, and we're about to infringe on the last scene of Back to the Future where Doc Brown pulls up just when Marty is about to--"
                   The staffian thwacked her broom on the floor and practically ran toward them.  She was rolling up her sleeves and seemed sureally muscular for a female cafe clerk.  She was now furious at both of them, and so appropriately, they both simply stared back wondering what the hell a Starbooks employee intended to do to them.  A criminal record of assault and battery with a broom just wouldn't fly too well on any kind of resume.  Fortunately, the problem took care of itself when she tripped on a dropped book on anger management and fell flat on her face.  To save it, she stood up with the book in hand and shot them a regal look of invincibility, as if their plan all along had been to prevent her from finding it and force further outbursts from her.  She hugged the book defiantly and walked back to her broom.

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