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Chap 1.2 - Page 5frangles: Skip book 1: Writer's Bricks

            "Mr. Nameless Phylor, how awkward a visit considering Skip was just here a sour ago and you're not even supposed to be when you are.  What's that old recursive phylor take on that Zen proverb again?"
            " 'Wherever you go, there you are unable to construct any sort of proverb parody because they've all been overdone so much in 88 billennia of comedic parody that you might as well save the universe the trouble and not bother with yet another.' "
            "How did you know that, Skip?  And how did you I was out of place here to begin with, Dr. Vifps?"
            "Gossip's a bitch.  Darlene relayed the whole incident at Office B to me before you got here."
           "But it was a brief walk, and Darlene's a busy person.  She called you up the moment we left?"
           "No, she hit a button which published the frwoa scene ahead of time and played it on my heptago live as it happened."
           " 'Skip spoke up in his annoying way of breaking the flow of the conversation from the topic into a needlessly non-sequitur literary nitpicking.'  I wonder if that would really be 'gossip' at all, then, or just meddlesome violation of privacy.  Perhaps if--?"
           "Privacy?  Have you lost your tot some more, Skip?  You're a dawn of time frwoa writer.  You--more than anyone--should have a decent sense of all the freers that could be hovering about eavesdropping on current events, especially given your current crisis and excellent source of plot conflict.  In fact, your paranoia that people are always watching you is one of the factors that contributed to my positive report of whether you'd make a good dot flwoa friter."
           "What's 'freer'?  And 'friter'?  And 'dot'?  And I still don't know what 'frwoa' means.  And 'flwoa' is a new one entirely if my lack of deja vu regarding the terms I've heard is on target."
           "Freer; fractal reader, frwoa viewer, free reader.  The readers, the audience, you're potential fan base.  It's quite odd; you seem to have the most selective amnesia.  In the case of long-term amnesia of your type, one usually forgets events, but not their vocabulary or basic language skills.  What criteria your mind used when deciding what particular words it would forget is beyond me.  Perhaps it's some sort of natural frwoa event meant to inform a local freer of some vocabulary they may not be used to, but I don't know what kind of freer could possibly not know they are one!  Especially after my thorough nut-shelling of the term just now."
           " 'Skip shrugged off the fact that only one of the confusing terms had been defined for him in favor of another tangential nitpick.'  But who says they're still ignorant of the word now that you've described it?"
           "I assume their long term memories are fried too, or they would have remembered the last time you asked somebody what a 'freer' was, and it wouldn't have been neccessary for your conveniently selective memory to have failed to contrive an explanation for the them."
           " 'The man who'd called himself a phylor seemed hurried and yet thoroughly thoughtful at the same moment, as if not sure whether being thoroughly thoughtful would shed enough light on the dilemma to be worth the time not being hurried.  He opened his mouth to speak but then was surprised to realize Skip had narrated this event before he had done so, even though Skip couldn't possibly have spoken along with whatever he was going to say since Skip wasn't telepathic.  Yet, a gram of hope slithered into the muddly puddle of his complex emotional expression, as if Skip's skills were either evolving back to speed at an extra-speedy rate, or he had not lost them as much as the phylor thought he had to begin with.  Dr. Vifps also seemed impressed with Skip at the momentary intuitive insight into human behavior, but then lowered his eyebrows in a menacing anger inappropriate for a psychiatrist at Skip's intrusion into his own personal few feet of psychological frwoa space.  This indicated that Skip had probably accomplished something very similar in recent history, but Skip couldn't decipher whether his vague memory of such an event was innate, or influenced by his self-fulfilling induction.'
'As to the morality of his behavior, Skip might have now given the defense that he couldn't have possibly known he'd already antagonized Dr. Vifps, but he held back in defending himself as he was quite sure Dr. Vifps would say that he had subconsciously remembered and used the amnesia as a brilliant excuse to aggravate his irritation further when normally he wouldn't have any excuse to do so.  This tweaked Dr. Vifps' analysis of Skip's personality to include an extra layer of sociopathic lack of empathy.  Suddenly both Dr. Vifps and the phylor forgot their praise completely as they became unfairly frustrated at Skip's narration which they probably thought was a run-on one due to their lack of experience in the subtleties of prose (such as the difference between an unintentional run-on and one particularly crafted to create a sense of parody about the nature of exaggerated run-on tangents).  Dr. Vifps almost moved to slap him, when--' "
           "What do you mean, 'out'?!  We just got here."
           "Perhaps he's decided one of us is gay and he's ordering us out of the closet?  I'm not gay, am I?"
           "Shut up, Skip.  Dr. Vifps, this is a serious situation.  If the long term amnesia of one of the greatest--"
           "Most overinflated..."
           "--of one of the greatest friters in the current and past history of the known universe, and on the day of his publishing of the greatest--"
           "That can't possibly be a word."
           "--The greatest frwoa in all the univi of all of Being to boot--isn't enough to spark a gram of concern about the stability of all of Flutonia--"
           "Where's that again, guys?"
           "--especially given he can't even seem to remember the name of his home Age--then the presence of an end of time phylor thrown haphazardly into the middle of the crisis who wasn't technically even supposed to be in the City at the Dawn of Time at all today--"
           "Where's that again?"
           "Should be enough to rest my case and cause your gravest concern.  Or should I finish the sentence?"
           "It sounded complete to me."
           "(Hush, Skip.  I figured you parsed it correctly, but being neither writer nor philosopher, I figured I'd confuse Dr. Vifps with the paradox of allowing an impossible option, and maybe he'd forget his idiot lack of concern for the safety of all life everywhere in every corner of Being long enough to help us)".
           "(I thought it was just Flutonia?)".
           "(I'm using your idea of literary exaggeration to make my point.  And I can't think of any other way to exaggerate a danger to the stability of the known universe than to simply extend it to a danger to all of them)".
           " 'Dr. Vifps's beady eyes were now darting back and forth between the clock, his suspiciously whispering visitors, and his internal conflict of whether what the phylor was saying was important enough to justify a five minute break.' "
           "I really don't know what I can do, P--err, Mr. Nameless Phylor.  I've already given Skip a medical note noting his condition.  If the DAC didn't accept his Mental Instability form the last time you went to fill it out, then there's not much more I can do except append it with 'EXTRA IMPORTANT TO THE STABILITY OF OKUAKA'."
           "That might help.  Besides, I don't think Skip saved it, I think we need another."
           "That I don't doubt, since he's likely to do so even when his memory is fully intact.  Or at least as intact as an Abnormally Attentioned Dutz's brain is capable of being."
           "AAD?  I have AAD?"
           "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll forget about it soon enough."
           " 'Dr. Vifps scribbled out something on a small page and handed it directly to Skip.  He didn't toss it to him, or anything like that, nor would he have had reason to, unless he'd recently had some sort of embarassing experience with doing so, which was unlikely, but vaguely in the realm of possibility as far as Skip's deja vu went.' "
           "There.  Amnesia and AAD, with a hint of remote possibility of extreme importance to the stability of the all the known univi in all of Being.  Now off you go."
           "But what happens if we..."
           "Just follow the writer's brick road, Mr. Friter."
           "That''s a good line.  Is that mine?  Or--"

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