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Chap 1.2 - Page 6frangles: Skip book 1: Writer's Bricks
DAC Temporary Mental Instability Override Form # 1311x6 - SECTION B

            Please read Section A of this form before filling out Section B.  If you have read Section A and have failed one of the criteria for continuing yet are doing so anyway, please complete this section in its entirety before moving on, otherwise skip this section and move on to Section C.

First Name:______  Middle Name: _______  Last Name: ________  Full Name: ___________
Nickname: __________  Nickname Name: ________  Name Nick Nick: (write "Nick"): ______
Second nickname if your name is "Nick" to avoid confusion: __________
Namenick (nickname backwards): ________  Nick's Name (write "rhetorical"): __________
Gender: ___     Desired Gender: ___    Gender Attracted to: ___    Opposite Gender: ___  
Opposite Opposite Gender (write original gender): ___  Nick's gender (write "M"): ____
Address: ______________  City: _________  State: ______  Zip: _______  Unzip: _____
Country: _______ Planet: _____  Solar System: ___
  Galaxy: _____ Ku: _______
Existence (write something): __________   Unexistence (write nothing): ____________

Phone: _______  Cell: _______  Jail Cell: ______  Jail Cell Phone: ____  Jail Cell Cell: _____
How the hell you managed to sneak a cell phone into your jail cell: __________________
How the hell you managed to fit a phone number on any of the previous lines: ________
            Why do you feel you have the right to fill out this form when you have failed the criteria for doing so?  (Circle all that apply):
            1 - I cannot follow directions and have documentation to support this.
            2 - I cannot follow directions and have lost the documentation to support this.

            3 - I am a unique individual who refuses to conform to the expected behaviors of society and revolt every chance I get for no other reason than I enjoy doing so, and believe this may contribute to being classified as being mentally unstable.
            4 - I have short term amnesia, and hence simply glazed over Section A without reading it in detail and skipped to Section B because I got a strange deja vu that I had done so before and didn't need to bother again, yet my conveniently selective dysfunctional memory doesn't extend so far as to remember the part about not actually continuing whatsoever if I met one of the criteria for not doing so, which I did.

            5 - I am just passing through this time line and need directions to the Central Flutonian Anomaly, and the damned desk secretary said I have to fill out at least one form before giving me directions, so I simply chose the Temporary Mental Instability Form in case the form results in me being classified as Mentally Unstable and unable to operate my mot, dot tot, dot thought, dot train, train, thought, neon red bike, 1992 Toyota Corolla, 2020 Talzima Peachlaunch, blimp, ship, starship, battleship, ghost ship, hey you sunk my battleship!, FedEx ship, infinite probability drive ship, infinite probability drive rip-off ship surreally similarly named an "infinitely dimensioned spaceship", space station, Florbban Cerebro-rip-off deus ex machine machine that lets me wander my known universe just by thinking and basically do whatever the hell I want, dome shoot, pongboard, horse, dragon, ancient dragon, evil dragon, good dragon who I think is on my side but whom I have no clue is going to betray me at one of the most crucial moments in my story somewhere around 167-66/, ott, ott mot, ott tot, ott thought, dot, tot, or big crunch xnet surf board, for a given period of time.
            6 - I can't read.
            7 - I'm dyslexic and mixed up "continuing" with "not continuing".
            11 - I'm dyslexic and am reading the form backwards and haven't gotten to Section A yet.
            12 - I bio-engineered an anger management serum and am going around trying to piss off as many Dot Flutonians as I can to make sure it doesn't turn people to raging vifa meta-zombies before releasing it into the general air supply.
            13 - I just want to flirt with the front secretary 'cuz she's kinda hot and I'm trying to piss her off because she looks like the type of girl who's cute when she's angry.
            14 - I bio-engineered an anger inducing serum and am testing it out on all the kinda-hot secretaries I can find to make sure it makes them kinda-cute-angry but still not turn them into raging vifa meta-zombies before releasing it into the general air supply.
            15 - I'm a nameless evil super genius of the fifth cycle of Flutonia who is bio-engineering a serum to turn people into raging vifa meta-zombies because that's just what I do and I'm extra pissed off today because coincidentally the cute main desk secretary wouldn't give me her phone number.
            16 - I see something after #7 on this list I want to circle but can't because I'm mathematically incompetent and don't understand base-7 numbers and have no idea why the numbers are going up like this.
            17 - I'm mathematically competent enough regarding alternate numerical bases to know what they are, yet are confused about the line ordering because I'm too stupid to realize that using the digits 1 to 7 instead of the digits 0 to 6 as Frangles often does, is a perfect ismorphic relationship, and even if I wasn't, would be too tired from reading this run-on condition alone to go on subtracting 1 from from every single digit on this page to make it all make sense to me.
            21 - I think I could understand this numbering system just fine if it just had a few more than 33 base-7 non-zero-digit terms.
            22 - I'm blind.
            23 - I'm in a coma.
            24 - I'm nonexistent.
            25 - I'm dead.
            26 - I'm red.
            27 - I've been fed.
            31 - I'm the President and fill out whatever damned form I want.
            32 - I forget whether I'm the President but am I taking my chances.
            33 - OTHER

            If you are now done with this section, please stop immediately and hand this page in with an apology that you filled out anything at all, then go away and stay away until your situation no longer falls outside the prerequisites for completing this form.  Thank you and have a nice day.

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