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Chap 1.1 - Page 1frangles: Skip book 1: Writer's Bricks

             It was the fourth word of the very first line of the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of Skip's short life as an obscure frwoa writer somewhere between the dawn of the dawn of time and seven o'clock Monday morning.  Nobody anywhere had any memory of anything before it, for many reasons.  Firstly, nobody existed, and neither did anywhere.  There was no what, at a time when there was no when, and no one new why.  Had they known, they also might have wondered how any of this was so, if how itself not been completely off the day's planner to theorize about or even guess at.  Had it been, Skip might have written why, if he'd not been cursed since the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of his short life as an obscure frwoa writer somewhere between the dawn of the dawn of time and 7:01 Monday morning... with the mind manglingliest case of writer's block anyone would ever have.  Like, ever.
            If Skip had had a job (if he'd existed at all), his job (had he known about it) would have been to write the very first frwoa of the 9 X 10 to the unknownth nanit progression of the known univierse, which at the time Skip would have existed if he and time had existed at all, had not yet been named.  Naming the known universe, in fact would have been the greatest thing that Skip would ever do, had he ever bothered.  And had he had, it also would have been remembered as the most significant historical naming of the known universe, in the history of the known universe, soon to be known as "Okuaka".  It also would have been the most infamous naming of Okuaka in the history of Okuaka, because everything is famous and infamous for itself.
            "Okuaka!"  Skip exclaimed.  "Only Known Universe Anyone Knows About!  That's what I would have just now named Okuaka if I had existed just a moment ago."  Since this was the first thing that Skip--or any writer of any sort for that matter--had ever said, he was immediately hit with a sledge hammer rush of infinite mixed nostalgia and regret just after he'd said it.  Or thought it, or whatever.  He wasn't really quite sure what had happened.  He just supposed that there were probably a billion better first things to say or think.  But, because he wasn't sure, he decided to say it again.  "Yes," he finally concluded, "there were definitely a billion better thoughts I could have had than 'Okuaka'.  Like 'Okuaaweeka.'  Or 'Ok.'  I think."
            Thinking "I think" led Skip to think some more.  Because there was little else to think about, he thought about when in the history of a known universe it was most appropriate to think "I think", and to ponder what it means to ponder.  He suppposed the pinnacle historical moments for these were the probably the beginning and end of time.  Since it was  impractical to appriase the latter's value via the the benefit of hindsight and long established empirical data, he decided the best time to think "I think" was the former.  He considered rejecting this line of thought in light of his infinite need for it to be true (since he'd already thought "I think" and nothing could now be done about it), but the subjectivity itself led Skip to skip the thought completely.
            " 'Skip to skip,' " Skip quoted mirthfully, awkwardly plucking the first catchphrase ever spoken in the history of Okuaka (or so Skip thought) out of context and right into a fad that would last less than a fraction of a billenia.  " 'Billennia.'  Skip rolled the word off his something-or-other located near the top of what might be his body, which he decided should be defined as a localized physical manifestation of his nonlocalized spiritual consciousness.  Or at least, he decided he would have decided this had he posessed either.  Had he had either (or both), and was right, he would have also decided to call the latter a "soup".
            "Body and soup!  My body and soup are one, since I have neither.  Though I suppose one could argue that two lacks of something are just as likely to be separate non-entities as they are
to be equated as one substance.  Or perhaps both are true.  What a radical thought!"
            Skip had no time for a second one as the train of thought slowed down and his body and soup got off at the first tot stop Skip thought he'd ever gotten off at.

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